Character Stats: Ilya Ivanriel WIP
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Character Stats: Ilya Ivanriel WIP Li9olo10

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Character Stats: Ilya Ivanriel WIP

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Character Stats: Ilya Ivanriel WIP Empty Character Stats: Ilya Ivanriel WIP

Post by Ilya Ivanriel Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:26 pm

Ilya Ivanriel Character Stats Masterlist
created; 01/08/17 updated; 01/08/17

"Words are living things.They have personality,
point of view - an agenda."

Tastes & Favorites;
Music Genre; Classical
Film Genre; Play, Horror & Tragedy
Television; Drama, Documentary, Literature Adaption
Films & Plays: Hamlet,
Artists (Singers & Painters etc);

Character Personality;

The Archetype (quiz);
63% Caregiver, 21% Intellectual, 16% Rebel

63% Caregiver Personality
Archetype Family: Empathy
Other Expressions: Nurturer, Teacher, Rescuer, Companion
Life Journey: Care for others in ways they are unable to care for themselves.
Unique Challenge: Fear of being thought of as selfish.
Lesson To Learn: Learning to help when it’s really needed.
Defining Grace: Compassion
Challenge To Self: How can I dedicate more time for myself so I have more stamina to care for others? Can I give myself the freedom to explore what truly makes me happy?

21% Intellectual Personality
Archetype Family: Thinking
Other Expressions: Professional, Student, Scholar, Judge
Life Journey: To pursue knowledge for the sake of discovering truth in all areas of life.
Unique Challenge: To recognize when I’ve locked myself into a line of thinking
based on my education or experience; to remain open to new ideas.
Lesson To Learn: To learn to listen to my gut, and to discern the differences between reason and truth.
Defining Grace: Wisdom
Challenge To Self: I will avoid paralysis by analysis.

%16 Rebel Personality
Life Journey: Break barriers that restrict the human spirit.
Unique Challenge: Discover a creative, dynamic, and productive way to make your voice heard.
Lesson To Learn: Avoid engaging in power struggles as a way of expressing authority. Know the difference between rebellious reactions and rebellious decisions.
Defining Grace: Justice
Challenge To Self: Understand when the rebel in me is controlling my emotions

Game of Thrones House Type;

"As I Live & Breathe."

Where do they live - explain on why they live there - or were they forcibly thrown there? What does it look like, how many rooms - any curtains? etc etc.

Do they have neighbours (you don’t have to go supper deep into it but you can if you want - heck don’t listen to me it’s your fucking character.)

We have the standard vices (drink/drugs/smokes); what do they eat - are they vegetarian, vegan - lactose/gluten intolerent.

Cleaning routine. do they clean? do they clean once a month (laughs nervously), does someone clean for them? can they clean - like have they been taught the standards of cleaning or are they a germaphobe.

"Accessory (to Murder)"

Do they have a phone? if so what colour is it in? Does it have a case - does it have a fancy design or gradient or w/e on said case? what brand / model do they have? do they have a ring tone or is it always on vibrate/silent? What is the ringtone (default, some david guetta song)
what does they’re key chain look like - do they lock their front/back/side door? how many keys do they have? do they have charms or old pet name tags (or current - or future).

Do they paint their nails? which ones (ie their toe nails or finger nails)? what colour(s)? matte holo (move your finger and HOLY SHIT IT”S A FUCKING RAINBOW IN THE LIGHT WOW), nail art, one colour, top coat & base coat, only top coat, ONLY base coat?

"Did you just smell me?"

What do they smell like - do they shower often? brush teeth? do they LOAD the perfume/cologne on? if so what does it smell like - or is it a bunch of smells from birthday/christmas presents.

Do they ‘five-finger discount’ everything (steal shit), or is it just the ‘small’ stuff.

"There is something so foreign about
family - like an ill-fitting suit."

How did their family upbringing affect them? we’re they orphans? we’re they spoiled?

Do they even like their family?

"No greater love hath man than
to lay his life down for a friend."

are they a friend hoarder? do they have 1-5 really good ones; or 1,200 fb friends (i know some people who have at least this many).

what do they look for in a friend? a listener or a talker? (can be taken for themselves as well)

"Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you
& find nourishment at the very sight of you?"

what do they look for in a relationship?

does s/o need money? come from a long line of drug addicts so you too can *insert action for said drug*, or are you a martyr and have to save everyone one by one by getting close to them.

how many relationships have they had? why didn’t they last?

are they poly? or mono?

“I miss my dogs. I'm not going to miss you…"

do they have a pet? are they allergic to any animal? do they LOVE cats or hate them with a fiery passion - or are they just fucking cats (jesus christ amos leave the fucking cats alone.)

are they dressed up super cute?

do they WANT a pet really badly but *insert relationship here* is allergic, hates animals etc?

Social Media;

do they have…  if so what is there… AND (since it applies to all of them) what’s their avatar?

facebook [user name], [## friend count], [any family members on the sidebar], [their about]

instagram [user name], [## following], [## followers], [## posts]

skype [user name], [## contacts], [description]

tumblr [url], [## followers], [## following], [## mutuals], [## posts], fancy theme they made, fancy theme someone else made, OR tumblr default.

twitter [user name], [## followers], [## following], [## mutuals], [## posts]

snapchat [user name], [## contacts], [## stories]

youtube [user name], [## subscribers], [## subscriptions], [## videos] - extra; are they a vlogger, gamer, musician, cover artist etc.

pinterest [user name], [## boards], [## following], [## followers]

deviantart [uses name], [## watching ], [## watchers], [## submissions], [## favourites] - extra; do they sort anything?[/right]
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