The boy who could fly
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The boy who could fly

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The boy who could fly Empty The boy who could fly

Post by Jonathan Finch-Fletchley Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:48 am

Typically, if someone is trying to get you to do something and you don't want to, you'd try to avoid said person, right? Yeah, that's usually how that works. However, there is a certain Hufflepuff who doesn't seem to understand that concept and then proceeds to get scared whenever he is found by the person, or people in this case, that are doing just that. This particular Hufflepuff is the third year, Jonathan Finch-Fletchley.

The younger brother of the now graduated Nathan Finch-Fletchley who played on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team during his years at Hogwarts, and was particularly good at the game.

It seemed that the newer generation of the Hufflepuff team thought that Jonathan would be as good as his older brother, who now played for the Ballycastle Bats. Jonathan understood that his older brother had skill when it came to the game, but why did that mean that he did? It wasn't like the skills could have been passed down or anything because neither of their parents played during their years at Hogwarts. Nathan had just had a knack for the game. A knack that Jonathan did not believe he had.

Besides, it wasn't like his relationship with his brother was good at all to get any pointers.

It didn't stop the naive Hufflepuff from liking the game and watching the teams practice, which is exactly what he shouldn't be doing if he didn't want to get dragged out onto the pitch. Jonathan never thought about that though, oddly enough. Besides, wasn't hiding in plain sight a thing? It was the best plan he had, aside from hiding out in the Hufflepuff basement. But that didn't work out well when the people you try to hide from are your housemates.Lucky for him, there were usually more interesting people watching the practices so they didn't really have a chance to notice him.

And so, Jonathan took his usual place in the stands and watched the ongoing practice.
Jonathan Finch-Fletchley
Jonathan Finch-Fletchley
Fourth Year Hufflepuff
Fourth Year Hufflepuff

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The boy who could fly Empty Re: The boy who could fly

Post by Stephen Meyers Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:15 pm

Once upon a time, when Stephen was only five years old, it happened once that he's father had taken him and his mother to a certain game. Stephen barely remembered it but he surely recalled his upsetness for having to sit in a so uncomfortable chair in a certain cabin meters above the ground above. He wanted to go home so badly he cried. However, a bit after he had entered and told to sit still his attention was drawn to somewhere behind him where a match was about to start. There was shinny lights Stephen didn't remember of what that moment and then people came out flying in broomsticks. He knew that happened but not that it happened like that.

That was the day Stephen was introduced to the most amazing game on earth and the day he started loving it. There were no other opportunities of going to watch one live because his father always seemed to be very busy and there was no way for him to try it at home because there was no space for him to fly on a broom at home since he lived precisely in the middle of London for some reason, but ever since that day Stephen remembered looking to listen the matches through the radio, firstly by asking anyone to tune it since he had no idea how that worked and later by himself. He found himself imagining the players flying around and with a bit of effort he made out the whole game on his mind. It was simply fantastic.

Then when in the first year at Hogwarts he had flying classes he found out the broomstick came up to his hand by his first call and he felt even more excited about it. He loved that flying class and wanted more. But that was not on the educational plan from the school so he was rather away from flying for at least a year. By the beginning of his second year he came to know that Gryffindor's team need players and he went there to prove himself worthy of the position. Or that was his first thought... Arriving there he stopped and watched the older students playing. He couldn't fly that way... Never in his life he would do something that good and so he stepped back returning to his life of isolation.

He still listened to the matches on the radio when at home and really had loved to fly that one day and so he had decided he would do so even if he was not worthy to plan on a game... That way he started practicing his flight every now and then. Most of the times when the field was empty to make sure he didn't bother anyone. Or other times when there was people there. No one ever seemed to notice him. But when there was people there he easily got shy and didn't do anything...

That very afternoon, he had decided he was going to see if it was empty. Reaching there he soon understood it wasn't... But he really wanted to fly that day. He didn't know when he would be able to find some free time again with the ton of things he needed to do. Maybe their practice was quick? Deciding to wait around to see, Stephen went to the stands. maybe he could learn from tricks in the meantime.

He noticed there was a boy there, but Stephen chose a seat rather far from him at the moment. Not that he was hoping him to even notice if he sat right in front of him, but Stephen preferred to give the benefit of the doubt sometimes.
Stephen Meyers
Stephen Meyers
Fourth Year Gryffindor
Fourth Year Gryffindor

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