Attempts at Plotting.
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Attempts at Plotting. Li9olo10

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Attempts at Plotting.

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Attempts at Plotting. Empty Attempts at Plotting.

Post by Keiran Hayes Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:37 pm

Avery Bishop
23. Charms Professor. Mum. Widow.

What to Expect: She apologizes a lot, trusts no one fully, protects information about herself.

Looking for: Professor friends, favorite or least favorite students, a nanny for her daughter (see my Want Ad).

Apollo Zabini
15. Slytherin Beater. Interested in Potions and Healing.

What to Expect: broody, ambitious, opinionated and you'll know about it.

Looking for: A fellow Potions lover, or some kind of best friend - especially if they'll call him out for things. Folks also seem to assume that he's gotten around (or that he will), so whatever that means to your character, so be it.

Christian Zabini
15. Hufflepuff. Falls for people too easily.

What to Expect: Kindness to the point that it's probably a detriment, as he's generally a push-over. Likes Charms, about to be injured during a Quidditch match.

Looking For: People to mess with him, which would likely infuriate his good friends or Apollo. Teammates to encourage him to either get back into Quidditch or give it up, after the fact.

Daphne Morgenstern
24. Healer at Hogwarts/St. Mungo's. Snarky.

What to Expect: Occasionally overbearing, needs banter that she can sometimes win in order to feel comfortable with someone, issues because of her ex.

Looking For: See my Want Ad, but also anything with students in the Hospital Wing.

Everly Bardugo
28. Auror. Purposefully Reckless.

What to Expect: She'll volunteer herself for dangerous tasks, slow talker, posh and drawled speech (people might think she's stuck up).

Looking For: Co-workers at the Ministry, people who have heard of her "weirdness" and have opinions about it/maybe don't trust her.

Frank Longbottom
17. Gryffindor. Secret badass. Thinks himself a failure.

What to Expect: Snark, a lot of pretending and half-truths, retribution if he thinks you've wronged someone. But only retribution to the extent of whatever the original damage was, no further.

Looking For: He's slowly realizing he has a crush on Rose, so if anyone wants to bring that up, feel free. Maybe someone to have a rivalry of some kind with. He'll set Peeves on them. And I have a Want Ad for a character he's close to as well.

Kameko Zhou
Vampire. Speakeasy owner. Lacks certain boundaries.

What to Expect: High-nosed condescension, sneaking around, searching for willing "victims" to drink from (not turn).

Looking For: The above, but also people who want to get into her Speakeasy (students must look 16 or older, otherwise she'll kick them out, and they must know someone who can give them the password to get in), and people to work at the Speakeasy as well.

Katherine "Kit" Avery
16. Ravenclaw. Cursed Pureblood.

What to Expect: Suddenly dark-natured, compared to having been frequently ill and very reserved.

Looking For: Conflict, please. She won't handle it well. And may well turn friends into sort-of-enemies.

Keiran Hayes
17. Slytherin Chaser/Captain. Loves Transfig.

What to Expect: Reserved most of the time, sometimes takes jokes as genuine disapproval/shade, ambitious but worried that his goals will be unattainable for him.

Looking For: Friends, enemies, maybe someone crushing on him whenever he won't return their interest, general things.

Nessa Bridgewood
16. Ravenclaw. Recently learned she was adopted.

What to Expect: Sometimes talks in riddles when she's trying to hide her motives, doesn't trust and isn't particularly trustworthy.

Looking For: Just about anything, for now. A best friend to help her or keep her in line would be nice, though.

Zara Halworth
27. Unspeakable (Love & Death Research). Cynical and Complicated.

What to Expect: Secrets, fun when she's around her friends, serious at work.

Looking For: Ministry Co-Workers, Someone with romantic interest in her (with the understanding that she'll be massively weird about it/might not reciprocate).
Keiran Hayes
Keiran Hayes
Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin

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Attempts at Plotting. Empty Re: Attempts at Plotting.

Post by Johnny G. Murray Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:11 pm

As promised, here with plots! Offering Johnny for

1. Christian- Same house, same year, and former teammates as Johnny was on the Hufflepuff team in Third Year. If you'd like someone to encourage him to stick with Quidditch, he can do that. He's a good listener anyhow, so might be a good sounding board?

2. Daphne- Johnny likely ends up at the Hospital Wing quite frequently, so this is quite easily done. I can rustle up any injury depending on what you want the thread to achieve- if she's new perhaps she's familiar with his reputation as a Hospital Wing regular and spot on the Hogwarts unusual injury Hall of Fame. Or maybe she isn't and is baffled at first meeting. Whatever works!

3. Kit- Some sort of accidental conflict here? How likely is she to react badly to someone accidentally setting her notes on fire, or hexing the library shelves to start throwing books around, or even just mistaking her for someone else and being overly friendly? Or maybe he knows her from his time at the Hospital Wing and is now confused why his friendliness is no longer returned. He's clueless enough to not realise something's actually wrong even if he ends up unsettled.

I can't think of things that fit what you're looking for for the other lot, but open to anything else you had in mind!
Johnny G. Murray
Johnny G. Murray
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Fifth Year Hufflepuff

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