Gregor Murry
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Gregor Murry

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Gregor Murry Empty Gregor Murry

Post by Gregor Murry on Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:31 pm

Gregor Murry
Name: Gregor Murry
Class: Wizard
Blood: Half

Mother: Alison Murry
Father: Logan Murry
Brother(s): Douglas Murry

Playby:Richard Madden
Hair: Arburn
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Build: Stocky
Skin: Pale with light freckles
Clothes: He wears his school uniform properly, when not in his school uniform Gregor dresses simple clothes, t-shirts and jeans that are usually in dark colours
Overall Appearance: Outside of his bright hair and pale skin Gregor doesn't stand out wearing muted colour. He wears his uniform neatly, his tie loose usually with a jumper and without the robe showing up his naturally solid build. He keeps his hair short as he only quickly tries to tidy his hair in the morning looking halfway between organised and a mess.  

Good Qualities:
- While he doesn't have many he is protective of his friends
- He is able to keep a level head in moments of stress or panic
- When alone with people finds it easy to get people to open up and to open up himself
- Is always willing to help people
- Takes his school work seriously
- Witty
- Clever  

Bad Qualities:
- Is very quiet and doesn't stand out in groups
- While in moments of panic can be level headed, over periods of a long time is prone to overthink things
- He is generally snarky when around people who are overly proud or boastful he is prone to snide comments in an attempt to humble them
- Is always willing to help people
- Has a lot of self-doubt if the people around him like him
- Doesn't turn to people for help

- The company of his friends
- Being alone
- The view from the top of Hogwarts
- Quidditch

- Unfamiliar situations
- Being alone
- Arrogant people

- That his friends don't like him
- Failing
- Where to go after Hogwarts

General Personality: Gregor is a person who comes of as very quiet and reserved, especially in unfamiliar settings, but when he is comfortable and around people he trusts he is a different person, any social inhibition he once had disappears and it would be easy to forget that he is the quiet boy who makes the occasional snide or witty remark. To those who earn his trust, he is an incredibly loyal friend who will stand by you through any trouble, offering assistance in any capacity. Gregor is usually able to get his friends to open up about their problems, offering support and advice, allowing them to get issues off of their chests. He likes to spend time alone, but spending too much time alone allows his thoughts to stool and develop into self-doubt and worry. While not excelling in his school work, he is clever enough to do well with the help of study.  

Early Years: Gregor grew up in the suburbs of Glasgow, His mother is a witch who married a muggle. She would tell and show him about all the wonders of the wizarding world, while his father took him out to the park or to football games, because of this he lived with one foot in each world which made it hard for him to make friends at a young age, never allowed to bring people over out of the fear of his mothers secret getting out.
Hogwarts Years: At Hogwarts he thought that he could finally make friends, but was quick to learn that he was very awkward and struggled to find a group that he could be part of, as such he stuck to himself for most of his time at Hogwarts, making the odd friend here and there. He was always that guy that was just kinda there, did well at his school work but didn't excel.  

Alias: McFluff
RP Experience: voice rp dnd/gtav
Other Characters:none
How did you find us?: Friend (Nixie/chase)
RP Sample:
Sitting at the tallest spot he could get too on the astronomy tower, Gregor mulls over the fact that his time at Hogwarts is almost done and he has not made an impact in any way. with a sullen look on his face as he stares out on the school grounds the idea of trying something different this year constantly buzzes around in his head. A small knot in his stomach developing as he thinks of what he can do. Should he try for the Quidditch team, he had always had an interest in the sport but never attended the tryouts, perhaps he could join the dueling club, he has always decent in the defense against the dark arts class, Or maybe he should meet someone different, a person he would never hang around with normally.
Gregor Murry
Gregor Murry

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Gregor Murry Empty Re: Gregor Murry

Post by Khaat Lupin on Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:45 pm

he looks fine to me. welcome aboard!
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