Josephine Monet Jansen
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Josephine Monet Jansen

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Post by Josie Mo Jansen Thu Jul 25, 2019 3:43 am

Josephine Monet Jansen Tumblr_inline_mhvfsdhzvH1qz4rgp

Name: Josephine Monet Jensen
Nicknames: Josie by most. Mo by family and close friends. Jomo by those who crave her dislike.  
Age: 35
School: Beauxbatons
Member Name: Jackles

He was finding everywhere he went that no one cared for your name, fewer cared for your deeds. In the end, people didn't really care about you. Not really. Not more than their present worries and needs and fears. And that suited him just fine.
-Sacha Moreau, Man 'Round the Moon, 1986

Playby: Melanie Laurent
Aesthetic: Mood board
Appearance: Josie's thin, blonde hair often rests on her shoulders, and the colors change easily with hardly any influence from the sun. Summers the yellow brighten to the color of honey and the winters cool her hair to a creamy color. Josie's eyes are obstinately grey, refusing to even hint at blue or greens. She's always felt a bit spindly but moves with a grace that comes from her airy nature. She has a pronounced freckle underneath her left eye.

She wears what is comfortable and is very fond of trousers and shoes that look like men’s styles. She will pin or clip her bangs for functionality and cleans up nice if given no choice.

Her eyes were shining with stars she had never seen. A far off distant gleam captured in hope and a need for more. And there was a sadness in everyone who met her, because they knew she'd never see them.
-Sacha Moreau, Starship Down & Other Short Stories, 2002

Facts Known About Character:
  • Her grandfather is a niche, enigmatic science fiction novel writer - widely considered a conspiracy theorist. (Widely in communities that know him. They are not large communities).
  • Danish and French. Predominantly Danish.
  • Comes from a line of lawyers. Their firm is known as Jansen & Jansen.

Rumors Known About Character:
  • Her grandfather has gone senile and is crazy.
  • Her grandfather’s madness skips a generation.
  • She’s running from something.
  • Her mother wanted her to keep her maiden name as well. She would have been Jo Mo Jensen Moreau. Josie is pretty sure that would be child abuse.

The little android flitted from cell to cell every day for its entire life cycle. It sanitized, it tidied, and it moved on to the next. It paid no attention to the organic matter within each cell, was unaware of which were sad and which were angry, which held hopes and which felt despair. It didn't know which appreciated its presence and which tried to bat it from the air. It did its job completely ignorant to its affect on the world.
-Sacha Moreau, Heirs of the Exiled, 1981

Traits  Adaptable, Artistic, Calculated, Cheeky, Curious, Deadpan, Detached, Disobliging, Fastidious, Fearless, Imaginative, Independent, Introverted, Individualistic, Inventive, Mechanical, Neurotic, Quiet, Resourceful, Restless, Scattered, Scholarly, Spacey, Thoughtful, Undaunted, Withdrawn, Wry

Likes  Architecture, Art, Art History, Birds, Cats, Cinema, Community Gardens, Conservation, David Bowie, Fantasy, History, Mythology, Pastries, Philosophy, Puzzles, Science Fiction, Secondhand Items, Self Guided Walking Tours, Violas

Dislikes  Academia, Alternative Medicine, Coffee, Community Theatre, Consumerism, Crowds, Existentialism, Expected Etiquette, Holidays, Hot Climates, Lawyers, Perfume, Politics, Romantic Comedies, Singing, Small Dogs, Television, The Jansens, Transcendentalism

Interests  Baroque Architecture, Beatnik Poetry, Brechtian Theatre, Byzantine Art, Constructivism, Early 1900s America, Eastern Religions, Imperial China, Impressionism, Medieval Europe, Model Building, Ornithology, Surrealism

Ches'ne clenched her fists as she looked up at her father. Like all of her memories of him, he wasn't looking at her, wasn't hearing her, was moving away for something or someone more consequential.

But she was growing, try as he might to not notice, and she had seen him for what he was. Hatred bubbled in her throat. He had forced her to become a Diplomat, an Educated Young Woman. Now he could face his creation. "That isn't fair. She's not like the Settlers, she's good. And even if she wasn't, you can't just kill people you feel threatened by! People matter. We're all made of the same stuff, all part of some Beginning. You don't get to reduce that. Even you don't have that power!"

The Lieutenant turned to look at her, and there was no love for his daughter in his eyes. It was the first time she noticed it, the first time she no longer hoped for otherwise, and it was the last time she was afraid of him. "People are not special, they aren't spectacular. There may be stardust in their atoms but no one is made up of anything more interesting than family traditions, botched child rearing, and a handful of scattered traits. Nothing more profound than that." He paused. "The sooner you realize it's all just flesh and hormones, the easier it'll be for you."

