We let our battles choose us
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Welcome to Potter's Army

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We let our battles choose us

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We let our battles choose us Empty We let our battles choose us

Post by Sebastien O'Sullivan Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:38 pm

Sebastien O'Sullivan never acted like an owl. If people left him notes requesting books he'd pick those books and put them aside, waiting for them to come and pick their desired books. If some of them said it's urgent or said they're unable to pick up the books, he'd ask a perfect to deliver them to professors if they were the one who requested books. Everyone else had to show in the library in order to get the books, it was his unwritten rule and no one complained.

This time, however, he found himself walking towards the astronomy tower with a pile of books under his hand. The library was closed for the day so he wasn't afraid of someone coming there and being unable to find a book, or even worse – someone messing up with his sorting system. It would be a disaster to enter the library and found out he had to sort all the books again.

He jogged up the stairs, a week after the full moon he often had way too much energy and here in Hogwarts there wasn't exactly many ways to spend it, unless he wanted to go to the Forbidden Forest, that it, and he has been avoiding that forest ever since he was a student here. Sebastien hated it so much he often left the castle before the full moon in order to be sure he'll make it to the forest about 30 miles north from the Hogwarts, rather then being forced to turn into a werevolf in the Forbidden Forest.

Sebastien shook his head, dismissing hiis thoughts as he stopped in front of the office door of the new Astronomy teacher. Well, not actually new, he just hasn't met her until now, which was the reason why he decided to deliver the books by himself. Rummors he heard in the library picked the man's interest, so he knocked.
Sebastien O'Sullivan
Sebastien O'Sullivan
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Slytherin Graduate

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We let our battles choose us Empty Re: We let our battles choose us

Post by Irina Aldon Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:52 pm

Irina Aldon didn't know what the hell was she doing here.
Sure, she liked astronomy, but professor?
She kept reminding herself that she was doing this for Keiran. That was the last thing she was able to do to him because he was the only one who decided to help her once she was bitten.
But being Head of House, Slytherin to be more specific was the worst decision she ever made.
They seemed to don't know what the authority is and she wondered what kind of relationship they had with previous Head.
She could ask him, of course, since he was the new Deputy headmaster but she decided to skip that. She didn't hear all the best from him and yet, she would learn faster if she just faces the problem.

But yet, priority was the lectures and she found out that she really need to read some things again. It was the years since she read anything about astronomy and she was aware of the fact that students would learn only if she succeeds to make this subject... interesting. Yeah, that was the right word.

She left to the library but it was closed so she just left the note with books she needs. She can pick them up later.

Now she was in her office, trying to organize box and box full of her stuff.
She wasn't sure if leaving here during the year was the best solution but all professors need to be here so she was here now trying to make acceptable office.

Irina just opened the box with her pictures when someone knocked on the door. Odd, she wasn't expecting anyone but that is probably one student who wants to ask her something.
Not the best place for the talk but she couldn't do anything about that at the moment.

"Come in!" she said while trying to move box which was close to the door.
Irina Aldon
Irina Aldon
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Durmstrang Graduate

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