GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude
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GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude

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GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Empty GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude

Post by Clementine Lovegood Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:05 am

    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_m7fn0j2ejU1r5guf2o1_500



    FULL NAME: Thalia Gertrude Goyle

    NICKNAMES: Tally, Lia

    AGE: Twenty-Nine

    ALLEGIANCE: Death Eaters

    EDUCATION: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, France

    OCCUPATION: Potioneer
  • Brews potions with the intention of selling (legal and illegal).
  • Acts as middle-man for distributing other’s potions (legal and illegal).
  • Experiments with the intent of creating new or advancing old potions.
  • Works on individual consulting basis for some clients.
  • Occasionally helps muggle militaries in development of chemical weapons.

    WAND: Almond, Ashwinder Eggs and Ramora Scales, Unyielding
  • Associated with wisdom, prosperity and healing
  • Attracted to driven witches/wizards
  • Boost to potionmaking arts
  • Boost to healing magic
  • Boost to water-based charms
  • Difficulty in subtle arts

    PLAY BY: Katie McGrath


    With reference to [url=majnouna.deviantart.com/art/Catalogue-of-Human-Features-33097648]this[/url] sheet.

    HAIR COLOR: Brown-Black
    HAIR TEXTURE: Loosely Curly or Low Wavy (depending how styled)
    HAIR LINE: Rounded
    FACE SHAPE: Pear-Shaped
    EYE SHAPE: Round
    EYE COLOR: Hazel
    NOSE SHAPE: Aquiline
    LIP SHAPE: Natural
    EYEBROW SHAPE: Low, Soft Angled
    HEIGHT: 5’5”
    BODY BUILD: Athletic
    SKIN TONE: Ivory
  • Small scars on hands from knife slips when cutting up potions ingredients.
  • Needs glasses but wears contacts the majority of the time.
  • A sun and moon on forearms. Each is enchanted only to appear when it’s likeness is up in the sky. Besides an occasional dawn or dusk, they are rarely seen together.
  • A Venomous Tentacula leaf on her foot.
    PIERCINGS: Ears, Cartilage


    001. Arrogant
    002. Perfectionist
    003. Decisive
    004. Ambitious
    005. Passionate
    006. Broody
    007. Stubborn
    008. Industrious
    009. Defiant
    010. Protective
    011. Proud
    012. Sarcastic
    013. Jealous
    014. Intolerant
    015. Reliable
    016. Punctual
    017. Introverted
    018. Clear-Headed
    019. Shrewd
    020. Tough

    STRONG AREA OF MAGIC: Potions, Healing Magic, Ancient Runes
    NEUTRAL AREA OF MAGIC: Dueling, Herbology, CoMC
    WEAK AREA OF MAGIC: Charms, DADA, Housekeeping Spells

    001. Potions
    002. Chocolate Soufflé
    003. Black Coffee
    004. Brunettes
    005. Raspberries
    006. Valentine’s Day
    007. French Food
    008. Spring
    009. Dragons
    010. Red Wine
    001. Paris
    002. Male Egos
    003. Bisexuality
    004. Fake Blondes
    005. Modern Art
    006. Vampires
    007. Charms
    008. Uniforms
    009. Reality TV
    010. Muggle Sports

    001. Graduate Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.
    002. Purchase her own home.
    003. Build a stronger client base for her potions.
    004. Become more active with the Death Eaters.
    005. Take a steady job for Marie.

    001. Writes everything from shopping lists to doodles in a leather-bound dairy.
    002. Lies about her middle name (Gretel, Ginny, Grace – anything but Gertrude).
    003. Is never without a backup set of potions ingredients lying around the house.  
    004. Takes self-medicated potions for headaches and insomnia.
    005. Hasn’t kissed a guy since she was fifteen.

    BOGGART: Getting locked in Azkaban or Nurmengard

    PATRONUS: The first time she was able to make any sort of magic. Thalia wandered into the woods at night to where Julius had been teaching her earlier that day but got lost and quickly became disoriented and scared in the dark. She accidently began firing sparks off of her hands and turning the air around her into a miniature fireworks show. Once she realized what was happening her fear of the darkness disappeared and the situation became beyond magical for the witch.

    DEMENTOR: When she was eight and had to watch her father being dragged out of the house and arrested by the German aurors.

    VERITASERUM: How much she actually cares about her parents opinions and regrets not being closer to them.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: A loving, supportive family. Enough money to be comfortable and buy whatever she needs. A large potions lab, decked out with all the supplies she would ever need. And, of course, a gorgeous women or two thrown in.


    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_inline_mipf9qOXeO1qz4rgp
    Thalia can be a little impatient and critical of others. She is plagued by her own hubris and when others make mistakes she can’t help be slightly amused as her own sense of self-importance is inflated slightly. Thalia has a distinct humor and when others make jokes she is often left unimpressed and makes no effort to hide her boredom. She can be quite sarcastic not only with what she says but with her body language and eye rolls/raised eyebrows are unconsciously added on a regular basis.

