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Taaffe, Kay

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Taaffe, Kay Empty Taaffe, Kay

Post by Kay Taaffe Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:02 am

Taaffe, Kay Photo.php?fbid=10152657023645901&set=a.465936965900.286190

Kay Taaffe


FULL NAME:  Kay Taaffe


AGE:  11

ALLEGIANCE:  Order of the Phoenix

HOGWARTS HOUSE:  Whatever you put me in.

CLASSES:  All of them.

WAND:   Length: 6 and 1/2 inches
     Core: Feather from Diricawl
     Wood: Cherry
     Flexibility: Not very flexible

PLAY BY:  Clemence Poesy


HAIR COLOUR:  Medium brown, red in some lights.

EYE COLOUR:  A chocolate brown color in some lights with flecks of orange when she is looking into the sunlight.

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT:  5 ft 6 inches

BODY BUILD:  Slim & big boned

GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Kay is pretty but doesn't flaunt it.  She takes after her father in her appearance but you can tell she has Italian blood in her.  With medium brown hair & brown eyes, she gets that from her mother.  Yet her round face with wonder in her eyes is from her father.  She isn't too tall & that is yet another thing she acquired from her father, who is residing at the height of 5'8'' himself.  Kay's appearance causes her to blend in within the crowd.  Nothing is very extravagant with her & nothing is very amazing.  Really, she is average & plain to people who would be around her.  She is pretty skinny & has a homely look to her.  She looks as if she would be a good home-keeper rather than model or anything that shows off her appearance.  She has dark brown hair that turns to red in some bright lights with chocolate brown eyes.  Her eyes fit her face & don't stand out as much as her nose, which is very noticeable.  Her nose at times seems to round for her face & its slightly bigger than it should be.  Kay has chubby cheeks that make her look younger than what she is supposed to look & has a rounded chin that just makes her head look like a ball.  She has no beauty marks on her face or acne, which makes her blessed.  She does take good care of her face.  She doesn't really wear makeup or anything like that.  Kay knows what that does to you.  It actually clogs up your pores & just makes your natural beauty disappear.


TRAITS:  Kay is the queen of poise, kindness & shyness.  She is rather quiet with a soft smile upon her face at all times to show how happy she is.  She always looks at the brighter things in life too.  She is very old-fashioned & keeps things to herself.  When she is around people she likes she does open up & talks a lot & has a charm to her that she shows to those people.  Kay cares about people & her family & doesn't want anything bad to happen to them & has a soft spot for romance.

     Classical Music:  It calms her & makes her more relaxed.  She was raised around it & this is the music she plays on any instrument.
     Old Things:  For some reason she was always attracted more old things.  They are prettier & they have some of history.
     Family:  She cares about her family more than ever.  If anybody ever messes with them, they will have to mess with her.
     Dancing:  She is good at waltz & other old dancing but she loves doing it.  You will never see her dancing to wizard music though.
     Boys:  What girl does not like boys?
     Reading:  This sharpens the mind & makes you intelligent & that is something she needs at times.
     Fireplaces:  She was attracted the warmth & the surroundings of fireplaces; they are the center of love.
     Good company:  Who doesn't like company?  Its easier to speak to someone who isn't speaking about themselves.
     Lace and Satin:  That is her favorite type of cloth.  She could live on that if she could.
     Gentlemen personalities:  She loved a gentlemen, though how hard they are to come by.
     Chess:  Kay loves playing against her brother, though she always loses.  Sometimes she wishes she could be a challenge to her brother.
     Italian Food:  She is an Italian, what Italian wouldn't love Italian food.
     Love:  She is a romantic & wants to fall in love with someone & never leave it.  She wants to be in love with a person so much she will do anything for them.
     Horses:  Gerard was her best friend at home, she loves the Thestrals at Hogwarts.  They are lovely & graceful in her opinion.
     Pianos:  Her instrument.  She would die without playing or writing music for it.
     Bruises:  They look gross & think, they are blood underneath your skin that causes pain when you poke it.
     Pain:  People shouldn't like pain?  It hurts, duh...
     Fire:  Even though she likes fireplaces, she hates fire.  Kay has the feeling she is going to burn alive or something if she gets close.
     Death:  She wonders if there is a life after death or just float around as a ghost or what?  She is afraid of death.
     Sadness:  She loves being happy & loves having people happy around her.
     Pranks:  They are pathetic & immature people do it in her opinion; she thinks they need to grow up.
     Extremely loud music:  It hurts her eardrums.
     Losing:  Kay is competitive when it comes to things.  She feels guilty when she loses; that feeling sucks.
     The smell of cheese:  Its gross, its rotten milk...
     Recent music:  Its stupid & has no point.  She loves old music.

GOALS:  To become an Auror at the Ministry of Magic.

HABITS & QUIRKS:  One habit Kay has is the moving of her fingers as if she is playing the piano when she is thinking.  It comes second nature from playing the piano for so long but its a quirk that appears out of nowhere.  She can be sitting reading & those fingers move playing a piano.  Another habit Kay has is the fact she tends to bite her lip when she is nervous about people.  Normally she ends up biting her lip so much it begins to bleed & she hates the taste of blood so it makes her more uncomfortable around the person.

