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EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei

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Post by Nymeria Evanesco Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:00 pm

EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei Tumblr_m2w9p9litk1rpgqnao1_500



FULL NAME: Nymeria Mei Astrid Evanesco

Nymeria [Nigh-MEER-ee-uh] - In the novel "A Game of Thrones" from the series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin, Nymeria was a warrior queen of the Rhoyne who brought ten thousand ships to the shores of Dorne, crossing the narrow sea. She struck an alliance with House Martell, taking Lord Mors as her husband and with his help, conquered the rest of Dorne.

Mei [MAY] - Mei is a feminine Japanese given name which means beautiful.

Astrid [As-TREE-d] - The name Astrid is a Scandinavian baby name. In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Astrid is: Godly strength. Derived from Germanic compounds meaning divine strength, or divine beauty. Astrid has been used by Norway's royal families for hundreds of years. Famous bearers: King Olaf I's mother; the Swedish wife of King Olaf II.
People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.
People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Evanesco [eev-an-ES-koh] -  Evanesco is latin surname whose meaning is disappear.

NICKNAMES:  Don't call her Nymeria, she's Nym

AGE: 19 20
b. September, 20th, 2007


Virgo and Independence:

Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves.
Virgo and Friendship:

People look up to Virgo for friends because they are straight thinkers and solve problems logically. They are truthful, loyal and determined. Some people might find them cold or emotionally detached because they live in their minds, not in their emotions and feelings. It might be hard to pin down how a Virgo friend is feeling because they easily live in denial. A person who is able to read deep into another person will notice when Virgo is not well but if they confront them about it, they would rather retreat then talk about it. It is best to keep your emotional distance from a Virgo friend unless they open up to you first. Virgo might try to analyze and control a friend's life but only with the idea that they will improve their life, not purely for the sake of controlling. Be patient with your Virgo friend and understand that their recommendations are only to make your life better.
Virgo and Business:

Virgos are very intelligent, they have an excellent memory and a highly analytical mind. This makes them good investigators and researchers. They also have the ability to probe into a person's emotions and they can often see into people and detect what their motives are. This makes them great policemen or interrogators. Virgos are very good at problem solving, this is what they do best. They are confronted with a problem, they will pick apart the pieces and put it together in the proper order. They are rational thinkers and are good at settling other people's disputes and putting them on the right track for reconciliation. Any position that requires the above features, which is a very long list, is perfect for the Virgo. They keep the world in order.
Virgo Temperament:

Before a Virgo plunges into anything, from a problem to a vacation idea, they need to analyze all the facts and know all the details before they plunge in and make a decision. This makes them seem indecisive and slow. Virgo's perception is their reality, more so then other astrology signs. What they believe is what will be, if they have a negative outlook on life, things will present themselves to be negative and they will be very moody and isolated/detached. If they are positive, the same events that occur will be held in a positive light and they will be a pleasant, well adjusted person. A Virgo mind is a very powerful mind and they must have the proper attitude for their life to be happy and successful. Virgo needs to get in touch with their feelings, this is why they usually seem cold or detached. They are very prone of living in denial. They will say the feel okay or everything is alright even when it's not. This is an easy way out, the one thing that Virgo does not like to analyze is their feelings so pretending everything is okay is a good defense mechanism for not having to take a closer look at their feelings. Virgo has an unpredictable and sometimes unstable temperament.
Virgo Deep Inside:

They need to be organized in their mind, sometimes all their energy is taken from organizing their mind that they have a difficult time organizing their surroundings. They easily look too deep into an issue and over analyze what they percept. Virgo is ambitious and strives to always know more and have more. This is in their eternal quest to bring order to chaos. Even if order is obtained from an outsiders' point of view, Virgo will not be settled for they have a very active mind that is always thinking and can never be silenced. Virgos want to be of use, they need to be important and essential to everyone in their lives and in everything they do. Virgo's major life lesson is to learn to trust in and have faith in the unknown. They have to understand that things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to them, they do not have to always know everything. They need to learn to calm down and not over-analyze a situation or event. Deep inside, Virgo is very sensitive and they need to be appreciated for all the things they do. When is Virgo is offended or hurt, they may never show it.
Virgo in a Nutshell:

Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious and they want to accomplish something.

