[OPEN] Flames Are a Good Way to Melt the Snow
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[OPEN] Flames Are a Good Way to Melt the Snow Li9olo10

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[OPEN] Flames Are a Good Way to Melt the Snow

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[OPEN] Flames Are a Good Way to Melt the Snow Empty [OPEN] Flames Are a Good Way to Melt the Snow

Post by Madyson Currington Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:26 am

There was an eerie bliss that the beginning of the end of winter held. That time in mid-January where everything in the world seemed quiet, but yet full of life.

Today was one of those days.

A fresh; albeit light, snowfall left a dusting of snow to blanket the trees, sidewalks, and anything else exposed to the outer world. Not enough snow on the ground to warrant the use of a charm that would make the snow dissipate, but enough to leave footprints on the ground. Looking around, one would see such things as the weakening rays of the sun peaking through heavy, swollen clouds in the air, frost patterns decorating the windows of shops, and gray, slushy snow along the side of the road. It was also the time of the season when the allure of winter had worn off. Instead of seeing children making snow angels, and throwing snowballs; one would instead see the marigold flames of a fireplace peak through the windows of family-occupied homes.

Walking around the typically bustling streets of Hogsmeade, Madyson Currington didn't know where exactly to take her life next. The brown/blonde haired Hufflepuff didn't yet want to return to the portrait-covered halls of Hogwarts, but she also didn't have anything to do with the rest of her day. The bookshop was closed, and Madyson had just finished her latest read. Deciding to take a seat and think about things, the girl drew her wand and with a flick of her wrist, cast a heating charm to melt the snow laden, oak wood bench nearest to her... except the heating charm had perhaps made the bench too warm, as it caught fire; and sent flames licking upwards upon the open air.

Madyson instantly became as frozen as an igloo, dropping her wand into the snow, and not knowing what to do next.
Madyson Currington
Madyson Currington

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[OPEN] Flames Are a Good Way to Melt the Snow Empty Re: [OPEN] Flames Are a Good Way to Melt the Snow

Post by Charlotte Waldorf Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:22 pm

There are only the few things Charlotte actually liked about this magic world and one of them were definitely Hogsmeade.
Even someone like her who hates all this about freaks couldn't deny how beautiful this place was, especially now during the winter.
Even if Christmas and New Year are behind them, she could still see decorations and lights somewhere, probably because some people were too lazy to put them off or they just like it in this way.

She was looking at the ground, snow covered some places even if it already started thawing. Sun on the cloudy sky illumine streets and because of that snow was shining.
But while walking, redhead Ravenclaw realized snow isn't the only thing shining at the moment.
One girl from her school was standing in front of the bench, which is in the fire.

Even if Charlotte would like to just continue on her way, part of her decided to help the girl.
Mostly because the girl could be in really big problems if someone sees her destroying the bench.
So she approached with her wand ready in the air while spell left her mouth.
"Aguamenti" jet of water started coming out of her wand and after few seconds fire was extinguished.

"You should really be careful when you decide to burn something. People here can think you are the rebel or something like that" Charlotte looked at the girl.

Charlotte Waldorf
Charlotte Waldorf
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Seventh Year Ravenclaw

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