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Eva DeLuca

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Eva DeLuca Empty Eva DeLuca

Post by Eva DeLuca Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:02 pm


[align=center]Eva Fortuna Lia Serena DeLuca-Lockwood
------------------------------------ [/align]
Name:Eva DeLuca-Lockwood
Class: Witch
Blood: Pure Blood

Mother:Cristina DeLuca
Father: Andrea DeLuca
Brother(s): Michael DeLuca (half)
Sister(s):Bianca DeLuca (Half)
Maria DeLuca (deceased)

Playby: Syd Duran
Hair: Brown/Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’3”
Build: Average, on the smaller side
Skin: Tan
Clothes: She is often wearing clothes from a gothic/hard rock variety, while still maintaining a girlish appearance. She is almost always wearing a band shirt of some kind with tight black skinny jeans and black leather boots.
Overall Appearance: Eva dresses like a typical rocker kid. She loves the clothing that accompanies the style of music she listens to. She tends to only wear eyeliner and mascara for make-up and hates to really dress up for most things. Her legs contain faint scars from when she would get hurt as a child, as well as several tattoos, including a voodoo doll on right foot.

Nationality: Italian/British
Good Qualities:
+Passionate about certain things in life (usually things that amuse her)
Bad Qualities:
-Passive Aggressive
+Eye Makeup
+Climbing things
+Loud Music
+Organizing her Music
+Making fun of people she doesn’t like
-Muggle Technology that doesn’t have anything to do with music (it confuses her)
-Religion or religious people
-Someone messing with her things
-Losing Tyler
- something happening to her pet snake
General Personality: Eva is a typical goth/freak kid. She enjoys dark colors, as well as fishnet stockings and tattoos. She’s pretty friendly towards people she is meeting out of habit more than anything else. Coming from an Italian family she was always forced to be social to people whenever they came around, but she hides dark secrets. She tends to lash out at people on the nights she gets night terrors of remembering her sister’s death. She tries to act like the world doesn’t bother her when it does.

Early Years: Eva is the youngest child of the De Luca family. While raised by her parents they felt she would grow up in a much more stable environment in the English country side away from the politics of the Ministry which was constantly changing at the time to whoever held the most power. She lived in a cottage house on the edge of a stream and even attended muggle schools. Her parents loved the fact that they had the ability to give their children a “normal” childhood, despite her constantly being considered an outcast at her school.
A few months before she received her letter for Hogwarts, she walked down to the stream near their home to find her sister Maria’s body on the shoreline. She ran to the house screaming bloody murder for any who would listen getting the attention of some of her neighbors who then called the police. She was questioned by the muggle authorities about the death of her sister Maria. From that point on Eva tended to keep to herself. The world had proved to be a cold cruel place and she had decided to turn to paganism for her faith of choice. She began to look into things that she found interesting, which proved to be a lot of pointless trivia. She was relieved to be going to Hogwarts to attend school away from the people who didn’t understand her and her strange ways. It was just before starting Hogwarts that she received her snake as a gift upon discovering that she had the ability to speak parseltongue.
Hogwarts Years: Once starting Hogwarts, Eva was worried about which house she would be in. The sorting hat was torn between Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Based on her darker nature she was placed in Slytherin. She never really put much into her studies, just enough of them to do well. Once school started she began to keep to herself even more, not knowing anyone around her and afraid of people thinking she was weird. The greatest praise from her teachers would be that she is always meticulous of how she keeps her things organized for class. On the weekends you can always find her in Hogsmeade killing time away from the school.

[align=center]OUT OF CHARACTER
Alias: Christy
RP Experience: Loads and Loads
Other Characters: Christabelle Whittle, Finn Kelly
How did you find us?:n/a
RP Sample:

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Eva DeLuca
Eva DeLuca
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Eva DeLuca Empty Re: Eva DeLuca

Post by Khaat Lupin Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:52 pm

well, she certainly has some drama going on in her life. that ought to give her and tyler a lot of opportunities both together and with others. your signature under your siggy says she's married to tyler, and that's not what's in your app, so you should really change one or the other to reduce confusion. otherwise, you're good. Smile
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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Eva DeLuca Empty Re: Eva DeLuca

Post by Christabelle Whittle Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:34 pm

Yeah she was at one point. Pretty sure it will end up being that way again. Just haven't gotten around to changing everything yet! Eva DeLuca 1f602
Christabelle Whittle
Christabelle Whittle
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