-Sacha Moreau, Halcyon: Necrosis, 1977


Sacha Moreau, maternal grandfather.

Simone Jansen, formerly Moreau, mother.
Emil Jansen*, father.


Malthe Jansen*, paternal grandfather.
Ingrid Jansen, formerly Christiansen, paternal grandmother.

Alma Jansen*, great aunt, grandfather’s sister.
Victor Jansen, great uncle, grandfather’s brother.
Olivia Christensen, great aunt, grandmother’s sister.

Magnus Jansen*, Emil’s brother, uncle.
Ida Jansen, formerly Laurensen, aunt.
Sofie Jansen*, cousin, 20.
Oliver and Olivia Jansen, twins, cousins, 16.

Sonia Petersen, formerly Jansen, Emil’s sister, aunt.
Alfred Petersen, uncle.
Isabella Petersen, cousin, 19.
Ilsa Petersen, cousin, 18.
Ingrid Petersen, cousin, 15.

Alexander Jansen, uncle.
Hanna Jansen*, formerly Knudson, aunt.
Elva Knudson, cousin by marriage, 23. (The only good family member.)
Lucas Jansen*, cousin, 21.
Lucy Jansen, cousin, 20.
Freja Jansen, cousin, 19.
Karla Jansen, cousin, 18.
Lisa Jansen, cousin, 17.

*Of Jansen & Jansen & Jansen & Jansen Magical Law Firm
also known as Jansen & Jansen

"The Bosinian tradition was one of 'ofs'. You were of your home region, of your family, of your mother or of your father. Numena would have to introduce herself as Numena of the Deserts of Yardin, of Tilde of the Trearchs.

She hated it. She didn't feel of anything. She longed for the day she was just Numena. Numena who liked treacle fudge, hated cats, and wanted to travel light years away from here.

-Sacha Moreau, Dark Matter Dynasties, Volume 4 : Xenith of Loss, 1978

Holde trit med janserne!
The Jansen clan is a long line of functioning narcissists. Claiming family values above all, they tend to be an isolated bunch who seek out only like minds. They strive for excellence and the family law firm is considered their crown jewel. Each branch of the Jansen clan is large, with multiple children who all excel in their fields.

Josie was the first born in her tier of cousins, and the birth was so traumatic that her mother has not been able to carry another baby to term. It set an odd tone for the rest of her life and, even though no one has ever implied it, she gets the feeling the family thinks she halted that particular family line.

Her mother did not seem like she was ever anything but a Jansen. Most of the married in family members feel like they were apart of the Jansen tradition forever, which is creepy if you really think about it (and Josie has.) Her mother works as an event coordinator for the Danish Art Gallery while her father joined her paternal grandfather in the family law firm.

Growing up, Josie was sent to the same prep school that all Jansens attended and received good marks but none of the usual special attention that most Jansens were accustomed to receiving. She wasn’t popular, rarely noticed, and did well without excelling or exceeding expectations. She had a tendency to forget to come to class after lunch, to get so lost in a book that she did not go to her next class, and to be unwilling to answer questions when asked.

As her cousins begun their lives and joined the school, it became clear that she was the odd Jansen out and (rumor had it) took after her grandfather. Her cousins were either popular, or athletic, or particularly intelligent - though most were gifted in many areas. Had she any sense of competition, this may have challenged her. She couldn’t care less. Her parents, on the other hand…

Chess club, ballet lessons, swim team, fencing, drama camp - she was enrolled in it all. She was pretty good at starting a game of chess but got bored and forfeited. She was graceful but refused to hold a pose. She didn’t like anything but the breast stroke. Fencing would be fine if she didn’t have to play against other people. And drama camp - she actually like hanging lights, but the people were just… loud.

Josie was happy to fail every activity her parents pushed her towards. She skipped camp to birdwatch, to walk through art museums, to explore her own interests. Her parents were so involved trying to explain away Josie's failures that they didn't notice her blossoming in her own right. She was artistic, intuitive, and a voracious reader. Her essays didn't follow form but made insightful observations that caught the interest of some of her teachers. There was something to Josie - just nothing her parents could appreciate.

They were colonizers of this new world -  or she was at least. He was a son of colonizers, not much better, newer than he knew but with the benefits of that ignorance. This new planet was kind to them both, the beautiful fools. They thought themselves both extraordinary and strange while also posing as the Xelcan standard, and they were both wrong for the converse reasons. Where they thought themselves of great worth, they were empty. Where they thought they were conventional, their echo chamber of affirmation had let flourish illnesses of the mind that had changed their perception of reality.

