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ROMMILY, Liana Li9olo10

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ROMMILY, Liana Empty ROMMILY, Liana

Post by Frank Longbottom Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:15 pm

ROMMILY, Liana Katherine-heigl-004--large-msg-118090795169



    Original Name: Maeley Soraya Colter
    Current Name: Liana Justine Rommily

    NICKNAMES:  Lee/Ana, Rom

    AGE: 24

    No stake in the Wizarding World's quarrels

    New York
    The Times
    Noah Richter and Family

    Grafton Square
    The Prophet
    Colter Family



    Under-cover NSA Agent (Highest Ranked Handler in the Security Team)
    Book store/craft shop Owner

    WAND: Ash, Dragon Heartstring, 9 ½, fairly bendy
    Kept in her boot at all times (see History)

    PLAY BY: Katherine Heigl


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Brown


    BODY BUILD: Middling


    Hair: Liana's hair has gone through multiple color changes through the years and through her past covers. Usually it stays long, but it's also gone through style changes. Currently, it's left long, blonde, and often is curled (a stark difference from the short brown hair she'd had in her last job; she's let it grow out after dying it in the hopes that the difference would make whomever suspected her think they're wrong). It's not exactly enough to convince any operatives from another group, but it's a start. Liana almost never pulls it back unless the occasion calls for it, and if she ever needs to have it up, it's going to be an impressive arrangement.

    Her hair isn't what you would call bushy, but it's thick enough that it accepts whatever style she desires it to take up. It's the kind that, even in the wind, somehow doesn't look frizzy – something Liana is actually rather amazed and impressed with, herself.

    Face: Liana generally wears light makeup, except around her eyes – she tends to use eyeliner to bring out her dark brown eyes. Her hair often falls into her eyes since she leaves it down most of the time. She has thin eyebrows that are a light brown colored as compared to her blonde hair. He face is oval-shaped and there is a dimple in her chin. She has a fairly fair complexion and is rather tan compared to those around her, since she's used to living in places like Florida or California for jobs.

    Her mouth is rather large side-to-side so her smiles are vast and sometimes called 'blinding'. The most expressive bits of her are her eyes/eyebrows and her upper-body in general. She is rather okay with the idea of touch if she knows someone or it's for a job, but more often than not she shies away from people physically as well as emotionally or verbally.

    Other: When Liana changes personalities or covers, she also changes her clothing styles and the general way she walks or acts. Currently, her clothing choices tend to be tasteful but almost cluttered in the sense that she always has accessories with anything she wears (Scarves, jewelry, etc). It fits her back story if nothing else. She's been given money by the NSA to keep herself going with a job that pays rather little, but she keeps her clothing choices simple to match her cover's choices.

    She hates the cold, but hasn't a choice, really, of where she lives so she's got a closet-load of jackets, scarves, boots and the like. She almost never wears anything except boots, as she's pretending she's a Muggle for both the cover and for her comfort. If she absolutely has to use her wand, she will, but she'd rather just hide it away in her shoe. That said, jeans or pants of some sort are preferable, though she'll wear dresses if the case requires it.


    + People Skills
    + Cooking
    + Independence
    + Athletic
    + Memory
    + Combat (pretty much all forms, including verbal)
    + Adding to her cover story/lying
    + Defensive

    - Opening up to people doesn't happen
    - Doesn't want to believe in love
    - Patience
    - Cares more about others than herself
    - Fidgety
    - Understanding Wizarding World topics/things
    - Is driven by logic over any feelings
    - Easily Frustrated

    01. Ambitious
    02. Decisive
    03. Adventurous
    04. Adaptable
    05. Observant
    06. Charming
    07. Persistent
    08. Intelligent
    09. Witty
    10. Versatile
    11. Loyal
    12. Resourceful
    13. Hard-working
    14. Careful
    15. Discreet
    16. Determined
    17. Strong-willed
    18. Self-disciplined
    19. Worldly
    20. Straightforward

    01. Skeptical
    02. Domineering
    03. Mercurial
    04. Critical
    05. Impatient
    06. Detached
    07. Truculent
    08. Sarcastic
    09. Self-Confident
    10. Cunning
    11. Conservative
    12. Secretive
    13. Changeable
    14. Boastful
    15. Daring
    16. Strict
    17. Judgemental
    18. Fighter
    19. Stubborn
    20. Reserved

    + Reading
    + Going for runs
    + Responsibility
    + Working
    + Films
    + Frappaccinos
    + Planning ahead
    + Home-cooked food
    + Challenges
    + Muggle technology
    + Being Busy
    + Control
    + Fellow Agents
    + Music
    + Caffeine

    - Idleness
    - Feeling restricted
    - Being kept out of the know
    - Drinking
    - Being away from her job
    - Strangers/People asking questions
    - Animals
    - Tea
    - Being Alone
    - Having to lie to everyone she meets (the guilt is real)
    - Crowded places
    - People who think they know more than they do/usurpers
    - Waking up late
    - Having to change herself so often
    - People with no morals

    1. Keep her identity a secret.
    2. Convince her superiors to give her a better job.
    3. Liana would love to meet a guy who made life seem normal, and let her act like whatever semblance of herself that she could find. Someone who made her day simple and without worry of being caught or followed or watched,
    4. Continue working her skills and learning new ones.
    5. Eventually, she'd like to either go back to the NSA or settle down as whomever she's supposed to be by that point.

