Cain, Sarah Elizabeth
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Cain, Sarah Elizabeth

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Cain, Sarah Elizabeth  Empty Cain, Sarah Elizabeth

Post by Sarah Cain Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:41 pm

Cain, Sarah Elizabeth  C19



FULL NAME: Sarah Elizabeth Cain


AGE: 23


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw Alumni

WAND: Vine- 15 inches- unicorn hair core and Rigid

PLAY BY: Candice Swanepoel


HAIR COLOUR: A wheat, golden colored blonde.

EYE COLOUR: a light, ocean blue


BODY BUILD: slender, and fit

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Sarah stand at 5 foot, and 5 inches tall. She has a slender, long, and fit body. She had a white skin tone, but it had a slight tan to it. Her best feature is her eyes. She has light blue eyes, that remind everyone of the ocean, or the sky on a really nice day. Sarah has nice, plump lips that she got from her mother. Her least favorite feature is her feet, because her toes are really quite long, and gross looking. She hates them, in all honestly.


TRAITS: Ambitious, indecisive,  Forgiving, Clumsy, Hardworker, Bossy and Obnoxious  


GOALS: Have a beautiful family; finding true love; getting promoted in her job.

HABITS & QUIRKS: rubbing the back of her neck when nervous.

BOGGART: Coffin- she is afraid of death.

PATRONUS: Her first kiss with her first boyfriend at the age of 17 years old.

DEMENTOR: Her father dying

VERITASERUM: Miscarriage at age 18

MIRROR OF ERISED: Having a daughter as her first born child.

Sarah  is quite an ambitious person. She will mostly do anything to succeed, except hurt people. She will not hurt people in order to succeed. She learned to be ambitious from her father. Her father was a very ambitious person before he died. He taught Sarah how to be ambitious and succeed in life without hurting people to get to her goals.

Sarah  is indecisive, which basically means she has a hard time making decisions at a fast rate. It takes Sarah  forever to make decisions of any kind BIG or small. She hates that she is so indecisive but it helps her get to perfection in all she does, but in all reality, her being indecisive doesn't help her get perfection in anything. It just takes more time and its makes Sarah less productive.

Sarah  is a very forgiving person, almost too forgiving. She will give everyone a second and third chance. She learned this trait from her mother. Her mother was also a forgiving person. Sarah always gives everyone a second chance, not matter how much they hurt her or anything a long those lines. This is a weakness for her, because she can never stay mad a someone, and will always forgive them. She would probably say this is her biggest weakness, and negative trait.

Sarah is a clumsy person weather its speaking or physically clumsy. She is always "tripping" over words, and always tripping over her own two left feet. She always seems to be on the ground at some point of the day. She doesn't like speaking to people because she is always making a fool of herself it seems likes because she can never find the right words.

Sarah is a hard worker, so that is kinda the same as ambitious but you can be ambitious but not being a hard worker. Sarah believes hard working can get you where you want it life, but you also need the the ambition and drive to fully succeed in life, and she wouldn't change her drive or being a hard working for anyone, well maybe a boy.. but that is a different story.

Sarah  can be quite bossy if she wants to be, and normally, she wants to me. She is a sweet girl unless she wants something done, and she wants it done now. This mostly happens when she has to work in a team or group. This happened a lot in Hogwarts when she had to assignments with other classmates. She will usually end up doing things herself because she pushes people to hard because she is so bossy, that they just walk away from her. She doesn't care. She would rather do things herself anyways.

Sarah can be quite obnoxious once you get to know her. She can be really nosey, and all up in your business once she is your friend, that is why she doesn't have many friend or any friends at all. Sometimes, she is overly obnoxious, so she doesn't have to many friends. Its a defensive. This is one of her negative traits.


FATHER: Joshua Cain, 48, Lawyer

MOTHER: Lillian Cain, 46, Primary teacher

SIBLING/S: Aurora  Cain, 18, Former Hufflepuff
Joshua Jr. Cain, 16, Gryffindor

OTHER: Grandmother

BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn d

SPECIES: Witch; human

SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class

Cat, Pookie, male, 3 years old



Early Years: Sarah Elizabeth Cain was born the parents of Lillian, and Joshua Cain on June 13th, 2004. They thought Sarah was normal, beautiful baby girl. She is normal, well as normal as a witch can get, but that part will come later on. Anyways, Sarah was a only child for 4 years until they welcome her younger sister, Aurora Cain, anyways, Sarah was a normal 4 year old, until things started to happen. It was just little things, but they were strange things, like making little objects move, and books tearing on their own, stuff like that. She finally calmed down and the issues stop happening until Joshua Jr. came along, then the issues started coming again, but this time she was 6 years old, so the issues got bigger, and little more force. Her parents thought she was strange, and not normal at all. They started treating Sarah differently. This really affected her. Sarah finally got over it, and moved on. Sarah got accepted by her parents, and life was starting to get better, then she got her letter.

Hogwarts Years: Sarah was now a Hogwarts student and witch. It was little bit shocking to everyone in her family. They didn't think she was normal after that, but at this point in her life, she didn't want to be normal. Normal was overrated at this point in her life, well not really, since she is only 11 years old at this time in her life. Anyways, Sarah was sorted into Ravenclaw when she arrived at Hogwarts. She felt like it was the house where she belonged. Anyways, as the years came, and end her siblings joined her at Hogwarts. Her parents accepted them and her siblings. Sarah was kinda good at Hogwarts, and school work. She wasn't the smartest witch in Hogwarts, but smart enough to graduate from Hogwarts. Her years at Hogwarts were a blur. Sarah doesn't really like talking about her Hogwarts years either. She didn't really have many friends, but she did have a couple good friends at least.

Adulthood: After Sarah graduated Hogwarts. She didn't get a job right away, and just lived with her parents. She had a miscarriage at 18 after a one night stand.  After a few months, she decided that it was time that she needed to get a job, and live on her own. She applied as a auror, after 3 times of being declined, well she finally got in on the 4th try, because they didn't want her harassing them for a job anymore. Now she is working and not doing much of anything else. Her life is pretty boring at this moment in time




HOW YOU FOUND US: Caution v.2


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Redoing an old character


Sarah Cain
Sarah Cain

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Cain, Sarah Elizabeth  Empty Re: Cain, Sarah Elizabeth

Post by Darren Tue Jul 08, 2014 7:58 pm

Hey Sal! Welcome back Smile

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