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Zara Halworth

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Post by Zara Halworth Fri Jul 26, 2019 12:22 am

Name: Zara Renee Halworth

Age: 27

Appearance: Looks are not always entirely telling. Zara looks quiet and innocent, with ever-curled blonde hair and bright, inquisitive hazel eyes. In truth, she is indeed quiet when she goes places on her own. But when out with her friends, she's daring and loud and fun. And at work, she accepts very little from others; she has too much to focus on while there, and knows that she is highly qualified, so sees no reason to be patient when others are trying to bother her.

Hogwarts House: Former Horned Serpent

Facts Known About Character:
- She's an Unspeakable in the Dept. of Mysteries. (She's assigned to the Love & Death portion of their research team, but isn't meant to say as much, so her friends have no idea what she actually does there)
- She's very kind to people until they overstep, and at that point she'll pop off at them. But she prefers to focus and get her work done without too much interference, though she does sometimes mutter to herself, essentially thinking aloud. It might make her seem a bit odd, but it gives her an outlet whenever she gets worked up or confused.

Rumors Known About Character:
- Her friends suspect that she actually hunts down bad guys or something, because she's constantly disappearing for work. (She's actually going off when that happens to investigate strange deaths.
- There's something weird about her family, since she refuses to speak about them or introduce people to them.

Zara was raised by a single mother, as she was the product of a relationship that was never going to last. She never knew her father properly, though he's been in and out of her life over the years. It meant that her mother became the only big influence in her life, as well as her best friend. Kady never remarried, either, making Zara feel the need to stay close to her even as she went off to school at Ilvermorny.
She was sorted into Horned Serpent, just as Kady had been, and all Zara could really see was how similar she was to her mother. In some ways, she loved that. But at the same time, it was a bit worrying. So she began finding ways to differentiate herself. She started getting involved more with school parties than just studying, though she managed to maintain her grades after learning how to properly study for her exams. Time management became a strong skill of hers, and for years, she was a social butterfly. But as she matured and her goals of finding a proper job, like her mother had at MACUSA, became more important, she directed away from the partying again. Not full stop, but enough that she developed a sort of dual-perspective of the world depending upon where she was at the time.
After graduation, she took up an apprenticeship with a spell inventor, finding the idea interesting. But it wasn't the sort of passion that she'd wanted it to be, so she completed her two years there, coming away with a lot of knowledge, and took a little time off before thinking about what else she might do. In that time, her mother fell ill, so Zara applied for citizenship in the Wizarding World of the UK, so Kady could move in with her sister. That way, they could stay close but Zara could find another job while knowing her mother was being looked after.
Her time assisting with research for her internship allowed her an interview at the Ministry, and though she carried herself well and seemed professional enough, her background wasn't strong enough yet. Upon being recommended to a potioneer as an assistant for research as well, she spent five years doing that. After she'd really proved herself to be responsible, creative and curious enough to problem-solve and take on impressive projects successfully, her employer recommended her to their friend in the Department of Mysteries when a job opened up.
It took her some time to find her place there, but she settled in quickly once she found the section of the department dedicated to researching Love and Death. They seemed like such general, almost romantic concepts, but for her they were everything. Her parents' relationship, her mother's worsening illness. Everything.
She is a complete cynic because of her job, and sometimes even takes bets on test subjects about whether or not the couple in question is actually in love or if one of them is lying. True love, in her opinion, is obviously a myth and is pointless as far as something one could spend time pursuing. That in mind, she has no aims of the marriage and babies thing, as she isn't searching for it. Instead, she wants to work her way up to taking over the Department of Mysteries. She's only been there two years, so far, but has no intention of leaving any time soon.

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