[OPEN] How Bad Are You At Quidditch?
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[OPEN] How Bad Are You At Quidditch? Li9olo10

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[OPEN] How Bad Are You At Quidditch?

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[OPEN] How Bad Are You At Quidditch? Empty [OPEN] How Bad Are You At Quidditch?

Post by Apollo Zabini Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:04 pm

Worry not, reader. Apollo hasn't managed to injure himself already. The school year had only just started, but after his discussion with the Headmaster on the train back to school, he had worked out a schedule for himself.

It wasn't reasonable to try and continue his apprenticeship at St. Mungo's in the way he had the previous semester. Rather, he would go there on weekends, and volunteer in the school's hospital wing whenever he had the time.It would be difficult to balance that time with the extreme levels of concentration he needed for his studies over the next several months.

But it had been approved. At the end of the term, he would take placement exams in order to graduate early. It hadn't seemed like a possibility at all, but he was being given an opportunity. He couldn't waste it. So that called for extended hours in professors' offices - though he would obviously be very careful about Potions - and assigning himself work that wouldn't be required for the other students in his year.

If nothing else, it would keep him busy and out of the way of other students. But Quidditch tryouts were taking place today, and Apollo knew better than to think everybody would come out of that uninjured. And if Charlotte was any example of the people going for it, he'd be there all day.

For the time being, he settled in to help organize things for the Hospital Wing's Matron.
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