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Letters always lead to something more

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Letters always lead to something more  - Page 2 Empty Re: Letters always lead to something more

Post by Medusa Hunt Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:42 pm

Medusa was over the edge lately, she kept waiting and waiting to see if Stephen was going to answer back, she was beginning to think that he wasn't going to.  Sighing to herself at the thought of losing him as a friend hurt her, they been through alot together since they knew each other,  she didn't want it to end.  All she could do was hope for the best, it been three days and she haven't heard from him, she was beginning to lose hope.  Three days since she sent her letter with her beloved snowy white owl with his letter and Christmas gift even if it was just chocolate frogs, some of her drawings and a writing kit and sweater and scarf she brought him he knew he'll like it.  She knew that he didn't get much or anything at all, it wasn't much but ot was the thought that mattered to him she knew.

Christmas rolled by as well as the other days, Medusa kept herself busy by studying or helping her father around the ranch.  It was really cold,  so they had to make sure the horses were nice and warm in their stables,  which they always made sure they were.  Although with it snowing all she did lately was stay in the house and read, study or draw. With the weather being bad she thought maybe that was why it was taking Polaris so long to get back to her, that had to be the reason. Looking out her window she frowned at the storm that was raging on outside her window, it wasn't clearing up any time soon.

The next morning she heard a pecking on her window,  looking at her window,  she seen her beloved snowy white owl looking very well exhausted with a letter and package from Stephen!  " He answered back!" taking the letter and package from Polaris she watch as she flew over to her cage and helped herself to some food and a good rest.  "You need a good two day rest girl, that flight took you five days to get here,  must have been worse then I thought. "she said looking at Polaris to see if she was ok.  Polaris hooting in response, she seen that she was ok and decided to let her eat and rest up, it wasva long journey for her.  Taking the letter and package she smiled,  she couldn't he answered her, she now knows it was the weather that took Polaris so long to get here.

Walking over towards her bed with the package and letter she opened the letter reading it smiling,  so he wasn't mad at her and he supported her, wow...that meant alot to her.  She never had a friend that supported her in something it was a weird feeling,  but she liked it.  She hoped herself that she'll be a good healer or whatever she chose to be, she really wanted to help people and make a difference,  but she really did love animals as well.  After all she lived on a ranch all her life, she grew up around animals of all kinds, so she wasn't sure what she wanted to do.  She knew she had timeto figure it out,  even if she had to take her O.W.Ls this year, she still had time.

Walking over towards her desk she put Stephen's letter along with all the other ones he wrote her and smiled. She knew she had to have at least a hundred letters or more from him, but she didn't care she liked talking to him, whether it was letters or face to face he was nice to talk to.  Although her parents,  her mother in general kept saying it won't be long until they'll be a couple. She didn't know about that, she wasn't going to deny that Stephen wasn't cute, maybe she was feeling something for him.  She didn't know what she felt,  all she knew that she liked writing to him and seeing him, she couldn't wait to get back to school and see him.

Sitting at her desk she grab a quill and some parchment beford looking over at Polaris as she slept peacefully in her cage her head under her wings. Dipping her quill in her ink, she started writing away to Stephen, looking at her letter she realized she wrote quite a bit to him,  hoped he didn't think she was a chatter box.  She just missed writing to him and had alot to tell him,  she hoped he'll be willing to read everything she  wrote.  Reading over her letter she nodded in approval, it sounded good and not too long.

Hello Stephen,

Oh my goodness I'm so glad to hear from you, I thought you were mad at me and didn't want to talk to me, obviously that wasn't the case.  It took Polaris five days to here, the weather must have been horrible for her, she looked so exhausted when she came in.  I'm going to let her rest for a few days before I send her out,  plus the weather is bad here, a freaking blizzard outside my window!  I hope you're doing ok, I'm counting the days until I'm back there to see you and everyone esle, I really miss you and everyone else there.  Only a couple more days and I'll be back, so not very long.

I'm glad you like your present,  I didn't know what to get you, I remember you telling me that you needed some quills and stuff so hope it's ok.  Oh...one of the ink in there changes colors as you write,  how cool is that?  As for the sweater I hope it's your size, if not I can get you the right size no problem.   Thanks for the present as well, I love it and it's very nice.

Thanks for being so supported and being there for me when I need it, you're a good friend and I'm lucky to have you.  Don't worry I'll help you out next year, Lottie is helping me out some so that's a good thing.  But I'm going to take a break from studying for awhile, seems like that's all I been doing lately.  Although I also been reading and drawing, too damn cold to be out doing anything outside.

