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NOTT, Anastasia. P

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Post by Anastasia Nott Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:23 pm




AGE: 16 (b. 2014)



History Of Magic
Defence Against The Dark Arts

WAND: Ebony, Unicorn tail hair core, 12 1/4 inches, unbending.  

PLAY BY: Kendall Jenner


Anastasia has her Mother's features. The dark hair, the slim build, the brown eyes, puffy lips and squashed nose. She resembles her Father Theodore Nott in no way whatsoever, something that used to get to her at times. However, this is because her Father isn't the man who has raised her the last fifteen years, he is in fact Augustus Rookwood, tall, well built. Anastasia is tall for her age and this is something inherited from her biological Father.

Her clothes, like her sister and brother, are of a high quality which is no surprise as she has been raised a typical pure blood. In spite of that her clothes were never bought from her Father, if on the rare occasions he took the children to Diagon Alley (this was a task Pansy usually did) Her sister Belladonna and brother Alexander would receive new clothes whilst she'd inherit her older sisters outgrown clothes. This of course doesn't make up her entire wardrobe because Pansy made sure her style was up to standard and current, especially if Anastasia was due to be in the presence of other pure bloods. Ana used to have her hair in different styles with flowers around or placed into her plaits, however as she has aged and with recent family troubles she herself has become a girl with weighted conflict and now let's her simply wave naturally - or she scrapes it into a pony tail.


+ Resourceful, unsurprisingly one of her strongest traits is being able to utilise whatever is given in a situation to find an end to her means.  
+ Ambitious, Anastasia always has a goal in mind and a determined work ethic to reach that goal. This has developed over her continued need for family approval.
+ Cunning, something that contributes her resourcefulness and determination.
+ Compassionate and understanding of others situations, something that being oppressed by her family has allowed her to become.
+ Emotional intelligence, she is very tuned into the needs of others and occasionally is able to use this in a manipulative way by flattering others - however the flattery is usually used to hear praise directed back at herself.

- Attention seeking to the point that sometimes she will resort to breaking the rules and putting herself at risk in order to receive some sort of affection or recognition.  
- Misunderstood. Anastasia believes that nobody understands her and this burden only adds to the inner conflict.
- Over emotional. Although Ana is over emotional and feels things deeply she doesn't always like to show this, keeping her emotions private, although this is a weakness for she isn't good at processing them this way and can display emotional bursts of anger as a result.
- Sensitive to the point that Anastasia can be hurt easily, especially when she puts her trust in the wrong people.

+ Lemonade
+ Problem Solving  
+ Rebelling
+ Praise

- Prejudice
- Pure Blood society
- Expectations
- Her parents

1. Her goal used to be to prove to her Father that she is just as much a Nott as her siblings and receive his love having never felt that throughout her entire childhood. Although she has given up on this after realising the truth behind her Daddy issues Anastasia is ultimately still a girl who wants to be loved.
2. Having raised feeling oppressed and that she has to conform to pure blood society standards she has seen the detrimental aspect of the pure blood regime. This is something that she wants to change. Partly as a middle finger to Theodore Nott, partly because of her own upbringing and distaste for it and partly because she thinks it ultimately does more harm than good to the wizarding community.  
3. Having felt powerless her entire life she wants to stand up to power. This in turn makes her attracted to the idea of power but power for something greater than her own desires. She wants to use power to engineer a change.


FATHER: Theodore Nott

MOTHER: Pansy Parkinson-Nott

SIBLING/S: Alexander & Belladonna Nott




Pansy Parkinson-Nott and Theodore Nott stopped sleeping in the same bed a year or so before Anastasia was born. Their marriage was simply a marriage out of obligation, or at least that's how it was for Theodore. He tried to please her, gave Pansy all that he could and she would take it. Was she appreciative? No. Did she constitute her vows? No. She was simply with him for the money and the double barrel pure blooded name.

Pansy had numerous affairs, some of them were more than a few nights, others simply the one night. Nine months before the birth of Anastasia Pansy slept with Augustus Rookwood. It was just the one night and when she discovered she was pregnant Pansy didn't want to concern him. He hadn't asked for a baby. All he had wanted was a lay. In an attempt to keep her secret, when Pansy reached two months pregnant she knew she'd need to tell her husband soon about her pregnancy so decided it would be best to lie, trick him. She began to sleep with him again and Theodore was happy, happy as can be. He believed they would have a baby girl and everything would be ay-okay. Of course. Nothing ever turns out perfect. Seven months later their baby was born, a healthy baby that wasn't premature. Theodore realised his wife had lied. He knew that she'd had affairs but turned a blind eye to them, some would call him foolish but he simply didn't want to lose her for they'd already had two children by that point.

Theodore left Pansy for a few weeks after the birth, he stayed in the Leaky Cauldron as to not draw the attention of his rocky marriage to his brother Louis. During this time Pansy Parkinson-Nott filled out the birth certificate, leaving the Father's name blank for she didn't want to concern Rookwood in the family matter. He'd done enough as it was.

Theodore soon saw sense. He returned to Pansy, proposed that he would treat Anastasia as his own child as they had other children and a family name to think about. The Nottfamily crest couldn't be dented with Pansy's mistake. Nobody could find out that Ana wasn't his for he couldn't allow himself to see the family name receive any shame. The pair agreed to keep it a secret more to protect themselves than anybody else.

