Montague, Claire Irena
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Montague, Claire Irena

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Montague, Claire Irena Empty Montague, Claire Irena

Post by Claire Montague Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:32 pm

Montague, Claire Irena 2dmh8xt



NICKNAMES/ALIAS: N/A--yeah, just don't go there. it would probably be a bad thing for you.

AGE: 24

ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbaton Grad

WAND: Made from a blend of Ivy, Hawthorn, and Rowan with a Dragon Heartstring core, approx 12 1/2",fairly rigid

PLAY BY: Emily Kinney


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Claire stands 5'5" tall and has blond hair and blue eyes. She usually styles her hair in some variation of a long style, and tends to not pull it back unless she's busy with some sort of a task that would be better served if she pulled her hair back. Her demeanor shifts with the occasion. She can dress and play the part of a socialite if the situation calls for it, but when she's on her own, she prefers jeans, casual tops, sweaters, and usually a shoe with some sort of a heel b/c she is a bit self conscious about her lack of height.


TRAITS:+ good at dancing and entertaining
                      + can appear to be outgoing and charming
                      + graceful
                      + poised
                      + can be diplomatic but prefers to be candid
                      + intelligent, strategic
                      + perceptive
                      + seer
                      + good at Defense Against Dark Arts
                      + good at Ancient Runes
                      + good at most Transfigurations and Charms
                     +good at making superficial friends/connections
                      - opinionated
                      - stubborn
                      - her true personality is introverted, not one to let people into her too deeply
                      - quick tempered
                      - sometimes can be too eager to please others
                      - not good at potions
                      - not exceptionally athletic
                     -crappy at making a deep, genuine friendship, although its one of the things she desperately wants
                      - struggles with issues of empathy. She feels empathetic, but b/c her family believed it was a flaw to show empathy for someone less fortunate, she ends up looking sometimes like she's avoidant.
                     -anxious around thick crowds--ie, wall to wall people in Diagon Alley, as opposed to a more controlled environment like a formal party or reception.


LIKES & DISLIKES:+likes peace and quiet
                                        +loves being out of her parents' home
                                        +horseback riding
                                        +walking, hiking
                                        +writing poetry and fiction
                                        +sketching and painting
                                        +good wines/mixed drinks
                                        +Auntie Zada and Uncle Lorcan
                                        +shoes, shoes and more shoes
                                        -being told what to do
                                        -having anyone making her choices for her
                                        -her parent's incessant treating her like a princess
                                        -badly prepared food of any kind
                                        -not being allowed to be herself for the sake of saving face in the family
                                        -immediately dislikes people who think she's flighty b/c she's a seer
                                        -snow, cold, ice--winter in general
                                        -flaunting entitlement
                                        -overly liberal political viewpoints
                                        -the above issue generally leads her to dislike the overly liberal ideals of the Order, but they're just unlawful hooligans anyway, right?

GOAL: follow her family's directives to advance in social standing and wealth and to have a successful pureblood family. Would like to write and publish books, particularly storybooks for wizarding children.


FATHER:Devon Marshall, 50, father, importer and exporter of magical items

MOTHER:Sharise Marshall, 49, mother, socialite

SIBLING/S:Reginald Marshall, 29, brother--works in family exporting business
                           Stephen Marshall, 27, brother--works in family exporting business
                           Persephone (Marshall) ________, 25, sister--socialite, married to pureblood wizard.

OTHER: Judah Montague--26--spouse
                      Michael Montague--5  --stepson
                      Iris Montague-- 5 --stepdaughter
                      Zada Forbes D'Eath--maternal aunt
                      Lorcan D'Eath--maternal uncle (by marriage)
                      numerous nieces and nephews




