Vaughan, Cameron
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Vaughan, Cameron

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Vaughan, Cameron Empty Vaughan, Cameron

Post by Cameron Vaughan Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:46 am

Vaughan, Cameron 1zwjfpu

Cameron Avery Vaughan


FULL NAME: Cameron Avery Vaughan

NICKNAMES:  Cam, Vaughan, CA

AGE: 11

ALLEGIANCE: Neutral ( since he is only eleven )

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff or Gryffindor

CLASSES: Charms, DADA, Potions

WAND: 10 inches, Unicorn Tail Hair, Apple, Strong

PLAY BY: Gavin Macintosh


HAIR COLOUR: Medium Blonde




GENERAL APPEARANCE: He looks like an angel well that's why his parents think of Cameron looking like. Cameron honestly thinks he looks like anyone else who is his age. The eleven year old has blonde hair that is short and spikes up somewhat. His eyes are brown in which supposedly he gets from his father who is a very strong and muscular man. His mother still refers to him as looking like a cute little toddler.

Cameron clothing style is normal for his age like he wears jeans, sneakers ( preferably vans or converses.), he loves wearing t shirts and hoodies. Cameron also would dress preppy if he feels like he wants to. The boy doesn't go all out though unlike his twin sister Sophia  who older than him by five minutes.

Although he would wears glasses if he wants to look like an nerd.


➤ Intelligent
➤ Hardworking
➤ Loyal
➤ Steadfast
➤ Industrious
➤ Studious
➤ Brave
➤ Courageous
➤ A Bit of a Prankster
➤ Selective
➤ Protective

➤ His family
➤ Sports ( mainly Quidditch )
➤ Snakes ( his favorite is a King Cobra )
➤ The Falmouth Falcons
➤ Video Games ( his favorite is Elder Scrolls )
➤ Doing something productive

➤ Spiders
➤ Vampires ( thinks there creepy )
➤ Being told what do by his peers ( that's why he is being neutral )
➤ His older sister  ( thinks she is a little pest )
➤ Certain Purebloods and Half-Bloods
➤ Taking Sides

Hogwarts Goals
➤ Getting O's in all his classes
➤ Becoming a Quidditch Player ( hopefully a chaser or seeker )
➤ Making friends
➤ Becoming an prefect
➤ Maybe becoming head boy.

After Hogwarts Goals
➤ Joining the Ministry ( hopefully becoming an auror or an lawyer )
➤ Starting a family
➤ Living in a huge manor
➤ Travel the World
➤ Also play Quidditch hopefully ( just for a little while though )

➤ Cameron plays video games way to much. ( mostly four to five hours )
➤ Cameron sleeps way to much and it gets his parents mad
➤ Also he can be super steadfast.

➤ Cameron likes to talk way to much.
➤ He overworks himself with schoolwork
➤ Cameron likes to put his two sense in.

BOGGART: His fear  

PATRONUS: Cameron's finest memory was when he was younger and he showed his first sign of magic by changing his walls to black when they usually are blue.

DEMENTOR: The worst memory of Cameron was when he fell off the bleachers at rugby game which resulted in him breaking his arm in two places.

VERITASERUM: Cameron is secretly a troublemaker

MIRROR OF ERISED: The greatest desire of Cam is to succeed in Hogwarts and his life ahead of him.

PERSONALITY: Cameron is well liked amongst his peers and family due to his friendliness and intelligence. He is rather advanced for his age due to his attendance to prep school or private schools which fit his intelligence and his advancement for his age. People often say he like his father because his father is intelligent and loyal folk and a kind-hearted man.

Unlike his older twin sister who is more devilish then Cam. Cameron is also a very brave boy who would stand up to anyone who would try to hurt his loved ones. Cameron also can be rather sneaky in a situation he needs to be.


FATHER: Alexander Theodore Vaughan /45/ ( Freelance Writer ) ( Pureblood ) Living

MOTHER: Alanis Morgana Vaughan /45/ ( Lawyer ) ( Muggleborn ) Living

Tristan Lucas Stapleton /24/ ( Quidditch Player ) ( Half-Brother ) ( Pureblood ) Living

Aimee Constance Vaughan /18/ ( Hog's Head Worker ) ( Half-Blood ) Living

Bryce Sebastian Vaughan /16/ ( Student ) ( Half-Blood ) Living

Andrew Robert Vaughan /14/ ( Student ) ( Half-Blood ) Living

Sophia Amber Vaughan / 11/ ( Student ) ( Half-Blood ) Living





Tarik ( Snowy Owl ) / Five months old / ( Pet Owl ) Living



Early Years: Cameron grew up in Wales to a rich family who were very nice people who were former students of Hogwarts. The young boy had everything and had anything he wanted and had all the pets he wanted. Cameron's parents made sure both of them were provided with the finest muggle educations till they started Hogwarts.

Cameron's school he attended from the time he was five to when he was eleven was called St. Peters School for Boys. His teachers and headmaster had admired Cameron's hard working and studious attitude for school. That's why he lasted there for five years till he had to drop it for Hogwarts because he couldn't do both schools because St. Peters was in Wales and Hogwarts is in Scotland so instead he chose Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Years: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history during their years at Hogwarts

Adulthood: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history after Hogwarts




HOW YOU FOUND US: Advertising

MAIN CHARACTER: My main character is Nick Wellington

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted to make Cam so I could have a character who started from the bottom.

Cameron Vaughan
Cameron Vaughan

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Vaughan, Cameron Empty Re: Vaughan, Cameron

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:25 pm

He looks fine! Sorry it took us so long to get to your app.

Accepted and sorted to Hufflepuff
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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