    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_lzwea4GYyz1qgz351o1_r1_500
    Thalia has little tolerance for the male ego. She can’t stand being treated as weaker or less intelligent because of her gender and refuses to be treated as such. Thalia takes pleasure out of many more traditionally male activities such as hunting and horseback riding, though she has never compromised her femininity while doing it.  

    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_inline_mpq6lbMJ7h1qz4rgp
    In regards to both herself and others, Thalia has come to expect only the very best. She’s driven and passionate, dedicated to improving herself in every way she can. Failure is a difficult thing for the girl to swallow and when things are looking down it almost always pushes her to try harder. In terms of others, Thalia’s expectations are simultaneously extremely high and extremely low. While she expects the best, she also assumes that others are incapable of doing things right and would prefer to manage them herself.

    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_lxm1b8I0zV1qdxypao1_r1_500
    Thalia can be a little bit of a loner at times. She finds comfort in the company of her own thoughts and does her best work when she is left undisturbed for days at a time. When Thalia gets an idea for a potion she can become quite tunnel-visioned and unsociable. Thalia has a hard time expressing her feelings, especially when she’s taking to the people closest to her.

    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_maqq5lxTdE1qd75jxo3_500
    Beyond pride, another prevailing fault is Thalia’s jealousy. When her heart has been opened to someone she can become quite protective of them and has been known to defend friends regardless of them being right or wrong. When it comes to lovers she can become quite jealous, though this may be more her fear of being left than actual suspicion. Thalia does not take betrayal lightly and her strong loyalty can snap back in the opposite direction to violent dislike if she feels wronged.

    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_mc7wh86rnl1rsl78go1_500
    Thalia’s first reaction when sad is to hide away from the world. She finds little comfort even from her closest friends and believes she needs to deal with her problems on her own. Thalia understands that it is natural to be upset and allows herself to cry, trusting that it is only a weakness if you let others see. Over the years she has been the master of the blank eyes and fake smile, though she would much prefer not to go out at all.

    GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Tumblr_m0du2ivsLh1r1fabt
    Once you get under all of her layers of pride, jealousy, self-induced isolation, snark, and cornucopia of distasteful traits you will find a sweeter, more fun-loving girl. Much like an ogre, the center of her onion is still quite childish at times and when Thalia allows herself to be happy she can be just as much of a giggly girl as the next one. She craves adventure and new experiences. There are a few people she has allowed to get close to her and only they have seen what a vibrant person Thalia really is. (But most of the time she just makes you cry.)  


    FATHER: Julius Moran | Sixty-Five | Former Politician | Imprisoned in Nurmengard

    MOTHER: Georgiana Goyle (nee Foster) | Sixty-Two | Housewife

    Paris Goyle | Thirty-Nine | Half-Brother
    Imogen Goyle | Thirty-Seven | Half-Sister
    Portia Goyle | Twenty-Five | Half-Sister

    Stephan Goyle | Sixty-Three | Death Eater | Step-Father
    Marie Vosiard | Twenty-Nine | Childhood Best Friend

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-Blood

    SPECIES: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class
  • Majority of wealth stored in banks
  • Lower-Class levels of disposable income

    PET/S: None.



    Early Years: Thalia Gertrude Goyle was born November 2nd, 1998 as the product of a brief affair between Georgiana Goyle and Julius Moran. Her husband, Stephan, was quick to snuff out the lovers flame and successfully salvaged his marriage before the birth, leaving the married couple at a slight loss of what to do about Thalia’s arrival. Though he was banned from the family home, Julius was aware of the birth of his daughter and eventually he and Stephan agreed on a transfer of custody with little resistance from Georgiana. Less than two weeks after her birth, Thalia moved from France to England to live with her father.

    In the years that followed Thalia was raised outdoors. Julius instilled a love of adventure and discovery in his young daughter, taking her with him on horseback to explore the English countryside. In the woods miles out of town he showed her magic, encouraging the young witch to experiment with her own abilities well before it was expected she would know how to master them. During the weekdays Julius became very busy with work and spent most of his time in London, leaving Thalia for long periods and teaching her to be content on her own. The relationship between the pair was often strained and beyond their love of nature they had little in common. While the bond between Julius and Thalia was pleasant it was by no means the unconditional parental love that many other children possessed.

    When Thalia was nine her father was arrested in Germany on charges of treason and conspiring with Death Eaters for his involvement in an assassination attempt on the German Minister of Magic. Julius was imprisoned in Nurmengard with a fifteen year sentence (and later received ten additional for an escape attempt and further crimes being revealed). This turn of events sent Thalia back to the custody of her mother and step-father in France, altering her plans of attending Hogwarts to admission into Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

    At age ten Georgiana and Stephan were more than pleased to send their newly reclaimed daughter to school. The Goyles had some hope that the elegance and reputation of Beauxbatons would be enough to force some class into the young girl and make her the proper Pureblood that her family name suggested (but her childhood had neglected).

