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THOMSON, Keira Li9olo10

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Since every few months or so a few of our old members get the inspiration to revisit their old stomping grounds we have decided to keep PA open as a place to revisit old threads and start new ones devoid of any serious overarching plot or setting. Take this time to start any of those really weird threads you never got to make with old friends and make them now! Just remember to come say hello in the chatbox below or in the discord. Links have been provided in the "Comings and Goings" forum as well as the welcome widget above.


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THOMSON, Keira Empty THOMSON, Keira

Post by Keira Thomson Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:12 am

THOMSON, Keira Char_a10

Keira Ann Thomson


Keira Ann Thomson

Annie – Only to her very good friends though
Mouse – Mainly because she can be so shy and quiet



Ravenclaw or Slytherin


Holly wood
Essence of Phoenix Feather
12 inches

Ariana Grande


Fire Engine Red

Chocolate brown

Average/ 5”5


Keira is a pretty average girl, average height and body weight. The only stand out thing about her appearance is her long bright fire engine red hair. She is usually seen with her red hair straighten and let hanging loose halfway down her back. She Is usually seen wearing cutesy dresses that goes a bit above the knee or comfy jeans or shorts with a nice tank top or shirt on.


*In a “I'm going to have a good day” kind of way

~Good humor
*She loves jokes/pranks

~Cheerful and a overall happy personality
*She is adamant in making sure no one is in a bad mood

~Very determined
*She is very determined in passing school with high marks

~Short term memory
*easily forgets things a lot and often

~Wears her heart on her sleeve
*She tends to fall hard and fast

*She loves anything to do with fire

~Can be very shy and quiet
*She may be confident but she is as quiet as a mouse unless she knows the person

~Taking long walks
~Being outside when it is a nice breezy day
~Loves the rain/snow
~The colors magenta, cyan blue and rose red
~Fruit, green grapes and green apples being her favorite
~Snuggling under a blanket with a good book on a cold day next to a fire

~Hates spiders
~Being alone in the dark
~Being bored
~When it is to hot outside
~Failing a class and/or homework assignment

~Graduating with high marks
~Obtaining a well paying job after Hogwarts
~Making friends with everyone
~Being a little more outgoing and a little less quiet

~She has this bad habit of picking the sides of her fingers when she is thinking
~Likes to twirl her hair around her finger when she is reading
~Tends to sit crossed legged when she is sitting on a couch or a comfy recliner
~If she gets nervous or upset she will hide in her room and talk to herself to make herself feel better

~To be hated by everyone

PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory)
~Every Christmas her parents, grandparents and herself will gather at her parent's house and spend the entire week there together having a great time playing games and making treats with her grandmother and mother while her grandfather and father watch and joke with them. She values every minute of this time every year.

~When she was 14 years old her mother and father tried to have another child  and was on the third trimester and one day when it was just Keira and her mother at home, her mother fell down the stairs which led to the miscarriage of what would have been her new baby brother. Keira watched the entire thing and hates to think about it.

~Keira blames herself for not being a little faster to her mothers rescue and at least attempt to try to catch her before she fell down those stairs that resulted in losing her baby brother. She has never told anyone that she blames herself for that day.

~To make her parents proud of her everyday

Keira is a sweet and friendly girl but is very shy and quiet which by many has earned her the nickname Mouse. She is very determined to graduate from Hogwarts with high marks and with no enemies. She wants to be friends with everyone or at least be on good terms with everyone. She loves spending the day outside if it's a nice day with some wind or rain or snow. Keira loves to play pranks on people but only harmless funny ones. She loves fire but she knows well enough to be safe with it at the same time. She is pretty goofy sometimes but only to people she really knows. Sometimes she is a bubble head but it's because she has a bad short term memory and forgets things very easily which makes her a great candidate for telling  secrets too.


Joe Evan Thomson -age: 41

Evelyn Marie Thomson -age: 38

Only Child

Steve Thomson -Grandfather
Mary Thomson -Grandmother
>Her mothers parents passed away years before Keira was born



Middle Class

Brown Barn Owl named Ollie



Keira lived a quiet but entertaining life with her parents and her fathers parents. They are a very family oriented group and she loves every single moment she spends with them. She grew up to be a very happy and loved child in her family not to mention that she is also an only child. Her parents tried having move kids several times after having Keira but it's very hard for her mother to become pregnant. So therefore Keira was a spoiled child growing up but not in the sense that she was bratty or anything, she has always been very kind and considerate.

Keira is in her sixth year of Hogwarts now and up until now she has spent all her years being the quiet little mouse that she is but still trying to spread joy to whom ever she meets. Her first through third years went peacefully and quietly for Keira. However in her fourth year of Hogwarts, her mother finally became pregnant but right towards the end of her pregnancy she took a fall from the top of the families staircase in front of Keira and had a miscarriage, which of course losing the what would have been Keira's soon to be baby brother. Keira took the event very hard and blames herself for it and ever since then has just been more quiet than ever before. However she manages to stay confident and determined at school. In her fifth year she slowly went back to her old self, talking a little more and now in her sixth year she hopes to make a lot more friends as well as become more outgoing.




Nearly 6 years on and off

Through Puddifoot's Topsites

Keira will be my main character (for now)

I hope to have some amazing Rping while I am bored waiting to get a job and then to continue on days off and such Very Happy


Keira sighed heavily as she threw her bag onto her four poster bed. "What a long and boring day" She groaned to herself. None of the other girls she shared the room with was back yet so she was finally able to do her thing where she talks about her day to herself when no one is around. "That class was so tiresome, someone needs to make it more interesting." She said out loud as she flopped onto her bed.

