NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford
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NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford

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NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford  Empty NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford

Post by Irene Norwood Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:25 am

NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford  Tumblr_inline_mp6ouiyGhW1qz4rgp



    FULL NAME: Irene Helena Rutherford Norwood

    NICKNAMES: Rhea, Re, Rena

    AGE: Twenty-Eight | born December 1, 1998

    BORN: Barry, Wales

    CURRENTLY LIVES: Elgin, Moray, Scotland

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral
  • The Norwood Family
  • The Rutherford Family
  • The Franklin Family

  • Nation of England
  • British Ministry of Magic
  • Nation of Switzerland

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Ravenclaw House
  • Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    OCCUPATION: Lawyer, Ministry of Magic

    WAND: Sycamore wood, Demiguise hair and Jobberknoll Down core, Pliant, 13”

    “Sycamore is a relatively new wandwood, many of sycamore’s properties are as yet unknown. However, it excels at divining, and would help with Divination, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes.”

    “Demiguise Hairs were long considered to not have enough oomph to make a proper wand, but with the advent of multiple cores they have gained favor for their strength in Transfiguration and the subtle arts. When combined with a stronger wand core they make potent wands, however, on their own they can be rather one-dimensional and difficult to use for anything but Transfiguration.”

    “Jobberknoll down is excellent for casting Memory Charms and making truth serums, as well as giving a boost to Divining magics.”

    PLAY BY: Lana Parrilla


    With reference to this sheet.

    HAIR COLOR: Brown-Black
    HAIR TEXTURE: Low Wave
    HAIR LINE: Rounded
    FACE SHAPE: Pentagonal
    EYE SHAPE: Round
    EYE COLOR: Light Brown
    NOSE SHAPE: Roman
    LIP SHAPE: Smear
    EYEBROW SHAPE: Low Rounded
    HEIGHT: 5’5”
    BODY BUILD: Slender
    SKIN TONE: Pale Ocher
    NOTABLE FEAUTRES: A scar on the right side of her lip
    TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: Her ears are pierced and no tattoos
    CLOTHING: Similar to here


    001. Cynical
    002. Calculating
    003. Proud
    004. Confident
    005. Critical
    006. Sarcastic
    007. Dramatic
    008. Witty
    009. Brainy
    010. Defensive
    011. Protective
    012. Opportunistic
    013. Clear-headed
    014. Objective
    015. Hardworking
    016. Passionate
    017. Determined
    018. Self-Reliant
    019. Snarky
    020. Organized

    STRONG AREAS OF MAGIC: Transfiguration, Divination, Potions
    NEUTRAL AREAS OF MAGIC: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology
    WEAK AREAS OF MAGIC: Care of Magical Creatures, Charms

    MOST POTANT SPELL: Obliviate

    001. Cleanliness
    002. Order
    003. England
    004. Work
    004. Divination
    005. Red Wine
    006. Baby Clothes
    007. New Pens
    008. Mint Gum
    009. Apples
    010. Libraries
    011. Freshly Baked Bread
    012. Switzerland
    013. Elephants
    014. Neck Kisses
    015. Short Hair

    001. Cooking
    002. Muggle Cars
    003. Public Transportation
    004. Lacey Lingerie
    005. Ineffective Government
    006. Ministry Traitors
    007. Family Reunions
    008. Dust
    009. Boggarts
    010. Cruises
    011. Mermaids
    012. Rum
    013. The Muggle Ministry
    014. Being Sick
    015. Magic Used for Laziness

    001. Become Minister of Magic (Subconscious)
    002. Graduate Hogwarts
    003. Get married
    004. Start a family
    005. Get a second house in London

    001. Mildly allergic to cats.
    002. Has almost no sweet tooth. Would genuinely prefer salad to cake.
    003. Always writes in blue pen.
    004. Rarely sleeps in – enjoys an early start.
    005. Has zero artistic talent but great admiration for those that do.
    006. Cleans when stressed.

    BOGGART: A complete lack of control or having no power. Can take many forms including watching loved ones die, being frozen, and being held by physical restraints. When Irene is held powerless she literally cannot fight back against the boggart (which becomes part of her fears) and is unable to defeat it. Irene is terrified of the boggart as much as it’s apparitions and avoids them at all costs.

    PATRONUS: Irene has never cast a patronus charm, possibly because she has never found the right memories. If she were to succeed it would take the form of a crane.

    DEMENTOR: Loosing Rufus.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Having her husband back.