    Beauxbatons Years: Upon arriving at Beauxbatons, Thalia found that she didn’t quite fit in with her classmates. The loud hallways and social dinners didn’t suit the young girl and she discovered she was the happiest when she found a corner to curl up alone in. It was not shyness that held Thalia back but rather a simple disgust with the intellect (or lack thereof) that she saw in many of her classmates. While the other first years ran about playing games Thalia devoted herself to what she considered truly interesting – in this case it was potions work.

    For her first three years at school Thalia remained more or less a self-induced loner, brewing potions much above her grade level and avoiding the girls who said ‘like’ every sentence. She was respected (or feared) enough that she was never teased and after more than one verbal confrontation in the hall she had effectively convinced her classmates that she was not the type of girl who would accept others leeching on to her. The glasses-wearing bookworm of a girl walked around the school like it was a bad smell under her nose, only content when back in the classroom working.

    It was around this time that Thalia picked up her first real enemies. She had never gotten along with the popular girls but it was in third year that their leader, Marie Vosiard, decided it was time to take the weird girl down for good. The pair began a battle that would last the entire year and without realizing it they became eachother’s ying and yang – the princess and the loner.

    It was only towards the end of forth year that the pair began to realize that they had one thing in common; they both thought the other was completely and utterly gorgeous. For Thalia, who had always been more interested in potions than people, this was her first experience of ever having, well, a crush. During one of their fights one accidently kissed the other, setting off a several year affair between them. As their relationship progressed Thalia realized it was less of a crush than pure physical attraction to the other girl and they formed an enemies-with-benefits-eque agreement.

    In fifth year Thalia and Marie grew from enemies to rivals to friends, though no one from the popular groups could understand this sudden bond between the two girls. Thalia remained more or less solitary and kept a few extremely close friends while shunning away all casual company. She was as stubborn to focus on studies as ever and had nasty habits of brewing potions in her dorm room. On the urging of Marie, this was also the time that Thalia had her one and only experimental experience with guys. If nothing else, the poor boy in question confirmed that she had absolutely no interest in or attraction to the opposite sex. Shortly after she boldly came out to the school, almost daring people to challenge her on it with her wand in hand.

    It was around sixth year that she truly began to experiment with her brewing and started a small business of selling a small variety of potions from her dorm room. With seventh year came N.E.W.T.s which gave the following results:

    Core Classes:
  • Astronomy – Exceeds Expectations
  • Charms – Acceptable
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts –  Exceeds Expectations
  • Herbology – Outstanding
  • History of Magic – Exceeds Expectations
  • Potions – Outstanding
  • Transfiguration –  Exceeds Expectations

  • Care of Magical Creatures – Exceeds Expectations
  • Study of Ancient Runes – Outstanding

    Adulthood: After graduation Thalia immediately moved out of the Goyle house and back to England. Over the years her relationship with her parents had been more than rocky – Stephan resented the reminder of his wife’s infidelity, Georgiana resented her daughter’s unwillingness to embrace their way of life, and Thalia resented both of them for trying to change her. She packed her bags and parted without tears, unsure of where she would live or how she would get by while completely broke.

    Eventually Thalia settled in a small, dingy apartment in wizarding London where she searched for work and eventually found it as a seamstress at Madam Malkins. The work was boring, the hours were long, and she often found her mind wandering over recipes and ingredients that could be bought at Slugs and Jiggers down the road. Thalia began to brew potions before and after work, restarting her business model from Hogwarts with slightly more potent and ever-so-slightly illegal potions. She worked in Diagon during the day but by night she roamed Knockturn and before long she was making enough to quit her job and become a full time Potioneer.

    Work came from shops in Knockturn, private clients, and the black market. This work paid the bills but Thalia’s true passion came from experimental potion making where she was able to develop new and improved potions. Not all of these were safe (or legal) but she found herself working among crowds that didn’t worry about those sorts of things.

    Since her graduation from Beauxbatons, Thalia had become much more willingly social. Her circle of friends remained tight but it had expanded ever so slightly and she started to learn the art of dealing with idiots without going insane.

    Recently, Thalia has been hired by her old friend Marie to do some private consulting work for the Ministry, making the two girls live in the same city for the first time in years. Her widespread and talented work has started to build Thalia a small nest egg which she hopes to save into enough to buy her own home. Sporadic involvement with the Death Eaters, deals with every class of criminal, and running an illegal potions laboratory from a one-bedroom apartment all put a bit of danger and excitement in Thalia’s life, keeping her on her toes. But would she have it any other way?


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: Too much

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google

    MAIN CHARACTER: Robin Ivanov

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: *nervously laughs* Site plots. Yeah, that’s it.  


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GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude Empty Re: GOYLE, Thalia Gertrude

Post by Elijah Krum Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:21 pm

Lovely! Athena and Thalia need to bond, okay? C:

Accepted and sorted into graduates!

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