Recreational Drugs
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Recreational Drugs

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Recreational Drugs Empty Recreational Drugs

Post by Jaquellene Jack Dyllan Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:38 pm

Legal & Restricted Drugs

- - - - - - - - - -


Brands: Blishen's, Ogden's Old
Causes a burning sensation when consumed, and fills one's body with courage.

Quentin Black Scotch
Brewed in copper cauldrons for 18 years, sold from 1992 onwards
"exceptionally smooth"

Schletters Fine Whiskey

White Rat Whiskey
Brewed by the Warlocks of Zanzibar

An alcoholic variation of butterbeer, mostly consumed by American wizards.

Daisyroot Draught - beer
A beverage made of fermented daisies, sold at the Hog's Head.

Hog's Head Brew - beer
House Draught of the Hogs Head Inn

Paulopabita's Fishy Green Ale
A green coloured beer made from fermented fish

Simison Steaming Stout
A dark beer that emits smoke from the head.

Celery & Beetroot Wine
A wine made by fermenting celery & beetroot by fans of Guilderoy Lockhart

Elderflower Wine

Elf-made wine
These wines brewed by house elves are often highly prized.

Nettle Wine
A wine made of nettles, soft blue in colour.

Superior Red
A brand of red wine produced by the Malfoy family

Turnip Wine
A wine made from turnips. Highly alcoholic, causes nosebleeds.

Knotgrass Mead
A mead including knotgrass. 23% alcohol content

Bungbarrel Spiced Mead
Produced from 1572, matured in vintage oak barrels. 34% alcohol content

Many witches and wizards enjoy tobacco products such as pipe smoking.

- - - - - - - - - -

Illegal Drugs

Pixie Dust
Causes a mania-like state, heightened mood, dazed state and emotional excitation. Some users experience levitation or floating effects. Lack of self-care is a secondary feature.
Comedown can feature anxiety, depression & paranoia. These effects stack the more times the person has used Dust.
Users will typically also feel irritable, tired (both physically and emotionally) and sore coming down. It is usual to discover injuries they did not notice while high at this point.

In its pure form, Pixie Dust is an iridescent white power (thus the name) and it can be administered in a variety of ways. However, it is usually pre-mixed with sugar (household sugar, not the drug) and flavouring and consumed like sherbet.

Spice & Derivatives

The original form, more potent and more addictive than Sugar. A much lighter blue colour with veins of silver running through it. A depressant.
Does not smell, but does turn the user's eyes bright blue.
Effects include the world seeming to run on fast forward, mild hallucinations and odd surges and dips in magical power. Prolonged use can lead to worse hallucinations, seizures, and impotency.
Primary Supplier: Keith Nicholas
Other Suppliers: Wilhelmina Abercrombie

A barely addictive stimulant, favoured by teenagers. Causes users' eyes to turn a dull blue while high. It can be smelled heavily on the breath of users.
Sugar looks like deep blue sand and is sold wrapped in paper twists.
It is odorless when burned, but releases a thick, dark blue smoke. Another popular method of consumption is by dissolving it in liquid to drink it.
Primary Supplier: Keith Nicholas
Other Suppliers: Wilhelmina Abercrombie

[Credit to Selwyn Thorfinn for this post]
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