BOGGART: (Greatest Fear)  Death

PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory)  Her parents loving her.

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory)  Her mother being tortured.

VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret)  I am psychic.

MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire)  To be an Auror.

PERSONALITY:  The important thing about her personality is how she can pick up on this easily.  She can pick up on people's emotions & pick up on music easier than other people.  She has a natural sense but a lack of book smarts.  She doesn't like learning & rather spends time writing music on the piano.  She thinks everything has to do with music in life, even the sun & everything.  She plays the guitar and piano. At times she is thought of as insane from the personality she portrays from loving her music so much.  Its just Kay being Kay though.


FATHER:  Matthieu Taaffe [Ravenclaw Alumni, Shop Keeper, Halfblood]
Matthieu is a lover of nature.  He is an Bellefeuille Alumni & tends to talk about his years in school to much for his good.  He cares about his wife & treats her like a queen.  He owns a shop; where he sells music & instruments.  He is a lover of Muggle things & is a good guy.  His family was poor & he knows how to do without; the fact his wife has money helps him out with the store.  He wants to spend his life enjoying his children & his wife's company.

MOTHER:  Eleonora Giordano-Desmarais  [Hufflepuff Alumni, Shop Keeper, Muggle-born]
Eleonora hails from Italy.  She is a dark beauty that is in love with music.  Her love of the music went as far as singing in the Opera for many years of her life, before getting married to Matthieu. Eleonora has an amazing voice & her voice as amazing as her mothering skills.  Currently she owns a store with her husband; he made it just for her once she came back from the Opera. Eleonora's family is good with money, they aren't rich but they have some.  This added to Matthieu's lack of money.  She is a beautiful woman inside & out; her daughter takes after her personality..

SIBLING/S:  Sevrin Taaffe [6]
Sevrin is the calculated one of the family.  He tends not to be as a shy person as his younger sister but he does take after his sister in appearance.  Both of them looking like their father more than their mother.  Sevrin is at the confusing age of 6. He consulates books more than people. He tends to spend the majority of his time in the family library. He is a lover of knowledgeable facts and the smell of dust in books. He is very intelligent and is an amazing chess player. That is mainly how Kay and Sevrin get along is with a few games of chess, Kay always losing to her little brother.

OTHER: n/a

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood



PET/S:  Owl named Elsa



EARLY YEARS:  Two years after being married Kay Ysabelle came. She was their little dark beauty. She had coal black hair when she was born, honey colored skin, and these dark brown eyes. At first they thought she was going to turn out to look like her mother. After a while her hair lightened, her eyes did the same, the only thing that stayed was the honey skin tone. She looked more than her father, except the bright blue eyes that he had. They loved their daughter though and spent as much time as possible. They really couldn't afford a nanny or even a babysitter most of the time so Kay had the habit of always being around her family. They brought her up with love and affection. She was also brought up in the store most of the time and took the time to learn the music even as a small child. When she was two years old she had the choice to run around the shop as much as she wanted too or get a nanny, she chose to run around the shop. Plus it saved her parents the money they actually needed. Their families maybe alright with the money, but their family really needed it as much. When the nanny experience came along, she normally just ignored the lady and worked on doing whatever she wanted. They finally decided there was no point, plus Sevrin was coming soon and they wanted to make sure that he was brought up the same way as Kay.

HOGWARTS YEARS:  Mainly she knew that she had the talent of music and decided to focus most of her studies on that. She learned how to play piano & guitar. She wasn't that smart when it came to normal studies but music was the easiest thing in the world. She would hang out in that class and just enjoy everything she could enjoy and that meant just trying new things. She loved everything about that class. In those years she did do something she thought she would never do. She actually made some friends. It was hard for her to do so though... plus now her brother was coming to Hogwarts and was a student there. He was Mr Popularity though. He had no problem making friends, acquiring the same charm that she had. The fact is he used his charm, Kay just shoved it aside. Nobody could really tell that these two were related except the fact they looked nearly like twins. She didn't care though, she knew her brother was raised differently than her. He was babysat more in his early years... she spent time with her family and the business.





MAIN CHARACTER:  This is my only character.

CHARACTER PURPOSE:  To become an Auror.

At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character

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Taaffe, Kay Empty Re: Taaffe, Kay

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:46 am

Hi, Kay!

Welcome to PA. Nice work on your app. Got a couple questions.

First--under the music thing, you might want to consider having one or two instruments she plays. I just question how likely it is for her to play every instrument. She sounds like she has some natural tendencies towards the piano, with her quirks.

Her father--needs to be halfblood, please. Only those characters on our canon list can be pureblood at the moment.

I'm confused at her age. You say she's eleven, but you mention her 15 year old brother as her little brother. And that does, then, conflict with her history information. Mind fixing that somehow? If she's eleven, and he's actually younger, he's not in Hogwarts yet. Sounds like you originally wrote her to be older?

She sounds like a Hufflepuff, like her mother, to me.

If you need a hand with something, give a shout!


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Taaffe, Kay Empty Re: Taaffe, Kay

Post by Everly Bardugo Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:35 am

Hello again, Kay! We keep applications open for two weeks after they've been posted, so I'm going to go ahead and move this. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to PM one of the Admins so we can get things sorted for ya! Smile
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