Anastasia was raised in the family manor house - Nott Manor. She was dressed in stylish, yet classy clothing and was encouraged to play with her siblings whilst her parents and other pure blood friends would enjoy tea and scones. As she grew up she was close to Alexander and her sister, not usually taking the lead in their games but following them for fun. However, when Ana became clever enough she realised that her Father didn't seem to love her as much as he did her siblings. Maybe this was completely in her imagination, at least that is what her Mother suggested whenever Ana raised queries to Pansy, but Anastasia wasn't seeing things. Her Father would leave her out of family games, communicate as little as possible with her. It was clear he favoured Alexander and her sister. Not that either of them noticed they were too wrapped up in the love from their Father. Or if they did notice neither of them seemed to show it. Anastasia felt the outcast, alone and forgotten. No amount of material possessions would make her happy. She just wanted to be loved by her Father how her sister and Alexander were.

Hogwarts Years:
Anastasia arrived at Hogwarts hoping to be placed into Slytherin to prove to her Father that she was just as capable, just as worthy as the Nott title as her siblings. For a brief moment the hat did contemplate placing her in Gryffindor noting her morals and keen sense of justice, however the hat ultimately placed Ana into Slytherin. She may have Gryffindor tendencies but she goes about these in a more Slytherin way due to the community of which she was raised.  Thinking her sorting would also have brought her closer Father and receive all lost attention left Ana disappointed. Her Father didn't care and the water between her Father was clearly deeper than superficial things such as her Hogwarts house.

Although she found herself in the same house as her siblings it was throughout the first year Anastasia learned that her brother and sister weren't that close to each other either. At home Ana had only known of a pure blood family that were tight knit, but now being ignored by her siblings who were too wrapped up in their quests for popularity and exerting their pure blood status, something Ana had never been fond of for it was all an act, there felt nothing authentic about it.

Anastasia headed home for Christmas in the first year, but it was the last time she did so. Her Father blanked her completely, Pansy simply put up with her and Alexander was too busy writing to his friends and arranging to meet up with them. Summer was pretty much the same. After an entire year at Hogwarts Ana hadn't done anything stand out, hadn't done anything to prove to her Father her worth. She'd passed all her exams but her results were nowhere near the standard of Alexander and Belladonnas, which meant next year she needed to do more to gain her Father's attention.

Entering the second year Ana accepted that she couldn't cling to Alexander and her sister, she needed to go down her own path to find out what she was destined to do and began forming friendships of her own, alongside acting out for attention and doing whatever possible to garner popularity.  

Of course during her second year Anastasia selected electives to study for the upcoming year. Still wanting to show her Dad what she was capable of Ana, using the cunning from her Mother, managed to steal Alexander's timetable and made a note of the electives he had chosen. Ana copied, signing up for care of magical creatures, arithmancy and study of ancient runes. Theodore wasn't bothered by her choices, he merely told her 'that's nice' when she informed her parents the summer between second and third year.

The majority of Anastasia's third year was much of the same as her previous years at Hogwarts, however with a slight difference. Although Alexander had always gave his younger sister the cold shoulder and remained secure in his tight knit group of pure bloods and, who Anastasia suspected to be dark followers, still she had been aware of his presence. Not only was Alexander busy working at the ministry but her sister was also nowhere to be seen, no doubt she had her nose in a book in a place called the library that Anastasia didn't tend to venture to. Although Anastasia was perhaps closer to her sister it was always her brother she had gone to for help and, in another attempt to prove her Father of her capabilities, she'd decided to hone in on what she found interesting. Perhaps she would excel better in those areas and the halo would form above her head in her Father's eyes. Anastasia wrote to Alexander for advice but his response wasn't nice. Instead of providing her with Quidditch tips to help her on the team he instead refused to help her in anyway whatsoever until her act was reformed. He told her she needed to stop hanging around with non-pure bloods simply to boost her popularity and instead to value pure blood traditions and then maybe their Father would notice them. Alexander was essentially telling Anastasia that she was an ugly duckling who needed to lose every essence of who she was and be someone she wasn't, embrace a culture that she had never quite understood and that she'd felt restricted by.

Life continued as normal, however the summer after her fifth year an argument broke out between Ana and her parents, during which the truth about her parentage was brought to light. All the pain, the confusion and sense of longing Ana had felt throughout her childhood came out in dramatic fashion. She was angry that her Father was incapable of loving her because of a mistake her Mother had made. She was angry at her Mother for keeping the truth from her for so long and making it so she grew up without the love of a Father when she'd so dearly needed it. However she was angry mostly at society. The unwritten rules of blood lines and judgement from others about how people lived their lives. She personally had been a victim from this and her parents had raised her out of fear of breaking these rules and going against the grain. It is this feeling that has now inspired her to bring about a change for the greater good of society and for the people who have felt the way she has. Furthermore, having the knowledge of her bloodline and how much of a powerful weight it held over her parents (and the Rookwoods) Ana finally feels confident and important. Although she hasn't spoke to anybody about this truth - apart from her brother who she has stayed with over the holidays - Ana is biding her time, processing this information and gettingon with her studies so that she can achieve greatness and prove to the pure blood society that even their own kind that break tradition can do radical things.  



RP EXPERIENCE:4 years here (approx)

HOW YOU FOUND US:I can't remember I think from the RPG directory on Harry Potter wikia?


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Post by Everly Bardugo Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:39 pm

You know I love Ana. She'll have to get in on stuff with my students, eh? Razz (except Nicole, I guess, but maybe her too lol)

I'll go ahead and re-sort her for you. I didn't look at the canon list before reading this but if she isn't still claimed you may want to repost that too!
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