    1. Uses sarcasm to push people away.
    2. Works out to relieve stress/tension.
    3. Uses an American accent from her seventeen years in the US.
    4. Quotes things when she doesn't want to have to lie.
    5. Avoids using magic.
    6. Morning person.

    BOGGART: Someone will find out who she was and either
    A. Not accept her
    B. Come after her
    C. Turn her in

    PATRONUS: When her father would teach her spells (as she went to a Muggle school and only learned magic at home) or her mum took her to set.

    1. When her parents were killed and she was recruited
    2. When she realized her cover was blown and she would have to be sent away

    VERITASERUM: Her real past, in general, is unknown to anyone besides herself and the NSA superiors.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Although she can't have any semblance of her old life, she wishes she could have a normal relationship with someone who knows the whole truth about her.

    PERSONALITY: Liana has come up with a new personality and career for all of her past covers. Her current one, though, is a combination of her original self and the secretive parts of her that are afraid.

    Liana has to hide her past from everyone and it very nearly killed her inside when she was starting out, but now she can adopt whatever personality suits her career and her current cover. It looks like she'll be stuck with this one for a while. She's fairly certain that if anyone ever figured it out or found out, she would be exceedingly defensive and close herself off from that person entirely. She actually would probably just move countries again. She speaks several languages through her time at the NSA so it wouldn't be too hard to just up and move to Greece tomorrow if someone knows about her or doesn't trust her. The last thing she wants is someone investigating her, especially when she has to make up a back story every time she switches names and personalities.

    When Liana's parents died (back when she was just simple Maeley Colter), she was far more outgoing and personable. She went on for a good while wondering if things would change, throwing herself into going for runs and keeping to herself if only to protect herself from breaking down entirely. After being recruited by the NSA, though, she had to move across the country and of course lost touch with everyone. She is used to not keeping people around very long or getting close to anyone. Friends isn't really something she understands, much like love is a confusing concept. She was fairly convinced that she wouldn't ever be back to her normal self, considering how she had to adapt and change so frequently (once the job was done or something was taken over by someone else or another group).

    Maeley wasn't so sure about the job at first because she had to change so frequently, and had to be trained in things like languages, weapons, and general fighting skills among other things. Once she realized she was actually quite suited to it, though, she settled in fairly well, taking on the different jobs and personalities easily. She really is rather cocky about her abilities, though she knows she has to keep that to herself around civilians or wizards. She's rather awful at magic, though, after being unable to use them for so long. She avoids using it, but hates that she is so cooped up, unable to use the skills she knows so well. Especially the lack of being able to defend people as she would have in the past; the worst thing, she thinks, is the idea that someone will get hurt and she will be technically unable to help them because of her cover.

    As a general rule, Liana is sarcastic and secretive if one is looking for a couple words to describe her. The sarcasm keeps people away and her being secretive keeps her safe. It's easier, she's found, to keep to herself and let others keep out of her way, even if it means being rude to them. It keeps them safe as much as it keeps her safe, in the end. Sometimes she comes off as entirely cold but she doesn't mind if it means that people listen to her or do as she asks of them. She likes control in her life as well as her relationships with the people around her, so if it takes being rude to keep them away and keep them safe, she'll do it.

    It wasn't until Liana fell for one of her subjects that the NSA started to become concerned about her. She had been in the job for eight years and up until that point nothing had gone wrong. She didn't realize what had happened, herself, until the other handler assigned to the subject (one Noah Richter) pointed it out. She had to leave without a word to Noah, and decided that liking someone just wasn't worth the pain it would cause. Unfortunately, when she was hunted by their enemies, she was sent away with a new identity.

    Although she knows exactly why, Liana sometimes wonders how she ended up where she is. She's essentially alone in the world, without family or friends or even a partner or a subject. Her career keeps her safe, though it drives her mental. She's just grateful that she doesn't have to worry about money, considering how low her pay is. Most nights involve her spending time alone in her flat and wishing things were even just a little different.

    Liana decided when she was 23 (after losing Noah and her real job) that love was more or less overrated. It ruined lives, broke people, and took her away from the one career she was really good at and suited to. Sure, the job had been hard, but she was the highest ranked member of her position in the NSA as well as being often the subject of praise from their superiors. Now she has to pretend she's weak and useless (or that's how she sees it) and it mostly just ticks her off. The problem with her swearing off of love is that if a civilian ever figured her out enough to work his way into her life, she would probably fall far more quickly than she cared to admit. She has always secretly loved the idea of being swept off her feet, though she doesn't really trust others enough to think they won't hurt her or aren't actually after her or studying her. The problem would be the guilt that comes with her lying about herself.