Source: http://zodiac-signs-astrology.com/zodiac-signs/virgo.htm

ORIGIN: French and English

PLACE OF BIRTH: London, England

ALLEGIANCE: Order member

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbatons alumni


WAND: Yew, Veela hair, 10 3/4''+ flexible

Yew wands are among the rarer kinds, and their ideal matches are likewise unusual, and occasionally notorious. The wand of yew is reputed to endow its possessor with the power of life and death, which might, of course, be said of all wands; and yet yew retains a particularly dark and fearsome reputation in the spheres of duelling and all curses.
However, it is untrue to say (as those unlearned in wandlore often do) that those who use yew wands are more likely to be attracted to the Dark Arts than another. The witch or wizard best suited to a yew wand might equally prove a fierce protector of others.
Wands hewn from these most long-lived trees have been found in the possession of heroes quite as often as of villains. Where wizards have been buried with wands of yew, the wand generally sprouts into a tree guarding the dead owner’s grave. What is certain is that the yew wand never chooses either a mediocre or a timid owner.

Since Britain's chief wandmaker, Garrick Ollivander, finds that Veela hair cores make for "temperamental" wands, it is likely that there are few Veela hair wands made in Britain. Since the only known Veela hair wand is from France, it is likely that there is a wandmaker from central Europe, possibly Gregorovitch, who uses Veela hairs as the cores in his wands.
In Slavic mythology, some legends claim that if even one of a Veela's hairs is plucked, she will either die or be forced to change into a non-human shape.

PLAY BY: Claire Holt



EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 3 EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 2 EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 1


EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei Njah EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei Njah2 EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei Njah3




EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 2 EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 3 EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 1

This young lady is really short, she's just 5ft2, but she solved that problem with wearing heels all the time, because no matter what others thought but being short really sucks. Without heels she can't reach high objects, and when you're short everything seems high to you.

Nymeria has light blonde hair that in curls fall to mid back. While she's working she wears her hair in high ponytail or in a bun.

Nymeria is fan of physical exercise and she's running every morning before going to work and every evening before twilight. That exercises are credited for her svelte figure.

Nym has dark blue eyes that can look greyish or even green but during the day they had bright blue color of the sea.

EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 1 EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 2 EVANESCO, Nymeria Mei 3


001.  Adventurous
002. Affable
003. Ambitious
004. Amiable
005. Appreciative
006. Awkward
007. Can be babyish
008. Bashful
009. Bewildered
010. Bossy
011. Bright
012. Candid
013. Capable
014. Careful
015. Cautious
016. Clumsy
017. Creative
018. Critical
019. Curious
020. Disorganized
021. Disparaging
022. Dreamer
023. Dutiful
024. Exacting
025. Faithless
026. Fanciful
027. Fearful
028. Fidgety
029. Finicky
030. Friendly
031. Garrulous
032. Gentle
033. Gives up easily
034. Gullible
035. Hesitant
036. Honest
037. Hopeful
038. Hot-tempered
039. Humble
040. Humorous
041. Immature
042. Impatient
043. Inconsistent
044. Indecisive
045. Jealous
046. Lonely
047. Loves challenge
048. Messy
049. Naïve
050. Nervous
051. Obedient
052. Peaceful
053. Pessimistic
054. Picky
055. Prudent
056. Quarrelsome
057. Quick-tempered
058. Quiet
059. Reckless
060. Reserved
061. Can be ruthless
062. Sensitive
063. Sentimental
064. Soft-hearted
065. Solitary
066. Stubborn
067. Can be tactless
068. Thoughtless
069. Timid
070. Touchy
071. Uncoordinated
072. Unselfish
073. Upset
074. Can be wild
075. Wise
076. Wishy-washy
077. Withdrawn
078. Witty
079. Worried
080. Zany

001. Cats
002. Rain
003. Thunderstorms
004. Heavy metal and rock music
005.  Piano
006. Guitar
007. Art
009. Reading
010. Writing
011. Running
013. Dancing
014. Tea
015. Summer

