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Post by Gwen Fawcett Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:31 pm





AGE: 69 (presuming i choose not to age up kate)



WAND: Cedar with gryffin claw core, 10 1/2", somewhat flexible

PLAY BY: Judi Dench


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Gwen stands 5' exactly, with gray hair in some variation of a pixie cut, and has striking blue eyes.  She's quite a bit shorter than her younger sister, and when they stand side by side, she thinks Kate makes her look fat by comparison. Otherwise, her friends say she's pleasingly cuddly. She prefers classic fashions and traditional lines in just about everything. She carries herself with a confident stride and often have enough charisma, when she wants, to be the center of attention.


TRAITS:feisty, candid, outgoing, prefers more black and white thinking, generally dislikes nebulous and gray thought, sometimes too blunt, can be sharply opinionated, hot tempered

LIKES & DISLIKES: likes: a "decent" cup of tea, rain, gardening, reading, cooking, shortbread, lemon jellybeans, travel, antiques, collecting crystal, loves adventure, firewhiskey (neat please, two fingers at least to be proper about it), writes fiction and poetry

dislikes: her brother in law, hot weather, arrogance--even her own, dark arts, okra--who the hell likes anything slimy anyway?, social injustice, "political nonsense", weird fashion fads, hack novels/hack writers, boredom,

GOAL:  (oops) Gwen wants to bring about less scandal and chaos to the Fawcett family. The Lupins are still an embarrassment.


FATHER: William Henderson Fawcett--deceased--Auror

MOTHER: Druscilla Atherton Fawcett--deceased--homemaker

SIBLING/S: Kate Lupin

OTHER: Piers Featherington--son,-- 46
                      Julia (Knight) Featherington--Daughter in law--age 46
                      Jody Featherington--granddaughter--age 15
                       Georgina Featherington--granddaughter--age 13
                       Trevor Featherington--son--42
                      Caroline (Mills) Featherington--daughter in law--age 42
                      Harrison Featherington--grandson--age 17
                      Jeremy Featherington--grandson--age 16
                      April (Fawcett) Beachum--age 60--sister
                      Phillip Beachum--age 59--brother in law
                      Paul Beachum--age 26--nephew
                      Eileen (Beachum) Waterhouse--age 24--niece
                       Khaat Lupin--niece (and someday i'll look at all the family additions khaat brings to the picture with brian and all the little lupins. i'm just lazy today)
                       Percival Featherington--ex-husband, deceased




EARLY YEARS: Gwen and her sisters grew up in a fairly traditional wizarding household, as far as wizarding farmlife goes. Being older than her other sisters, there wasn't always a lot she had in common with them. When her sisters were little, Gwen was too much older to be much interested in playing with them.  She did get occasion to babysit them frequently, whether it was before she went to Hogwarts or on holiday once she had started Hogwarts. Her sisters frequently accused her of being headstrong and bossy. Gwen usually thought it was typical childish nonsense. Gwen was a hardworker, and liked helping her father on the farm or her mother in the kitchen. Typically, gardening got her out of babysittting, so she often opted to go outside first.  In her spare time, she liked reading books or writing poems. The women in her family were almost always gifted seers, and it wasn't something that she always embraced. Her father had a gift of speaking to animals, mostly dogs, and she'd rather have had that than being a seer.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Gwen didn't understand what the devil had put her in Gryffindor, except that her parents had both been Gryffindors. Gwen resented it a good portion of her life. She was a voracious reader and a serious student, and most of her friends were Ravenclaws. She spent a good amount of time in the library or in quiet nooks and crannies of the castle studying or writing. At age 14, she spent a weekend at the home of a friend, and they imbibed in too much firewhiskey, something Gwen liked almost from the outset. She was clever and was usually able to figure out how to procure it and smuggle it into the castle, and it sometimes made her the life of the party. She was often invited to the parties of people she didn't know. She didn't care why. It was a place where she was accepted.  She soon learned that if the parties were to continue, she would have to head off any trouble from partygoers who didn't tolerate the booze as well. She learned to toss herself in harm's way to keep herself and everyone else from getting into trouble. In her 6th year, at one of those parties she met Percival Featherington, a Hufflepuff who Gwen thought was brilliant because of his knowledge and finely honed palate with alcoholic spirits. When Kate entered school, Gwen was disgusted by the fascination Kate had with the likes of Sirius Black and riff raff he ran with--a werewolf of all things, the werewolf's nerdy brother, and arrogant James Potter? She took every chance she got to try to get Kate's head out of the clouds and get her back to doing successful things. It seemed to only drive Kate more and more towards the band of juvenile hooligans that Gwen thought were so beneath the Fawcett family. She lost nearly all respect for Kate when Kate started dating the filthy werewolf and then ditched him for his brother. Her relationship with Kate and with April grew more and more distant when Gwen graduated.

ADULTHOOD:Gwen believed she was head over heels for Percy and they married, much to her parents' discouragement, in September following Gwen's graduation. Percy took a job as a clerk in the Ministry, and Gwen got a job as a copy editor at the Daily Prophet. It wasn't glamorous, but they were happy. Their lives met the qualifications for success--they both had jobs, they had what they wanted materially, and met their friends at the pub a couple of nights a week to socialize.

Percy's socializing became more and more excessive, especially after boys were born. Both pregnancies had been difficult, and they frequently argued. Percy discovered he didn't understand young children, and was often edgy and irritable. He spent more and more time at the pub, coming home after he knew the boys would be in bed.  Her marriage to Percy disintegrated when Percy lost his job because the firewhiskey had taken first place in Percy's life. In order to divorce him, she had had to go to her parent's for financial assistance, and they agreed but only if she ditched the Featherington name. Letting the boys keep their father's name ended up being the compromise.

With the help of a friend, she was able to get a job as a secretary in the Ministry's International Relations department, and advanced to being a courier to British wizarding diplomats all over the wizarding world. It presented almost unlimited travel and exposure to the arts, along with a very generous salary. Now that the boys are grown with families of their own, Gwen has banked a healthy sum and has decided to move back home and settle down.





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