LIONIS, Mindana
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LIONIS, Mindana

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LIONIS, Mindana   Empty LIONIS, Mindana

Post by Mindana Lionis Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:28 am

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Mindana Regina Lionis

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FULL NAME:  Mindana Regina Lionis

NICKNAMES:  Minda, Mindy

AGE:  14

ALLEGIANCE: Dark Followers

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin/Gryffindor
CLASSES: CoMC, Charms, Transfiguration

WAND:  Hazel, dragon heartstring, 12", reasonably supple

PLAY BY: Sarah Brightman

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LIONIS, Mindana   ><font style=
HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown



BODY BUILD: Slender, but not overly skinny

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Give a general description of your characters appearance. Mindana Lionis is 5'7" and weighs 165 pounds. Her hair is long and slightly curly, cascading down to just past the middle of her back. Her eyes, which are blue, are what she considers to be her best features; the tiny mole at the corner of her mouth is something she hates about herself and wishes she could find some way of freezing the stupid thing off without causing damage to herself.

As far as fashion is concerned, Mindana prefers to follow her own style. Having come from a a middle-class family and thus not being able to afford a lot of the more expensive fashions in the wizarding world, she's made due with putting together her own look. When not in uniform, she can usually be found in tank tops and jean shorts in the summer  and sweatshirts and blue jeans in the winter.

Mindana does wear makeup, but only in small amounts, as she believes that less is more, and that she'd prefer highlighting her eyes more than anything else. As is her wont, she will usually only wear eyeliner, a bit of blush, and some lip gloss for everyday school wear. For more formal occasions, she'll wear a bit more.

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TRAITS: Reserved, hates change,  stubborn, good communicator, somewhat selfish,  Reserved
Hates change
Good communicator
Somewhat selfish
Doesn't trust people at first
Protective of family, friends, and possessions

People watching

Sunny days,
Waking up early,
Public displays of affection
Old broomsticks
The giant squid

GOALS:  To become an Unspeakable and perhaps rise in the ranks in the Ministry, to Become an Unspeakable
Rise up in ranks in the Ministry

HABITS & QUIRKS:  Tends to daydream, twirls her hair whenever she has a crush on Tends to daydream
Twirls her hair whenever she has a crush on someone[

b]BOGGART:[/b] An old broomstick with a broken handle and broken twigs

PATRONUS:  Receiving her Hogwarts letter and getting a sapphire necklace from her father as a gift

DEMENTOR:  Telling a boy that she loved him and then being rejected outright by him in a humiliating way.

VERITASERUM:  Sneaking into her parents' room and finding some Dark Magic artifacts in there.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Seeing herself as Minister of Magic or at least in one of the higher offices in the Ministry.

PERSONALITY:  Mindana is a rather reserved young lady, someone who doesn't really trust people until she knows them for a little while. While she can be somewhat aloof, she is also willing to help those who need it, whether it's a first year in need of directions to a classroom or a seventh year who needs a shoulder to cry on during NEWT exams time. She does have a sarcastic side to her, and can often come off as being rather rude, especially if someone happens to be walking too slowly in front of her or if they're kissing in the middle of the hallway, which is something she really can't stand. For all of this, however, Minda is very loyal to her friends and will defend them if need be, in any way she can.

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LIONIS, Mindana   ><font style=
FATHER: Gregory Lionis

MOTHER: Sarah Lionis



BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood


SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

PET/S: A snowy owl named Morgana


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LIONIS, Mindana   ><font style=
Mindana Regina Lionis was born to Gregory and Sarah Lionis (nee Armstrong) on July 8, 2013, in London. She is an only child, though all throughout  her childhood she'd wanted a baby brother or sister. As her mother couldn't have any more children, however, Minda eventually resigned herself to the fact that she would be the only child her parents would, and soon came to enjoy not having to share anything with siblings.

When she was five, Minda--who had been told all about Hogwarts by her Dad as he recounted his own days at school--was playing with her dolls in her room when the lightbulb in the lamp beside her bed suddenly shattered. Frightened, she ran to her father and told him what had happened. Instead of being mad, however, Greg Lionis was quite happy. Sarah, however, was not. Down inside, Minda's mother had secretly hoped that her daughter did not have magical powers, as magic was something that she believed did not belong in "the real world".

Mindana's first year at Hogwarts was, like any other first year's, exciting, yet somewhat confusing. Her grades were excellent, however, and she found that she excelled in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts. She also found herself in a bit of trouble with the caretaker when she decided to go wandering around the school one afternoon and found herself in a dank and dingy corridor, thus causing her house to lose points.

Friends were relatively easy for her to make after getting over a period of shyness. For the most part, Mindana stayed within her house when it came to making friends, as she had no desire at that time to consider that people from other houses were just as nice as those in her own house. This would change in her second year, when she found a first-year Hufflepuff crying just outside of the Great Hall and, after finding out what was wrong, quickly befriended her and took her to the library so she could help the younger girl with a foot-long Transfiguration composition that was due the next day.

Mindana's third year brought about many changes. It was during this year that she developed her very first was on a fourth-year Ravenclaw boy and she made sure that he knew that she liked him. Unfortunately, the boy didn't feel the same way, and he told her in no uncertain terms. As if the rejection weren't bad enough, he did it in front of a huge group of students, who began laughing at the mortified Mindana. From that point on, Minda swore off dating and decided that she wanted nothing more to do with guys, no matter how cute they might be. She would hide her heart to keep it from being shattered again, and if it meant keeping people at bay by being rude and sarcastic, then so be it.


" />


HOW YOU FOUND US: Searching on Google

MAIN CHARACTER: Mindana Lionis

CHARACTER PURPOSE: I just wanted to create a character who can spice things up a bit...someone who isn't as she appears to be.

It had been a rough day.
Mindana flipped her hair around from her left shoulder to her right one and flopped onto  her bed, closing her eyes and wondering how in the world she'd manage to survive that day. It had been humiliating, talking to that boy and telling him exactly how she felt about him. Being rejected had been one thing....being rejected in front of a whole group of his friends had been an entirely different thing.
      That is absolutely the last time I'm going to get embarrassed like this, she thought angrily. Somehow I'm going to get back at him. I'll do it in front of his friends. I'll make sure his friends are around when I do.  A groan escaped her lips as she looked up at the ceiling. She didn't feel like going to the Great Hall for dinner, but knew she couldn't just keep herself holed up in her dormitory. That would give Mr. Pinhead a sort of victory, one which she was not about to hand to him. Mindana got up, stretched, lifted her chin proudly, then made her way out of her dormitory and down to the Great Hall.
Mindana Lionis
Mindana Lionis
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Fourth Year Slytherin

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LIONIS, Mindana   Empty Re: LIONIS, Mindana

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:28 am


Welcome to PA! I see where you want to go with her. I think she has room to grow and develop, and that's fine. Right now, she has the potential to look neutral, but at fourteen, you aren't forced into making her a stock Slytherin either.

Right now, although I do see a bit of a Slytherin edge to her, she would fit well in some of the other houses too.

So--lets see where you go with her!

Accepted and sorted to Slytherin!

Khaat Lupin
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