001. Spiders and other insects
002. Scary dusty places
003. Dark
004. Snakes
005. Being in the spotlight
006. Coffee
007. Winter
008. Pears
009. Death Eaters
010. Death Followers
011. Mean people
012. Being alone
013. Hurting people
014. Too much spicy food
015. Snow

001. Join The Order
002. Find out what realy happened to her father
003. Forget Christian
004. Became unspeakable
005. Be happy

001. Skipping a breakfast
002. Biting nails
003. Poor sleeping habits
004. She can't go to sleep without a book
005. Drinking tea every morning

BOGGART: Make mistake which will result someone's death
Nymeria already seen too much deaths and she doesn't want to see more of them, nor cause them.

PATRONUS: Moving from France to England
It's not about cities, cities are just irrelevant places. It's about leaving her past behind and having a new begining.

DEMENTOR: Death of her father
Nym knew her father, Adrien Evanesco hated cars, and he would never drive it alone. He claimed he never learn how to drive, although he had his driver license, approved by muggle police in France.
It was raining that day when he killed. They fight and he ran through the door. She never saw him again
Later, at 2AM she got a phone call from muggle police. They told her he had a car accident, that roadway was slick, breaks didn't work properly, his car skidded and hit the rock turning on its roof. Emergency didn't came soon enough, he died surrounded by a curved sheet.
She saw the car few days later, one day before his funeral. It was devastated. Crumpled like an old paper, and the driver's side was unrecognizable.

VERITASERUM: She still loves Christian
She met him when she was 16, he was older then her, 20, and came with a few other members of the Order to speak with his father. He stayed in France for few years, and they were happy. Well until he left without goodbye.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Meet her mom
Nymeria never met her mom, since Rita Evanesco died after she gave her a birth, or at least that was what her father told to her.

PERSONALITY: See traits.
Introvert(22%)  iNtuitive(44%)  Feeling(12%)  Perceiving(44%)
You have slight preference of Introversion over Extraversion (22%)
You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (44%)
You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (12%)
You have moderate preference of Perceiving over Judging (44%)

Poetic, kind and altruistic people, always eager to help a good cause.


INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the INFP personality type - but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

INFP personalityBeing a part of the Diplomat (NF) personality group, INFPs are guided by their principles, rather than by logic (Analysts), excitement (Explorers), or practicality (Sentinels). When deciding how to move forward, they will look to honor, beauty, morality and virtue - INFPs are led by the purity of their intent, not rewards and punishments. People who share the INFP personality type are proud of this quality, and rightly so, but not everyone understands the drive behind these feelings, and it can lead to isolation.

All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither; deep roots are not reached by the frost.
J. R. R. Tolkien

At their best, these qualities enable INFPs to communicate deeply with others, easily speaking in metaphors and parables, and understanding and creating symbols to share their ideas. The strength of this intuitive communication style lends itself well to creative works, and it comes as no surprise that many famous INFPs are poets, writers and actors. Understanding themselves and their place in the world is important to INFPs, and they explore these ideas by projecting themselves into their work.

INFPs have a talent for self-expression, revealing their beauty and their secrets through metaphors and fictional characters.
INFPs’ ability with language doesn’t stop with their native tongue, either - as with most people who share the Diplomat personality types, they are considered gifted when it comes to learning a second (or third!) language. Their gift for communication also lends itself well to INFPs’ desire for harmony, a recurring theme with Diplomats, and helps them to move forward as they find their calling.


Unlike their Extraverted cousins though, INFPs will focus their attention on just a few people, a single worthy cause - spread too thinly, they’ll run out of energy, and even become dejected and overwhelmed by all the bad in the world that they can’t fix. This is a sad sight for INFPs’ friends, who will come to depend on their rosy outlook.

If they are not careful, INFPs can lose themselves in their quest for good and neglect the day-to-day upkeep that life demands. INFPs often drift into deep thought, enjoying contemplating the hypothetical and the philosophical more than any other personality type. Left unchecked, INFPs may start to lose touch, withdrawing into "hermit mode", and it can take a great deal of energy from their friends or partner to bring them back to the real world.

