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Nessa Bridgewood

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Post by Nessa Bridgewood Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:00 pm

Name: Nessa Mae Bridgewood
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall, brunette, carries herself as she was trained to - with elegance and reservation. She doesn't necessarily realize that she tends to be quite intense when she looks at someone. Her eyes are a blue that hedges towards hazel, and she sometimes finds herself just staring someone down when she really is just trying to maintain respectful eye contact.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Facts Known About Character:
- She's a pureblood, from a rather snooty family (untrue. See history.)
- She can sometimes be a know-it-all because she was raised to be "perfect."

Rumors Known About Character:
- She may have a bizarre crush on Dylan, who is entirely wrong for her, according to her family's expectations. (true, though she'd never admit it out loud)
- She's the one who often snitches on people when they do something they shouldn't (only partially true).

She was adopted into a pureblood family by a couple whose daughter was a squib. Nessa had been through some particularly confusing and traumatic times as a child, so whenever she was moved into a new home with new adults who said they were her parents, now, she just accepted it. There were pictures of a little girl with her name (though she doesn't remember her birth name, otherwise she might've figured it all out sooner), who looked like her. With these parents. And people kept saying how she'd grown, so because she couldn't remember the pictures, and everyone told her so often that the girl in them was her, she couldn't see a reason not to believe it. So much of her childhood was blocked away by her own doing, including the beginning of her time with this new family, that she didn't know better. Even now, she can't quite remember much of it.
She went to school, expecting to be sorted into Slytherin, like her parents, but she wasn't. She was placed in the Ravenclaw house, as the sorting hat always seemed to know better than anybody what would become of them. As the years went on, she excelled in school as she had a laser focus for things that interested her. She had a harder time making true friends, because of how reserved and serious she was. Some people needled her about it, earning her rivals - who probably don't even realize they're her enemies - and made her the butt of jokes she didn't always know about.
She recently overheard her parents during the summer break, talking about where Nessa 'came from,' which confused her greatly. The more she listened and the more she thought about it, little things started coming back to her, Time in a home with other children. Odd things they'd said over the years. She slowly pieced it together, and is desperate to talk to someone about it now. She just doesn't have anybody that she feels she can trust enough.

Playby: Emilia Clarke
Member Name: Addie
Nessa Bridgewood
Nessa Bridgewood
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Sixth Year Ravenclaw

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