They had no talents that were truly useful to humanity, of if they had, they used it for their own betterment. And while they might have passed as a normal couple, a normal family, there was a seed of Wrongfulness within them, one that eked out into the other branches, poisoning the veins of their family.

They were no better than anyone else, and yet they would be displeased to discover they were no use. They were off kilter, just left of right, just right of left. A mildly interesting oddity, but nothing to be remembered.

But they were my people, and so I remember them.

-Sacha Moreau, All Systems Down, 1999

OWLS og uklarhed
Emil and Simone worried whether or not she'd be accepted into Beauxbatons, hiring tutors to help coax out her magic. Josie found the whole process offensive and refused to cooperate, blankly staring at her tutors and insisting she didn't speak English or Danish or French - whichever language they seemed to try, she unfortunately könnte nicht verstehen. In private, line partitions keeping her from museum exhibits would disappear at her approach, puzzles she created would glue together, and birds feathers would shift into gradients of color.

She did, however, get her invitation and her parents anxiously saw her off. The school wasn't entirely the freedom she had hoped for. There was a rather strict code of conduct that she was known for breaking consistently - sometimes she didn't feel like standing at attention as the Madame entered, she couldn't always force herself to agree with her professors.

She enjoyed the freedom to not overachieve with her parents so far away, instead enjoying wiling her time away in the library. In her third year, she decided to give extracurriculars another chance, joining The Alchemy Club - which consisted of two other members, Nina Bisset and Gabin Lesage who became the closest thing to her friends. The Club soon became an excuse to get together to explore and research any topic the three found interesting. And when they weren't researching, they were completely puzzles, exchanging book recommendations, and making models, a hobby Gabin had introduced to them all. Their little threesome worked well. No one was looking for lifelong friendships - just people willing to talk the finer points of art history and talk architecture.

When her cousins began attending Beauxbatons, Josie was put in a difficult position. Sofie, Lucas, and Isabella were already distinguished and 'impressive' by the time they began attending the school. Smart-looking, well-mannered, talented children with a charm they couldn't help but bring around. The time Josie spent around them only highlighted her own faults, and drew her peer's attention towards her. She hated it and found herself truly insecure for the first time in her life.

Her exam results were a surprise to everyone. A's in everything but the subjects she cared about. O's in History, in Muggle Studies, in Transfiguration. Her final exams further improved and her parents became hopeful enough to secure her an internship with the Ministry and offered to pay any costs for her to attend the university all Jansens had attended.

And then, Josie did the unthinkable.

The Academy's mission was one thing, it's results were another. No one would send their child if they knew the purpose was to identify their children's use, divide it from every other ability, amplify it, and make it marketable. It was what parents secretly wanted, it was what they themselves experienced, but it was human nature to pretend to have a more noble view of what life was meant to be. And so out came the Pilots and Mechanics, the Navigators and the Analysts, and not one Artist or Poet or Revolutionary survived.
-Sacha Moreau, Dying Stars Wink, 1990

"Vi mister hende Emil!"
No matter how loudly her father screamed, or how much her mother wept, Josie kept to her plan and... deferred her attendance at the University of Amsterdam. She spent a year travelling, working on organic farms and workshares across the world, spending the bulk of her time in the Ukraine, Brazil and Peru. She was bombarded with letters from home but ignored them all, enjoying the experience of isolation and of valuable, practical work.

She returned home, tanned and a little more calloused, and finally bowed to her parent's wishes, going to school. She enjoyed university, finding, for the first time, some semblance of friendship in the community there. Though there initially for pre-law, she quietly changed focus into history and art history, beginning to delve into painting for the first time. She was never as good as her friends, but she enjoyed the quiet, diligent work of it, and soon discovered her aptitude for history was actually a passion. She took on a double course load, writing thesis's for fun - and conveniently forgot to tell her parents until she graduated.

They were thrilled with her grades - and horrified with her titles.

She continued on to a master's degree in art history, and toyed with a doctorate before tiring of academia. She craved the actual work and for several years moved between several internships and other roles, angling to one day be a curator. But when she found herself at the National Museum of Denmark, she stumbled upon a new passion--restoration. Soon she was entrusted with the restoration of archaic artifacts and, though there was no acclaim to the role, she found she thrived.

Now she's taken a new job in London, restoring pieces at The National Gallery. She's also been in touch with several people from the British Ministry. Apparently, there are some magical artifacts that could do with some Josie TLC.
Josie Mo Jansen
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