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[OPEN] I wanna shoop

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Post by Freyja Podmore Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:53 pm

Clair didn't really seem keen on Freyja trying to help them both up, not that his opinion on the matter really mattered to her. When someone was having trouble with something, you helped them.

Most of the time.

Freyja thought this was one of those times, even though it seemed like no one else did. Cronis was obviously more concerned with Hit, she was more probably just conflicted on what to do (Hit tried but she was pretty dense sometimes) and Evander didn't really have much of a say in the matter. At least he'd gone over to try to help them as well.

Evan was probably the most sensible out of the four of them, Freyja following the Ravenclaw.

"You probably should let him up, Clair. Wouldn't want to mess him up, now would ya?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow. She couldn't help the slightly disappointed tone in her voice, she kind of didn't want Clair to let him up but for Julian to instead get up by force.

What was wrong with her today?
Freyja Podmore
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Sixth Year Gryffindor

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Post by Julian Kapur Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:30 pm

What the hell was going on?

Julian could not quite wrap his head around the unfolding events and how they had culminated in him getting trapped beneath Clair Savauge. What was a perfectly innocent plan to secure a hot date for Valentine's had been hijacked and turned into... something else. He wasn't sure what. The fall had disoriented him considerably.

Freyja spoke and the glimmer of mischief in her eye was enough to spur Julian into action, cutting short whatever comedy of manners seemed to be playing out. He pushed Clair away and slipped out from under him, before reaching out to take Freyja's hands and clamber up.

He looked around at the students who remained after their tumble, all who seemed more amused than he would like. "Well, this is just great," he said, directing his voice towards Clair, Freyja, and co. "You all harshed my vibe."
Julian Kapur
Julian Kapur
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Seventh Year Gryffindor

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