Sure that'll be nice, I would love to do that, besides I need some more fudge myself.  Spending the weekend in Hogsmeade will be fun and exciting, as you know I never been there much.  I mean I been there a few times, but not really fun by yourself you know?

Ok you got yourself a deal, but as long as you can deal with me screaming my head off.  I'm terrified of flying but I really want to learn and get over it,  I never will if I don't try.  I promise you'll love riding, it's almost as thrilling as riding a broom, nothing like feeling the wind rustling through your hair riding around the ranch.  

See you soon, miss you!

Two days passed and the weather was cleared up as well as her beloved owl.  "You ready to send this to Stephen?" she asked her as she hooted in response. Tying the letter to her leg she lead her to the window as she flew off into the sky, watching her until she disappeared she smiled.   "Fly safe my friend, get there safely."  she said softly.
Medusa Hunt
Medusa Hunt
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Letters always lead to something more  - Page 2 Empty Re: Letters always lead to something more

Post by Stephen Meyers Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:28 pm

Christmas day passed. No further events ever happening apart from the fact that students started coming back and filling their seats in the Great Hall. Stephen couldn't help overhearing their excitation as they with no scruples whatsoever shared with everyone they caught in their way everything about their vacations. Travelling here and there, skying in the Alps, sun-bathing in the Caribbean, everything one could imagine. And then there he was, not having heard from home every since he stepped in the Hogwarts Express almost four months ago. He started avoiding the incredibly densely populated Hall by going to his meals any time not in the interval that went from half past midday to half to two.

He went back to study during the rest of the day and will all that he didn't notice time passing by.

After sending Medusa her letter he had wondered if she was to reply at any time or if she intended to come to him when she was back in school. But as time went by he tried not to think much about it. Or else he feared he would be in a situation just as awful as he was with waiting for anything from home... He couldn't stand two equal feelings one above the other. He couldn't help wondering if she had liked what he got her as much as he did here. But every time he thought about it, he felt stupid. It was just a notebook. One he had imagined she would like for she seemed to be drawing all the time. And there was an advantage, she wouldn't drops the pages that easily in the edge of a lake. Anyway. He knew he shouldn't think much about it.

As Polaris came one day to meet him in the Hall he was surprised. The holidays were almost ending by then. "Well, hello there." He moved to take the scroll from her leg and before he opened it he gave her a treat. He smiled a bit to himself as he read through.

Later that day, already in the common room, he grabbed a bit of parchment and a quill and the ink bottle she had given him. He hadn't used it yet more than to try it out. But he thought it as appropriate or at least would be funny. Sitting down at a table he started writing.

Dear Medusa,

I only noticed the storm after Polaris was off. If I had seen it coming I would never have sent her while it was like that. I just hoped that she was far away from it when it came but for what it seems I didn't know half of it. I'm sorry, but I'm glad to see her fine. Here is always a freezing blizzard outside, at least up until the end of next month. It's good that the castle inside is nice.

In the same way, I hope you like yours. I feel really stupid as it doesn't equals yours in any way... But I hope it will come to use and help you not to drop any more of your drawings by accident. And yes, I did need some. Should have packed some more before coming. But I don't know, you tell me. It looks like I'm writing with a rainbow!

You don't have to thank me. It's alright you want to have good grades. I want them too. Although I am not yet sure of what I am following when the time comes. I guess I hadn't found it yet. But I am sure that if healing is what you want, healing is what you're getting! I believe in you.

He paused for a moment, stopping the rainbow from flowing from his quill. He couldn't go to Hogsmead at all. He did not have an authorisation... That didn't exactly mean he couldn't go... Because he had. Once. And no one caught him. It didn't mean he was to have the same luck twice and if she was around she would be in trouble too. He couldn't let that happen... But in the same manner he didn't want to look like he was complaining about it. He sighed and continued.

I guess will have to figure something out, then. We'll talk about it when you're here. It would be for the best as, you know, school will start again and there will be a lot to do.

I know there are days no one's using the Quidditch field. We can used some of the broomsticks that there are in school. They aren't that nice but they work for practice and learning. So I'll have my part of the deal done. Maybe we could arrange something one of this holidays to come for you to get yours.

See you soon,

Once again, he sighed. It was not the first time he couldn't go all the way because of his father's persistence on being as cranky as always. But he surely didn't understand why hadn't his mother let him. She was always so open to discuss everything, but the things wanted to get discussed...

He turned to Polaris and tied the scroll around her paw. "Don't be mad at me. By now, Medusa must be on her way her so it may not be a long flight" he told her to what he was given a hoot. "Besides, it seems the sky has cleared." He opened the window for her and stood there watching her fly away.
Stephen Meyers
Stephen Meyers
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