EARLY YEARS:Devon and Sharise were appointed to be married from the time they were born. The arranged marriage had been devised by their parents in order to further both the pureblood bloodlines of both families, but also to increase the financial holdings and community standings of both families. Sharise's family believed in raising their daughters to be socially appropriate consorts for their future husbands and insisted that both Persephone and Claire go to Beauxbatons and not Hogwarts. Devon and Sharise raised their children with iron clad edicts and rules, but rarely had any warm personal time with any of their children. Claire seemed to be the child that craved something warmer--hugs, bedtime stories, someone who seemed to actually care. Devon and Sharise hired a nanny to raise the children. However, because Claire was the youngest and arguably the prettiest of the two girls, her parents treated her, materially, like a princess. They groomed her with rigid expectations that she was to be the jewel of the Marshall crown, and she got to make precious few choices of her own b/c propriety and convention always took first place. Ironically, the only relative she actually liked was her Aunt Zada, and despite Zada's lack of warm and fuzzy feelings or abilities, she did plant seeds in Claire's mind that it was perfectly acceptable for her to think and speak for herself. Claire learned early on what it was that Zada actually did for a living, but Claire met that revelation with apathy. She figured whoever Zada ended up eliminating was someone who undoubtedly deserved it for some reason.

HOGWARTS YEARS:At Beauxbaton's, Claire did get the opportunity to start to develop a mind of her own. She hungered for learning and for classes that challenged her thinking, like politics and philosophy. She was a huge disappointment to her family when it was discovered that she was, in fact, a talented seer. Marshalls weren't seers, and so far as Claire knows, her seers gifts make her an anomaly in her family. It was at Beauxbatons that she learned to ride horses, and she fell in love with the sport. She entered almost every contest that the school had for creative writing, and usually scored well, and gained a couple of wins. She wasn't naturally gifted at dance, but she worked long, hard hours to develop her dancing, and she learned to like it. She was exposed in her first year to Wizards' Chess, and liked the mental challenge it presented her.  Although she was generally liked, she didn't have but a couple of close friends. She preferred to stay to herself. Her professors noticed that she was a decent enough student but that she wasn't the social butterfly they needed her to be. They often had her repeat social or etiquette exercises, not because of poor marks, but rather because they wanted her to feel comfortable in being an appropriate hostess for elegant functions. She learned how to do the tasks they asked, but she never did learn to fully embrace and like it.

ADULTHOOD:Upon graduation, Claire had every intention of living in Paris and not returning to her parents' home in England. That, however, was not acceptable to her parents, and they insisted she return home. She got a job at the Daily Prophet as a proofreader for the newspaper. She was told that she would find a suitable/acceptable man to marry or it would be decided for her, just as it was for her parents. Claire did date, but the young men she was attracted to were the "bad boys" who were an antithesis for everything her parents found acceptable. Her parents grew tired of her poor choices, and they fought frequently. Claire isolated in the family estate and grew more and more bitter towards her parents. Her father started to hear rumors of Claire associating with "riff-raff" and he started to follow her when she went out. The family situation erupted when her father found her having a "liason" with a "ruffian" in one of the upstairs rooms of the Leaky Cauldron, at which time her father gave the young man a sound thrashing and a thorough bruising, and Claire was promptly returned home. Her parents arranged a marriage for her with Judah Montague because it was financially good for the Marshalls and influentially profitable for the Montagues because of the Marshall's direct connection to the D'Eath family. Her parents designed and planned and paid for the "social event of the season" by making every possible royal-like trapping for Claire's wedding. Claire hated every moment of it. She felt trapped into the marriage, but, on the other hand, Judah seemed to be the lesser of the evils compared with what she was already living with. Her family has made it abundantly clear that although Judah has children, she is expected to produce at least two pureblood heirs (or an heir and a spare) to help preserve Marshall family blood.





Claire Montague
Claire Montague
Beauxbatons Graduate
Beauxbatons Graduate

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Montague, Claire Irena Empty Re: Montague, Claire Irena

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:09 pm

She looks fab! <3 I'll leave her app in this bit just in case we need to make any tweaks but she looks good so, provisionally, she can be accepted! Very Happy

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Elijah N. Krum
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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Montague, Claire Irena Empty Re: Montague, Claire Irena

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:18 pm


Montague, Claire Irena Tumblr_inline_nzgc6iROpd1rifr4k_500
Elijah N. Krum
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin

Number of posts : 4833
Special Abilities : Occlumens, Parseltongue, Animagus
Occupation : Owner of Eli's Fine Dining, Artist, Deputy Minister of Magic

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