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ZOLKIN, Alva Jay

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ZOLKIN, Alva Jay Empty ZOLKIN, Alva Jay

Post by Alva Jay Zolkin Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:12 pm

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They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense

   Character's Legal Name: Alva Jay Zolkin

   Age: Seventeen.

   Hogwarts House: Gryffindor.

   Blood Type:  Half-blood.

   Species: Human.

   Face claim:Kerli Koiv


...Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel - Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig

AJ's appearance you ask? Well, her face is made up of her, hazel eyes, average lips and nose and my possibly to long platinum blonde hair. AJ's hair is usually left falling naturally or pulled into a pony tail that is messy looking with her bangs left out to do their own thing. She stands a a total of five feet, two inches, being considered very short. Her very lithe frame, as well as her long-ish legs and arms have the slightest undertone of muscle. Her skin tone is caught between pale ivory and deathly pale.

Alva wears neutral color clothes such as whites, grey's and blacks. She may throw in a dark blue or purple shirt every once in a while. However, the girl always wear's her black jacket somewhere on her body, even if it is tied around her waist, unless she is sleeping. For footwear it is either combat boots, converse, or converse lace-up boots, maybe wedges with her dresses. When she does wear dresses, skirts or shorts, they are short. And by that, it means that they are shorter than they should be most likely, but not short enough to show inappropriate things.



......If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him

Alva is one of the most courageous and determined people that you could ever meet. So determined, that sometimes it can be considered as stubbornness. Once she gets an idea in her head, she sticks with it, even when it starts to go downhill. Alva can't stand a bully, and will always stand up to one, rather in the school hallway or on the streets of Hogsmeade. However, she also has a kind side to her tough-girl persona. If you come to her with a problem, no matter how big or small, she will do her best to help you. She stares at people all the time, sizing them up and doing her best to find their weak spots. It's something that she seems to do for fun, as she has found that you can learn a lot from people by picking up on the smaller details that no one else seems to notice. She always has a smart ass comeback for everything; Call it inventive thinking with a hint of goofy snarkiness. Some people might think that she does this to drive people away, when, in fact, that isn't the case. She's simply just a sarcastic person. AJ doesn't mean to come off as rude, it just happens. Her brain is constantly going oh-eight-hundred, leaving her to talk to herself the majority of the time about elaborate plans or spewing random facts, perhaps even just stringing random words together.  

Alva is the kind of girl that has a small group of close friends, though she is friendly to mostly anyone that she encounters. She almost always has a smile on her face, unless something is bothering her. (For example if she isn't making as good of a grade in a class that she would like.) AJ is a very smart person, both book and street smart on what could be considered an above average level when it comes to the book part. When she says that she's book smart, it translates to her getting good marks. AJ always says the craziest and most random things, leaving you to think "What the heck does that mean" or "Is she mentally unstable?" Her energy levels are through the roof. Imagine you took a squirrel, gave it a jumbo sized can of Monster energy drink and then put it into a very small place so it's constantly bouncing up and down trying to get out.   


..................Hey! My eyes aren't 'glistening with the ghosts of my past'!

   Early Years: Born on November 17th, Alva Jay is the first and only child of John and Celina Zolkin. Her mother, a muggle, died while giving birth to AJ. This took a toll on the family. At first, John wanted nothing to do with the small blonde baby that was the spitting image of her mother, so Alva’s grandmother took care of her. It wasn’t until the age of three that Titianna could truly talk sense into her son and make him see that it wasn’t the childs fault that Celina had died. Though Alva’s relationship with her father has always been a bit uneasy, he taught her all he could about the wizarding world.

   Hogwarts Years: Just like all the other little witches and wizards, AJ got her Hogwarts letter at the age of eleven. It didn’t come to her as a surprise, as her family had always shared their Hogwarts stories with her. Her father had been a Slytherin, her grandmother a Ravenclaw. As soon as she knew it, she was strolling through Diagon Alley, getting her supplies. The Sorting hat considered puting Alva in Hufflepuff, instead, she went on to be the first Gryffindor in her family. Taking an immediate liking to Transfiguration and Potions these would be the classes that she devoted most of her time to.

   After Hogwarts: N/A


Out of Character
I'm Harry's half-sister, Dumbledore's daughter, Voldemort's niece, Sirius' cousin, Snape's daughter and Lupin's great grandmother...

   What should we call you: Haley or Blue

   RP Experience:About 5-ish years

   How you found us: Through your advertising.

   Main Character (we'll PM you on this account): Alva Zolkin

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Post by Alva Jay Zolkin Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:26 pm

Alrighty Sel, edited.
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