Volkova, Lilyana
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Volkova, Lilyana Li9olo10

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Volkova, Lilyana

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Volkova, Lilyana Empty Volkova, Lilyana

Post by Lilyana Volkova Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:17 pm

Volkova, Lilyana Victoria-Justice-Hairs-knot_zps91b1702c

Lilyana Volkova


FULL NAME: Lilyana Anastasiya Stefanova Volkova

NICKNAMES:  Lilia, Lily

AGE: 14 (Fourteen)

ALLEGIANCE: Dark Followers

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Canon, Slytherin

CLASSES: DADA, Charms, COMC, Potions, Transfiguation (if there are Herbology or Divination I apply for those too)

WAND: Phoenix Feather, Hornbeam Wood, 11 Inches, Inflexible

PLAY BY: Victoria Justice



EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown


BODY BUILD: Hourglass

GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Lilyana is a girl of average height with an hourglass skinny figure and slightly bronze tan. Her step is light, and her posture confident. She always walks with her head up and her back straight.  Her features are straight, in harmony with one another, her eyes narrow when she tries either to maintain concentration or gain it. Her hair is long and wavy, most of the time she leaves it to fall naturally or uses a hair pin to hold it back, but she rarely makes it completely straight. Her most prominent feature are her dark brown eyes, common in Bulgaria and that part of Europe. She likes to dress in style although spending time in muggle world isn't her favorite pastime. Her body is quite mature for her actual age. She likes to wear necklaces, mostly gold or white gold with a variety of colorful additions. Earrings are not her favorite jewelry and she likes to wear darker colors or eventually white.



-Her Family
-People who have no purpose
-Spending time in Muggle World

*Join the Dark Followers
*Become the Leader of the Dark Followers
*Join Death Eaters After Finishing School
*Join the Quiditch Team
*Become the Captain of the Quiditch Team
*Become Prefect/Head Girl
*Study Hard

*Narrow Eyes when focusing on something
*Playing with her necklace when bored

BOGGART: Disgracing her Family


DEMENTOR: Getting Lost in the Woods when she was 4 and screaming for her parents

VERITASERUM: Stock of Play-Boy Magazines in her Closet

MIRROR OF ERISED: Recognition to Achieving first 6 goals on her list

*This girl has a very complex personality.  Lilyana was raised by her parents to support Igor Karkaroff and his cause, which would be the same cause death eaters were fighting for, at least those death eaters that didn't join Voldemort only for fear. Even though she inherited a lot of her parents personality,  she was more subtle and more cunning than them. She was always taught the difference between right and wrong, even though her concept of right didn't always agree with those of other people.  Lilyana is a hard-working girl, who likes to achieve goals others don't even think about. She is proud of her family, and she was taught to look down to those who by the thought of people such as Salazar Slytherin didn't deserve to practice magic. Her opinion on the subject however was not made public. She knew well the rules, and even though she often comes to the line between forbidden and permitted, her awareness of the rules made her never cross that line which is why most professors like her.

*She has a true leadership skills, in year 3 at Durumstrang, she already became quiditch captain, a talent inherited from her father, once the player for the national team of Bulgaria.  Her charismatic skills and her well thought arguments make her very persuasive. She used to gather a lot of people around her, her organizing skills made her a valuable asset.  She is used to winning though she doesn't like to win something she doesn't deserve. She dislikes a lot of things such as loosing, people with no purpose in their life, their ignorance and tears. Her goals are very well set for a 14 year old . She wants to join the dark followers on Hogwarts, to become their leader, to join the Slytherin quiditch team and become their captain, become a Prefect and Head Girl, to study hard and top her classes, and after school to join Death Eaters and fight actively for their cause. Even though she dislikes weak people, she is capable of concealing emotions and befriend those same people in order for them  to join her cause because weak character is easier to manipulate.

*Lilyana's greatest fear is to bring disgrace to her well-respected family. Her patronus takes a wolf form and when the dementor comes too close she remembers herself lost in the woods screaming for her parents when she was barely 4 years old. It had a big effect on her because she was so little. Her small secret is that she keeps a stack of muggle play-boy magazines in her closet. To most people that wouldn't matter, but her parents would throw a fit and possibly her brother too.


FATHER: Stefan Volkov

MOTHER: ______ Volkova

SIBLING/S: Brother _______ Stefanov Volkov

OTHER: Not that I know Of.




PET/S: Snowy Owl - Boris

OTHER POSSESSIONS: Golden Ring with the Crest of her Family


Early Years:
*Lilyana was born 14 years ago to a wealthy family of the former famous quiditch player who played alongside Victor Krum himself at the world cup on the summer before the famous Triwizzard tournament. She was born to Stefan Volkov and his wife. She is the 2nd and youngest child of her parents. Her brother is a year older than her, and he is starting soon his 5th year of school. She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria where she lived all her childhood and for the first three years of schooling. Her closest companion and friend was her brother, until he went to school. Their parents being famous and wealthy made them often neglect their own children. After her father's career as a quiditch player was over he started working in the Bulgarian ministry of magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Lilyana was always an active child always interested in learning new things. Before school, she was already speaking English and French as her own language (Bulgarian), and even had a decent knowledge in Italian.

Hogwarts Years:
*Lilyana turned 11 in November when she started first year on Durmstrang.. At first year she already topped her class in most classes, but apart from that she was too young to make any bigger achievements. At 2nd year, she joined Slytherin Quiditch Team and showed her talent in the sport which nobody really doubted. She was an excellent flier even before she went to school, she used to practice it with her brother at home away from Muggle eyes. At 3rd year however, she became Captain of that same quiditch team and soon demonstrated good leader and organizing skills which is why her father's decision to send both, her brother and herself to Hogwarts to finish their education made her all the more aggravated. but since her father got relocated to England  it was more practical. After some months, she finally started to see all the advantages of going to Hogwarts. After some inquiry, she discovered that there were a lot of people with her opinion to socialize with, and besides that England was far more exciting than Bulgaria.

Adulthood: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history after Hogwarts




HOW YOU FOUND US: By advertisement on other site, few years back

MAIN CHARACTER: Mariana Diggory

PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To make Hogwarts more interesting and to give Potter's Army a little competition Smile


Lilyana Volkova
Lilyana Volkova
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Fourth Year Slytherin

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Volkova, Lilyana Empty Re: Volkova, Lilyana

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:51 am

she looks fine to me. nice app!

accepted and sorted to slytherin!
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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