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Post by Kameko Zhou Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:42 am

Name: Kameko Jade Zhou
Age: Was turned into a vampire at 35. She's been a vampire for only two years.
Appearance: Long dark hair, often curly/wavy; Tall, with dark eyes that are intense to the point where she seems like she's constantly judging people. Kam dresses elegantly, even when the situation doesn't call for it.
Hogwarts House: Former Ravenclaw

Facts Known About Character:
- Relatively new Vampire, known for not really fitting into the norm. She seeks out "victims" who want to be bitten, despite knowing a few vampires who think that makes her weak. She also knows some who think that the way she does it is manipulative, but that obviously isn't stopping her.
- Kam founded a 1920's, American-style Speakeasy in the back of the Hog's Head. There's a separate door, specifically so students who can't get into the front can still sneak into the back if they know the password.
Rumors Known About Character:
- People probably think she is romantic with her victims
- There are probably various theories as well about where her money comes from, as she isn't from a family with a particularly wealthy background.

Kameko's name means, in English, "long life." The irony is not lost on her, now. She grew up in a poor family, as the middle child of three to two loving but strict parents. Kam suspected that they wanted their children to have better lives than they did, and never faulted them for it. But that desire, that need to be well-off stuck with her as she grew up.
She always tried to befriend the people who could get her into places, or who would offer her things for free without thinking about it. In school, it make her someone who sought out friends, and also made her into something of a socialite amongst the students. She always knew what was going on and who was up to something. Her grades weren't perfect, but she didn't exactly slack off. She just found ways to multitask.
After graduating from Hogwarts, Kam took something of a gap year, working as a waitress to save up money that she split in half - part for herself, and part for her parents. Her older brother couldn't be bothered, it seemed, to give back to the people who raised them, so she slowly began pushing her brother out to the point where he turned into the estranged sibling and she became the favorite. Even including her little sister, the prodigy with perfect grades. The family dynamic remained intact for a decade.
After her time as a waitress, she took a job as a secretary at the Ministry, mainly taking care of applications and paperwork for the Aurors and the Magical Law Enforcement department. She had a mild interest in becoming an Auror, after a few years of watching them and hearing about their adventures. So when a tip came in about a thief racking up quite a trove of treasures, she sat on it. Literally. She hid it as her boss walked in, and made sure nothing about it reached the Aurors' ears. Instead, she worked up the courage to follow the lead herself, stealing a variety of the stolen items, a few at a time, until she herself had quite a collection.
Selling them off was harder, but she found black market dealers and buyers, keeping her identity a secret by taking on various appearances through uses of polyjuice potion. And thus she began racking up her fortune. And after a while, she thought the Aurors were starting to catch on, so she made up an excuse to quit and move to Hogsmeade, where she bought a seemingly inconsequential home. It wasn't long after arriving that she met a woman who quickly became her new best friend.
As it turns out, that woman had a secret: she'd been turned decades ago, and lived an eternal life as a vampire. Kameko was immediately fascinated, and nagged at her friend for months, begging to be turned. Eventually, her friend agreed, and taught her the basics of sneaking drinks and avoiding trouble. With that desire to hide but remain seen and relevant, Kameko opened her own Speakeasy in the back of the Hog's Head, where she could scout out potential victims, but also be the center of attention when she wanted to be. It went along really well with her tendency towards illegal activity and sneaking around.
For the past two years, she's run the speakeasy, watching her patronage slowly grow as new customers found out about the password - though she keeps a strict, attentive eye on who comes and goes from the place. She has rules, and expects people to follow them. Anyone who doesn't might find themselves at the wrong end of her dynamic, shifting personality.

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Kameko Zhou
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