    In an attempt to lead a normal life, Liana has given herself a personality that fits in most everywhere. She likes to read the paper or books in general (fitting for her career, of course), going to coffee places and blushing when men approach her, and getting easily excited about things when people are in her store or trying to befriend her. More often than not, it just serves to remind her of her time as a young girl and while that is reminiscent to some extent, it more often than not just makes getting on with people even more difficult and daunting.


    FATHER:Andrew Colter
    Wizard – Irish
    Hogwarts Graduate (Gryffindor)
    Ex-Ministry Employee

    MOTHER:Marissa Colter (nee Massey)
    Muggle – British
    TV show writer

    SIBLING/S: None

    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET/S: None

    Flat, Muggle weapons, Book store/craft shop


    Actual History:

    Maeley Soraya Colter was born in Bristol on the 14th of June c. 2003 to Andrew and Marissa Colter, a Wizard and Muggle. Andrew worked in the Ministry and Marissa worked as a writer for a British television show. When Maeley was six, her mum was asked to work on set for a show in New York, so the family moved to the US. In NYC, Maeley went to Muggle schools while her father would sometimes teach her spells in their flat. They would never be anything too big, in case they went wrong. The last thing he taught her was how to apparate around the apartment.

    In school, Mae was fairly well known, outgoing, and part of many clubs and groups. More often than not, she would work her way to the top of the rankings in the club, desiring the responsibility that came with them. She always avoided saying she liked the power, but the idea of being in charge was appealing to her when she often got tired of people making poor decisions for the group as a whole.

    Her favorite holiday was always Christmas because it meant mum wasn't on a set, and dad wasn't at the store he had opened to sell hardware. It was on one such Christmas, when she was fifteen, that the family went out to see the lights for Christmas Eve. A nearby building was being evacuated, confusing the family who stayed to keep an eye out (maybe Andrew could help if all else failed?). But the building exploded, killing Mae's parents. A week later, she was about to be sent off to family in Southern England when she was approached by a recruiter for the NSA, offering her a chance to vet back at those who set off the explosion as well as a chance to protect others like her. It took less than an hour for her to agree and go with them.

    After about six months of training, she joined with her first partner, Ricky Theron. They moved between subjects for a good five years before Maeley had been promoted far above him. At the age of 21, she was sent across country to handle subjects on her own. At 22, she was assigned to Noah Richter with a low-ranked handler on his way up (as she was currently the highest ranked handler in the security field). When she fell for Noah, though, she compromised herself to save him, and her partner failed to save her by killing the enemies who had learned about her. So she was sent to London on her twenty-third birthday with a new identity (Liana Rommily), a new (fake) job, and another new personality. She has no idea what happened to Noah or if she'll ever be allowed back to the US or given her job back. She's been living in England for about a year and a half.

    She never really got used to using magic, except to apparate from a heist or crime scene and back. Usually, she just leaves her wand in her boot in case anything happens, but prefers the illusion that she's a Muggle as her magic is weak, if not miserable. She's better at confrontation the Muggle way, or even verbally. She's naturally rather defensive so she doesn't want to have to hold a wand when she could just as easily take someone down on her own.

    Current (fake) History:

    Liana Justine Rommily was born in up-state New York to two Muggles named Alex and Emma Rommily. She was an only child, often going with her father to work at his business office (he was an accountant for a big law firm) or staying home with her mom who designed accessories and jewelry from their house. Liana got her business skills and interest in crafts and books from her parents, then. She's never cared for holidays or birthdays, but won't begrudge others celebrating them. It's one of the reasons no one knows her birthday. The only thing she celebrates is New Years. She loves the fireworks, and the realization that she's made it another year as her cover.

    In school, she was more or less average in many subjects but excelled in business-related classes and math classes, so she went to NYU and majored in Business Management. In college, she met her roommate, a girl from the UK named Kasey Perk who moved to LA at the end of their four years. That's who she learned her British slang and come-and-go accent from. She wasn't involved in many clubs and always hated pictures so she never made any photo albums or anything.

    At age 23, she boarded a plane for the first time (a fear made up for Liana, to explain her never visiting home), and moved to London where she opened her book store/craft shop below her flat. She doesn't often get out, but if she decides to it'll be to a coffee place or to the tourist-y areas (that she used to love as Maeley in her first six years of living in England). She's been living there for a year and a half, but still doesn't have many friends.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: None. Clearly ;D

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I refuse to leave. Sorry.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Avery Ivanov/Audriana Swan

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Replacing Zane and Percy, for plot purposes.


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ROMMILY, Liana Empty Re: ROMMILY, Liana

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:09 pm

I love her already. do tell me she can meet angus Donohue. he needs a reason to get out. LOL

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