Luckily, like the flowers in spring, INFP’s affection, creativity, altruism and idealism will always come back, rewarding them and those they love perhaps not with logic and utility, but with a world view that inspires compassion, kindness and beauty wherever they go.

Introverted Feeling

INFPs live primarily in a rich inner world of introverted Feeling. Being inward-turning, the natural attraction is away from world and toward essence and ideal. This introversion of dominant Feeling, receiving its data from extraverted intuition, must be the source of the quixotic nature of these usually gentle beings. Feeling is caught in the approach- avoidance bind between concern both for people and for All Creatures Great and Small, and a psycho-magnetic repulsion from the same. The "object," be it homo sapiens or a mere representation of an organism, is valued only to the degree that the object contains some measure of the inner Essence or greater Good. Doing a good deed, for example, may provide intrinsic satisfaction which is only secondary to the greater good of striking a blow against Man's Inhumanity to Mankind.

Extraverted iNtuition

Extraverted intuition faces outward, greeting the world on behalf of Feeling. What the observer usually sees is creativity with implied good will. Intuition spawns this type's philosophical bent and strengthens pattern perception. It combines as auxiliary with introverted Feeling and gives rise to unusual skill in both character development and fluency with language--a sound basis for the development of literary facility. If INTPs aspire to word mechanics, INFPs would be verbal artists.

Introverted Sensing

Sensing is introverted and often invisible. This stealth function in the third position gives INFPs a natural inclination toward absent- mindedness and other-worldliness, however, Feeling's strong people awareness provides a balancing, mitigating effect. This introverted Sensing is somewhat categorical, a subdued version of SJ sensing. In the third position, however, it is easily overridden by the stronger functions.

Extraverted Thinking

The INFP may turn to inferior extraverted Thinking for help in focusing on externals and for closure. INFPs can even masquerade in their ESTJ business suit, but not without expending considerable energy. The inferior, problematic nature of Extraverted Thinking is its lack of context and proportion. Single impersonal facts may loom large or attain higher priority than more salient principles which are all but overlooked.


FATHER:Adrien Evanesco | Beauxbatons alumni | The Order | half blood with slight amount of veela blood | deceased

MOTHER: Rita Evanesco (nee Black) | Slytherin alumni |Death Eaters | pure blood | deceased


OTHER: Flavia Schultz (nee Evanesco) | aunt | Beauxbatons alumni | neutral | half blood with slight amount of veela blood
Marek Schultz | uncle | Durmstrang alumni | neutral | muggle born | deceased

BLOOD STATUS:  Half blood

SPECIES: Human; partly veela but it's too diluted to count nor to have any features


A kitten named Arya



EARLY YEARS: Nymeria was born 2nd, September; her mom died after she gave her a birth.

HOGWARTS YEARS: She never went to Hogwarts. Before her birth her parents talked about sending her to Hogwarts which is her mother's school, but after her mother died her father decided it's better for her to go in Beauxbatons Academy in France, the same school in which he went. When she came to Beauxbatons for the first time she revealed that her headmistress hates her because some stupid thing her father done in his third grade. She always had good grades, and she especially loved potions classes. At her sixth year and her O.W.L. exams she decided she wants to be an unspeakable. In Beauxbatons she had a few friends but they lost contact after graduation. After she finished her schooling, her potions professor offered her the position of his assistant but she declined.

ADULTHOOD: After death of her father she lived in Prague with her father's sister for a few months, but then she decided to move to England, to her mother's family home, which is now her, just like the house in Paris.




HOW YOU FOUND US: Support Forum of Forumotion Users


CHARACTER PURPOSE: To have a character?


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Post by Darren Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:51 pm

Hey, Welcome Rina!

Your application looks great. Just one problem, your face claim Candice Accola has already been taken by another member. You can see which face claims have been taken Here. Once you fix that I can accept your character.

Sorry about that!

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Post by Nymeria Evanesco Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:24 am

I haven't noticed, sry, I changed it. Smile
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Post by Darren Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:02 pm

That's great. Accepted!

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