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Colin Firethorn

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Post by Colin Firethorn Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:40 pm

Name: Colin Ainsley Firethorn

Age: 25

Appearance: 5’11”, blond, blue eyes, chooses mainly jeans and casual shirts

Hogwarts House: former Hufflepuff

Facts Known About Character:
   hardworking, unshakingly loyal to his friends, and all around good guy.

  Exceptional guitar player—His uncle gave him a guitar for his birthday when he was six, and Colin fell so in love with it that the guitar was rarely      out of his hands unless he had no choice but to do something else. In fact, he was really pretty singularly minded about it until he made friends in Hufflepuff.

  He has a collection now of various guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and other things that were easy transitions for him.

  He loves skiffle, particularly Lonnie Donegan, of course.

 His parents--Stone and Chakra Firethorn--were musicians and had a club band with his uncles and an aunt, and Colin actually spent a lot of time in the clubs and learning from his family. Yeah, Colin knows his parents really probably have other legal names but they never use them. In truth, they seem to be trying to resurrect the1960's American hippie lifestyle, so he's just accepted that when it comes to crafting an eccentric lifestyle, they don't just push the proverbial boat out, they shove the thing out into the deep and sink it. The Firethorns do have some following and have sold some wizard recordings over the years. Nothing that's going to be ultra famous, but enough that he knows the band is happy, so it's all good, isn't it?

 He also developed an interest in microbrewing during his summer holidays with family, and now he has a creative mind about microbrewing beers, ciders and other beverages.

 He likes running, swimming, poker, euchre (learned that from an American musician,) and is a sucker for a really good burger, and salt and vinegar crisps. He’s a bit of a foodie.

 He’s inherited his great aunt’s Victorian house in London, with all its pricey contents. Its really too large for him, and he dislikes rambling about in it alone. Friends would be great. A roommate or a companion would be better. He’s considering a pet of some sort, but has visions of soiled rugs and shredded furniture. He understands the importance of keeping such a house authentic to time period but he is considering a bit of an update, just a wee bit.

His Great Aunt Polly Firethorn was a successful author long before Colin was born, and she wrote a number of cookbooks on conjured cooking, long before it started to become in vogue to learn how to actually cook by hand, the way the muggles do it. Aunt Polly supported Colin's guitar playing and she also knew Colins desire to open a little club of his own, so she gave him her entire estate on the condition that he open his club, or else the lot would go to a cousin Colin had no use for.  Colin knew it was a way of her to get him to finally follow through. Her last gift to him was his birthday last spring, when she gifted him a number of guitar wall mounts and a bag of nails, with specific instructions on what rooms he could or could not nail mounts to the walls in for his guitars. It was one of the last good laughs they had together before she passed.

Rumors Known About Character: He’s stinking rich. Fact check: Well off? Yes. Stinking? No.

He must have sucked up to the old biddy to get her cash. Fact check? No. She often cared for Colin when his parents were on the club circuit during a school year and Colin just couldn’t go. The Victorian he inherited was the place he had roots in, the place that really was home. It was only natural that she should want him to have it.

Rumor: There's bad blood now between Colin and his family because Colin got all the money, all the everything. Fact check: Not quite. His parents and aunts and uncles have long expected that would be the case, and, honestly, the house wasn't their style anyway. The money would have been nice, but they're happy with their club life, and they're equally happy Colin had a home when they couldn't always give it to him. Now, his cousins? They're another story. Let's just say Colin wants to learn some protection charms for that Victorian house really quickly. He has reason not to trust them.

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Colin Firethorn
Colin Firethorn
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