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Everly Bardugo

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Post by Everly Bardugo Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:13 am

Name: Everly Marie Bardugo
Age: 28
Appearance: Brunette, stronger than she actually looks, a little rough around the edges. She can be charming when she wants to be, though.
Hogwarts House: Former Gryffindor

Facts Known About Character:
- She's been an Auror since graduating her Trainee Auror term, which she began almost immediately after graduating.
- She was raised by Muggle parents, and hated the treatment she got from blood purists - not because it made her feel small, but rather because it made her feel defensive on her family's behalf. She worried about their safety as much as her own, and that gave her the strength and drive to come into her own and find the career path she wanted after graduation.
- She was assigned a partner for a variety of sting operations, and she failed to save them. She was put on hold, essentially, for over a year as her superiors gave her a number of evaluations to ensure she was ready to go back out there.

Rumors Known About Character:
- Other Aurors probably think she has a death wish, since she purposefully puts herself in the running for the most dangerous tasks.
- She never goes out with her coworkers, so they may think she's hiding something - or someone, if they think her a bit more of a romantic.

Everly is an only child, but was always outspoken, generous, and excitable. She was curious about everything, and loved reading books about fantastical creatures, powers and people. Much to her surprise, she ended up being one of those people. A little while after her sixth birthday, her magic made itself known when she tried to stop the mean kid down the street from breaking her friend's toy. It went flying, seemingly on its own, and no one could explain it.
Little things like that kept happening, until her parents finally started to associate the incidents with Everly. It wasn't until her eleventh birthday that it all became clearer, though. She got her letter and prepared to go off to Hogwarts, a wizarding school with a ridiculously silly name. Once there, she was sorted into Gryffindor, which didn't surprise her once she fully understood the house and what its students were like.
She became known for refusing to stand down when people spoke badly about Muggleborns like her, and got into a number of fights that only happened less often once she started playing Quidditch to get rid of some of that energy. But she still supported her fellow students as she could, eventually maturing enough to know when it was best to talk instead of attack.
That didn't stop her, though, from applying to become an Auror, and she threw herself into the training program, dating briefly here and there but not lingering in a relationship beyond the part where it becomes easy and boring. For her, that doesn't usually take very long.
She was partnered up with her best friend for a variety of assignments, but during one of the excursions, they got separated and she was unable to save them when they were ambushed. She blamed herself, not only for their death but also for the fact that they failed the assignment as well. She was out of commission for over a year before her supervisor let her back onto the team proper. Since then, Everly has been entirely focused on work, rather than on pulling back a little like she was advised to.

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Everly Bardugo
Everly Bardugo
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Gryffindor Graduate

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