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Chastity Moor

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Post by Chastity Moor Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:08 pm

Name: Chastity (Chase) Evelyn Moor
Age: 17
Clothing:  When not in her school uniform Chase is the type of girl to wear whatever she wants. Be that fluffy skirts, dark jeans with holes, huge sweaters, tank tops. Her style is bubbly, light and energetic. She loves colors and anything vivid is her jam. Coupled with her bright red hair this can sometimes clash, but she honestly doesn't care. She's the type to flaunt any style, and loves to mix and match things in a purposeful fashion instead of the accidental mix-match of a normal wizards clothing choice.

Chase is a bright, vibrant redhead, with freckles that dot her cheeks, bright green eyes, and a slender body. Chase is bubbly even in her appearance. She loves bright colors, ribbons that clash with her hair color, short fluffy skirts and colorful socks that usually don't match. In school, she wears her regular Hogwarts uniform, but almost always finds a way to decorate it to stand out. Ribbons in her hair, a scarf tied around her waist, her hair pulled up in strange fashions just to have it be different than around her shoulders or pulled into a ponytail, she wears her school hat to classes just to stand out, and paints her nails in every color of the rainbow, though that changes daily. The overall impression of Chase is a jumble of clashing colors and happiness.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Facts Known About Character:

- Isn't very smart, it's pretty obvious to even the outside observer that Chase isn't the brightest in the bunch. She tries and when she really gets down to it she works hard to pass her classes, but her grades are barely average and usually below average.
- Energetic - Chase is the definition of energy. She's talkative, loud, egotistical, and occasionally rude without meaning to be. She enjoys being in the center of attention and is pretty good at keeping it.
- She actually enjoys magical creatures a LOT - Chase, one calmer days when she's not trying to grab the attention of anyone around her, often sneaks off to the Care of Magical Creatures section of the library, down to the grounds to the CoMC teacher, or just, in general, enjoys speaking about magical creatures. It's easily her highest grade in school, and she is pretty obvious about her love of the subject.
- She's a decent hand in Herbology and Potions - While it takes her longer to get some things done in these two subjects, they are a big reason she managed to pass her classes. She enjoys them and works hard to do well in both. She's not one to worry about some dirt smudged on her nose when tackling venomous tentacula, nor does she get upset with the fumes from her cauldron make her hair go wild and frizzy.

Rumors Known About Character:

- Her family are a bunch of snobs - While it's never something Chase talks about much, she is a pureblood. She doesn't boast about it though, and it's pretty agreed on that Chase's family are the type to reject Chase getting together with a non-pureblood.
- She's never been able to produce a Patronus charm, even though she's super happy most of the time.
- Chase has never been on a date, even if she does flirt quite a bit.

Chase can be described pretty shortly, she's an airheaded ditz. When in public or group settings, Chase is talkative, loud, energetic, and friendly. She loves talking and talking with people, and while she's very friendly, it's pretty obvious to any outsider that she's not the smartest. In a more personal setting, however (which doesn't actually happen very often up to this point), Chase is a very quiet, hardworking girl. She tries very hard to do things that some may think of as simple, such as getting her homework done or reading a book. She's charming, gentle, and sweet in private, which is something most don't see unless she's alone in the common room in a corner working by herself.


Mother: Kathy Moor
Father: Tyler Moor
Brother(s): Max Moor
Sister(s): Clara Moor
Other: None

Chase grew up in a very strange household. Her family were purebloods and proud of it. They love living the high life and are extremely well off. Working both muggle and magical jobs to keep themselves wealthy and feeling powerful. Chase grew up spoiled beyond belief. Basically having multiple rooms to herself in a manor house, servants, nurse-maids, playdates, everything. If she asked for it, it was hers. The same went for her younger siblings as they were born. Clara and Max grew up wanting nothing, though Chase was the eldest and definitely the one in charge of the kids. Max recently turned 10 and will be attending Hogwarts the year after Chase leaves, and Clara is only 8.

In school, Chase hit a rebellious stage to her family's ideals. She started off as arrogant and figured she was well above others, but being put in Hufflepuff really mellowed her out quickly. Surrounded by goodwill and calm, she realized she really wasn't above anyone. It only took half of her first year to figure this one out. She came down to earth and thus started her rebellious pre-teens and teenage years. Doing everything she could in school to become friends with people from all walks of life. She loved learning about people and what made them special in ways she didn't realize people could be when she was growing up.

Now in her final year at Hogwarts, Chase is on top of the world. While her parents aren't happy with how she acts or her grades, she feels pretty confident her marks will at least land her a job somewhere in the Ministry, hopefully, the Care of Magical Creatures department. She's a loud, energetic girl with quiet tendencies, and loves to meet new people and be friends with them, she isn't the type to spurn anyone in need of help. All she needs to do is pass her final exams and her outlook on life seems pretty optimistic.

Playby: Karen Gillan

Member Name: Nixie (Used to be Molz)
Chastity Moor
Chastity Moor

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Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:30 pm

she looks good to me. welcome back, nixie!
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