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Kace Lecium

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Kace Lecium  Empty Kace Lecium

Post by Kace Lecium Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:05 am

Name: Kacey ( Kace) Logan Michael Lecium
Class: Human

Mother: Melanie Lecium
Father: Logan Lecium
Brother(s): Chance Lecium, Aiden Lecium, Benjamin Lecium
Sister(s): Brookelyn  (Brooke )Lecium
Other: Patricia Lecium  (cousin )

Playby: Matt Lanter
Eyes:  sky blue
Height: 6'2
Build:tall slender,  bit muscular
Skin: pale with a bit of a tan to hom
Clothes: Kace look is casual when he isn't at work,  he wears blue jeans with with a a plain shirt,  Kace wears dark colors for he looks best in them.  When he's at work,  he wears dark blue robes almost black robes.  

Overall Appearance: Kace is described as being a strikingly good looking 17 year old man, with fair hair  or a messy brown hair,  and a handsome slender face that would attract plenty of girls. He also has serious blue eyes and a slightly narrow mouth that goes with his egg like face.

Well built and slim with a slight tan, Kace is described as having “the body of an athlete” to most girls. He is 6'2 tall and he weighs 150 pounds, with a birthmark on his right shoulder.   Kace look is casual when he isn't at work,  he wears blue jeans with with a a plain shirt,  Kace wears dark colors for he looks best in them.  When he's at work,  he wears dark blue robes almost black robes

Nationality: English
Good Qualities:
Quick learner
+Quick reflexes
+good listener

Bad Qualities:
-self-centered(at times )
-cold hearted ( at times )
-his emotions
-short tempered

+Rainy days
+cold days

people who judge others
-summer time
-People who talk to much
his friends and loved ones dying in front of him
•Losing  Christy
•never falling in love and starting a family

General Personality:
 Kace quite headstrong, courageous independent just like any Lecium is. Quick-witted and good at assessing the dangers ahead of him. Though he is prone to extreme emotion at times (such as fear and panic) he never lets it get the better of him. Kace is very mature,  Kace is good at analysing situations, before then often going on to handle them better than most older adults would be able to.

He has a good-hearted personality and maintains this even through his up and downs in life. He is shown to have a good sense of humour, often aiming bits of snarkery and dry mockery at his enemies. He purposefully does this because he knows that people make more mistakes when they're angry. He is also pessimistic and can be rather rigid towards people.

He is extremely self-sacrificing, brave and selfless a person, always willing to give himself up for his friends or family. He is also sarcastic and frequently angers those around him with a cutting remark. He cares very much for people such as his family and his friends. He is rather deductive and extensively intelligent.

Early Years:
Kace Logan Michael Lecium was born by Logan and Melanie Lecium on December 31st,also known as New Years Eve.  Kace is the oldest and the oldest boy out of the three Lecium siblings.

Before Hogwarts: When Kace was two his brother Chance was born making him a happy big brother, but it wasn't two years later when he was four Lecium's welcomed another baby boy Aiden. Although Kace was hoping for a baby sister, at the Age of six Ben was born. Thinking his parents were done, they finally had a baby girl named Brookelyn  (Brooke ),making her the last and final of the Lecium siblings. Before Kace went to Hogwarts, he was homeschooled by his mother who was a Teacher but also managed to teach Kace and his siblings everything to do with muggle subjects

Hogwarts Years:
Kace was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and sorted into Gryffindor.  Kace was in awe by the huge castle and often gotten lost due to him exploring the castle, although there was a couple of times Lace almost fell through the stairs due to him not jumping. He was often late to his classes due to getting lost as well, but he didn't mind due to him finding cool and interesting things about the castle. 

Year two: Kace wanted to try out for the Gryffindor quidditch team but was bummed when all the spots were taken. Kace focused on his studies and mastered the Cheering Charm as well as the freezing charm.

Year three:  Finally able to go to Hogsmeade after hearing so much about it, he was excited to go. It was also the year Aiden joined him at Hogwarts at last!

Year four:  this is the year Kace mastered   spells like Stupefy and Expelliarmus. 

Year Five: Kace hated his fifth year,, not just because of OWLs exams, but his parents divorce over the summer took a toll on him. Although him playing Quidditch made him feel better, he was still broken but he was lucky to have all his siblings at home with him. Lace passed his OWLs with Outstandings in DADA, Charms, and Transfigurations and Herbology.  Acceptable in Potions but dreadful in History of Magic and Divinations.

Year six: this was a important year for Kace,, it was the year he decided that he really wanted to become a Auror,  he also hated this year due to NEWT preparing year,getting him ready to take them next year.

RP Experience: a bunch
Other Characters: Sophia Granger, Tyler Lockwood
How did you find us?: old member
RP Sample: do I have to?
Kace Lecium
Kace Lecium
Seventh Year Gryffindor
Seventh Year Gryffindor

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