Mulligan, André
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Mulligan, André Li9olo10

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Mulligan, André

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Mulligan, André Empty Mulligan, André

Post by André Mulligan Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:59 pm

Mulligan, André Trevor-Jackson-press-2015-billboard-650




AGE: 16

ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor / Hufflepuff

WAND: 11" Ebony Wood, Dragon Heartstring core

PLAY BY: Trevor Jackson


GENERAL APPEARANCE: André is a tall boy for only being 16 years old, very nearly scratching the height of 6'1. His skin tone a moderately dark one, accompanied by hair that feels almost like wool which stands at a short flat top. He is very athletically built, like that of an athlete. His back holds a diagonal claw mark that goes from his right shoulder from the top of his back to the bottom left.


TRAITS: Positive: He is gifted physically, and the prowess of a metaphoric panther. He is quick and agile on his feet, has a considerable amount of strength, and has sharp reflexes.
He has a sharp and silver tongue, a sing of the intelligence he doesn't really use, it means he has a smart mouth. He is quick a responses, and good at talking his way out of bad situations.
Very relentless both mentally and physically. He can continously get knocked down and get back up, same mentally thing mentally. Some might see this as a negative trait and call him a hardhead, but he sees it as one of his best traits.
Is intelligent, not necessarily just academically, but a very quick and determined thinker.
Humorous because even in the hardest of moments, his big mouth is still cracking jokes to keep everyone's spirits up.
Brave and Kind he always sees himself as the guy who has to stand up for the smaller guy.
He is also musically gifted good with a good number of instruments and a excellent singing voice.

Negative: His mouth is also capable of his worst qualities, very outspoken, blunt and honest, sometimes too much. It can really get him into trouble.
Academic procrastinator, a very intelligent boy, he uses his intelligence for all things except for what he is supposed to. By no means does he get bad marks, but he could get even better ones if he applied himself, which he doesn't, which hurts him.
Desire to be superior. Not the type of mindset in which he believes himself to be better than anyone to hide insecurities, it's the type where  he does his best to be the best and be first, dislikes feeling inadequate in things he cares about.
Temperamental, sometimes he lets his temper get the worst of him, and as much as he tries to control it, he'll sometimes let it get to his head. Losing his cool is not as rare as he would like it to be.
Vindictive because if he feels wronged, he's constantly taught revenge doesn't solve anything, but his mindest is an eye for an eye.
Which shows how irrational he can be at times.
Reckless as a quick thinker, you are prone to mistakes, and he jumps into situations headfirst, literally and metaphorically.
He is Possessive over a few material objects, mostly his fathers notebook, as he considers it precious to him.

LIKES & DISLIKES: Likes: Quidditch, Fantasy books, Music (mostly R&B and Hip Hop), Boxing, Being first in everything he does, mainly all muggle sports.

Dislikes:  Any type of prejudice, being any type of second choice, losing at anything he considers himself to be good at (and sometimes not), situations in which he feels useless, losing his cool, being underestimated.

GOAL: André wishes to be help. He wants to be there for people who can't be help themselves. He needs to be a rock. More than all, he wants to leave a legacy, a legacy to give his parents name some sort of meaning. His goal is to be a champion of the people, some sort of leader. He wants to be the best at something he believes himself to be good at. Like in the muggle world, some sort of basketball player, or hell, even better, a Quidditch player.


FATHER: Father: Jonathan Hercules Mulligan, 32, American Auror (deceased).
Adopted father: Trenton Lefayton, 45, ministry worker.

MOTHER: Mother: Makemba Margaret Mulligan 29, Herbology teacher at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Deceased).
Adopted Mother: Marcia Lefayton, 41, juror at Wizengamot

SIBLING/S: Adoptive brother: Terrence Lefayton 21. Hogwarts Graduate
Adoptive Sister: Melissa Lefayton 15, Hogwarts Students

OTHER: None others.




EARLY YEARS: Born in Minneapolis, Minnestoa, André Mulligan's parents were an Auror, coming from the same town, who was named Jonathan and a Muggleborn, and graduate of Ilvermorny met a woman who had attended Beauxbatons. Makemba, a pureblood, was a girl born in Paris, France, whose parents were from the Ivory coast. Meeting just after Jonathan graduated, they would eventually marry and have a child named André after she herself graduated her respective school. During their time apart as Makemba studied in France they corresponded by letters and various visits during vacations.

His first few years of life were those filled with happiness and knowledge. He learned as much as a nine year old could about dueling without having a wand of his own. He learned to fly as much as he could,and also fluent French. He lived a happy family life. He learned as much as he could about the wizarding world, but at the same time managed to live a Muggle life as well. Most of his friends were muggles, he played Muggle sports, even attended a muggle school until he was nine years old.

That was when it all changed. They were riding around the outskirts of the city until they found an injured man on the side of the road. He seemed to be in great pain, suddenly he began transforming, getting bigger, hair growing around his body, his nose growing larger. It wasn't until the family looked up at the night sky did they realize that it was a full moon. The two parents realized it was a Werewolf. In an effort to protect their child, they tried to fight off the angry werewolf while ordering their son to run. As he turned to run, he got clawed down the back. Luckily the slash hadn't been deep enough to start lycanthropy, but just enough to leave a permanent mark. He continued to run, until finding a spot, where he spent the night crying over the situation along with the pain. When he cautiously returned, he saw his parents bodies, not torn apart completely but it was still horrible.The muggle authorities saw the child, and after a few days, the wizard authorities placed him in an orphanage.

After the initial shock, but still grieving, he knew his parents would want him to live on and make something of himself. He continued practicing what he had been taught, and on his tenth birthday, he was adopted by the Lefayton's, a British high class wizarding family, of Purebloods. While they were open minded, they opposed the constant violence and conflict, and wished for André to steer clear from that.

HOGWARTS YEARS: His first year in Hogwarts he knew he couldn't stand in the sidelines. His favorite memory was the moment he stood up to someone who had pressed him back against the wall, which related him to the Panther. A noble animal that specializes in the counter attack.

It was from there and then, that he began leading the life of what he thought to be the champion of the people. He always had to be one of the best, to help out the smaller guy, to help out the people that couldn't help themselves or wouldn't help themselves. That continue throughout his whole six years. He always allied himself with the side he saw as the light, Potter's army. They stood for everything he stood for.





HOW YOU FOUND US: I used to be a member here.

MAIN CHARACTER: This would be my main one.
André Mulligan
André Mulligan
Sixth Year Gryffindor
Sixth Year Gryffindor

Number of posts : 40
Occupation : Captain and Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team

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