She grabbed her hairband off her bedside table and sat up gathering her hair into one hand and quickly putting it into a pony tail. "I mean really, how many times are we going to go over the same thing?" She mumbled as she tightened her pony tail and flopped back against her pillow.

Suddenly there was a tapping on the window across the room. Keira jumped up and ran over to it. She had been expecting a letter from her mother and father for a few days now. "Ollie! Oh thank goodness, I thought you might have gotten lost! Mother and Father don't normally take so long to write back to me" She pouted as she gave her brown barn owl a treat. He hooted happily as he ate it and then flew onto her shoulder.

"Who is a good boy? I think my adorable Ollie is!" She cooed as she took the letter attached to his leg. The owl hooted again before flying over to her bed and perching himself on the bedside table. Keira grinned at him before returning her attention to the letter she held in her hand, hoping for good news. The last time she had heard from her parents they told her they was trying for a baby again. She was so happy to hear about that since it has been two years since her mothers accident.

"Dearest Keira,

Your Father and I send all our love too you and hope you're having a swell time with your friends at school. We are sorry to tell you this dear, but we were unsuccessful again. Don't worry though honey, we know how much you want a younger sibling and we will try again soon.

Hugs and Kisses my love,


Keira read the letter out loud to herself, sighing unhappily at the news. "Oh well, they seem to be happy and doing well all in all so I can't complain I suppose" She thought to herself. She looked back at her bag on her bed sighing once more. She had a lot of homework to do and not a lot of time. 'I'll write them back tomorrow afternoon. You can go to the owlery Ollie" She said to the owl who was slowly falling asleep. He hooted happily and flew off in the direction of the schools owlery.

"I better get started on all this homework now" She groaned as she sat on her bed cross legged and began working.
Keira Thomson
Keira Thomson
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Sixth Year Hufflepuff

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THOMSON, Keira Empty Re: THOMSON, Keira

Post by Everly Bardugo Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:55 am

Hiya, Anna! ( o: That rhymed!)

So, I think you've got a pretty well-rounded character going, and although she had some bad things in the past, none of it goes against our rules, so good on ya!

I do have two questions for you, though:

1. I feel like she's more of a Hufflepuff, based on her being cheerful, and her boggart, among other things. Would you be against her being put in that house? If so, you may need to add a couple negative traits, or switch her personality around. The 'Very Determined' part fits, to be sure, but she doesn't seem particularly interested in her homework or to really have the gritty side that makes someone a Slytherin.

2. Is it highly important to you that she remains a sixth year? In our "Wanted Characters" section on the left sidebar, you can see that we have a multitude of 6th and 7th years, and are looking for those that are first through fifth. It's okay if you decide to keep her as a sixth year, but there are certain incentives that come with the lower years (such as dragons for first years, and more adventures for second through fifth). If you're more interested in the romance plots, though, sixth might be fitting for you.

Let me know what you think!

Everly Bardugo
Everly Bardugo
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Gryffindor Graduate

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THOMSON, Keira Empty Re: THOMSON, Keira

Post by Keira Thomson Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:05 am

Hai there ^_^

I am so glad I kept it in the rules, I was a bit worried about going against them with Keira's mothers miscarriage but I am so happy that that will work out!

Well honestly I don't really see her being a Slytherin at all of course, she is way to kind and shy to be a Slytherin that's for sure. However I imagined her a Ravenclaw but that was for the sole purpose that she is trying to make her parents proud of her by graduating with high marks and in that she would probably be spending quite a lot of time with her head in the books. Not to mention she would be doing twice the studying as most people because she has a bad time remembering things thanks to her awful short term memory issue. However I can see how she could also be a Hufflepuff and therefore either which way you choose to put her in I would be happy either way because I personally believe she fits both houses.

As for her age, I made her 16 because of the romance plots. I much more enjoy focusing my rping around romance/flirtation, also I tend to have a hard time getting into the mind of a younger kids and 16 and above are most comfortable for me.

Keira Thomson
Keira Thomson
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Sixth Year Hufflepuff

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THOMSON, Keira Empty Re: THOMSON, Keira

Post by Everly Bardugo Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:10 am

Totally works! Yeah, I just wanted to make sure about the age because sometimes people don't know about the other things going on. And, for future reference, I've got a couple seventh years she might get along with! And a shy sixth year! (But I have a RP request thread for that Wink )

Yeah, it's generally the abuse side that we worry about more than anything, in case members have to deal with something like that at home. So they don't have to handle it here as well, y'know?

Hmmm. I mean, there are some pretty smart Hufflepuffs, if you look at, say Anthony who was Head Boy. Especially since it's harder for her to do well in classes, her House being Hufflepuff might make some internal conflict as to how she'll get those marks. Might give her a chance to interact with some other students more! So I'm going to go ahead and put her in Hufflepuff, then. Very Happy

THOMSON, Keira Huffle11
Everly Bardugo
Everly Bardugo
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

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THOMSON, Keira Empty Re: THOMSON, Keira

Post by Keira Thomson Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:13 am

Oooh that sounds fun! I can't wait to start getting into rping, it's been about a year since I last have done so, I might be a bit rusty. xD

That is totally understandable!

Sounds great too me! Thank so much for taking the time to review and accept me ^_^
Keira Thomson
Keira Thomson
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Sixth Year Hufflepuff

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