    Irene is:
  • controlling
  • used to getting her own way
  • a seer
  • extremely organized and clean
  • a true Ravenclaw

    Irene is not:
  • an athlete
  • extremely wealthy
  • a daydreamer
  • afraid of werewolves
  • ready to let go of old memories

    Irene has:
  • been married
  • a younger brother
  • worked in the Ministry since graduation
  • a flair for the dramatic
  • gotten into duels with classmates

    Irene has not:
  • been on a date since Rufus died
  • ever been out of Europe
  • questioned her sexuality
  • ever been pregnant
  • gotten in a fist fight

    Irene was:
  • sorted into Ravenclaw in under ten seconds
  • in love once
  • top of her class at Hogwarts
  • determined to go to university
  • the only girl in her intern group

    Irene can:
  • be quite picky (especially with work quality)
  • problem solve
  • read tea leaves skillfully
  • convincingly fake being happy
  • be inconspicuous when needed

    Irene cannot:
  • change her opinions easily
  • face (or defeat) a boggart
  • deal with stupidity easily or patiently
  • imagine getting remarried
  • stand being home sick

    Irene does:
  • judge people quickly
  • prefer being indoors
  • overthink old conversations
  • take potions for dreamless sleep
  • dress nicely for work

    Irene does not:
  • preform her best magic when physically tired/hurt
  • ever have one night stands
  • act without thinking things through
  • advertise her divination skills
  • let others see her cry

    Irene prefers:
  • the company of adults to children
  • having her schedule in a paper planner
  • cold temperatures
  • Quidditch to muggle sports
  • lots of natural light

    Irene avoids:
  • being idle
  • faction wars
  • arrogant Gryffindors
  • large family dinners
  • getting attached to coworkers/clients

    Irene believes:
  • actions speak louder than words, but
  • the right words can get you anywhere
  • in keeping your enemies closest
  • it’s better to be disliked and get things done than well-liked and idle
  • mortality is blurry and subjective, especially in politics


    FATHER: Arthur Rutherford, Halfblood, Half-Blood, attended Beaxbatons Academy, Healer, Seer.

    MOTHER: Madeline Rutherford (nee Franklin), Pureblood, ex-Ravenclaw, manager at Gringotts bank.

    Johnathan Rutherford, 24, ex-Slytherin, Broom-maker/Quidditch Supplies Development

    Rufus Norwood, 28, husband, deseased Keiran Hayes, school fling
    Robin Ivanov, acquaintance

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood

    RACE: Human (Seer)

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Class.

    PET/S: N/A

  • Sycamore wand
  • Old Hogwarts books/supplies
  • Shoeboxes of photographs
  • A set of crystal balls
  • Tarot cards
  • A pair of wedding bands
  • A large day planner, full of sticky notes
  • Rufus’s possessions – clothes, books, etc.

    HOME:[/u] Here


    [b]Early Years:
    Irene was born on December 1st, 1998. It was an uneventful night – her mother had a short, uncomplicated labor and Irene was born into the waiting arms of her father. The happy couple took their daughter home to an uneventful town on the seaside of Wales where they raised her simply and healthily. There were a few other wizard couples in the area and Irene spent about half of her time with the children from other magical families and half with the muggle children. The Rutherfords only shared their education and magical abilities with their daughter when she was about to enter school and was old enough to understand the dangers if she told.

    Once the magical world was exposes, Irene was raised with it. She spent many afternoons with her other wizarding friends, lying by the beach or in bedrooms trying with all of their might to make candy appear and leaves dance without wind. Irene was the first of the group to make supernatural things happen and she got an early sense of pride with her accomplishments, pushing her to try harder and learn more about the magic she hoped to someday study. Perhaps not as worried as they should be, the Rutherfords encouraged her and sure enough when she turned ten her Hogwarts letter arrived, giving purpose to her small life.

    Hogwarts Years: Irene arrived at Hogwarts with high expectations for both the school and her own performance. Only her mother had attended Hogwarts and had been sorted into Hufflepuff while there so she hadn’t been loaded with the house biases that many of the other children were dealing with. From the descriptions she received on the train, Irene initially was hoping for Gryffindor. At the sorting ceremony she had barely placed the hat on her head when it shouted for Ravenclaw, sending the young girl off to the blue table. Like was promised, her house became her family and Irene found her place among the weirdoes and brainiacs, loving every moment of it.

    Classes weren’t easy but they weren’t difficult either. Irene found herself most comfortable among the high shelves of the library and with lumos quickly learned she was able to stay up late, reading under the covers. Out of her courses she had the greatest affinity for Transfiguration and Potions, a trend that would continue throughout her time at Hogwarts. When it came to her social life, much of the time Irene would just forget to go with friends. She was closest to the girls in her dorm (since she saw them on a daily basis), especially Arren Frank. By second or third year she had earned the friendship of many in their dorm and it was only through them that she was dragged out into the company of others.

    Third year also brought Divination class and the discovery of a set of abilities she had been unaware of. Arthur Rutherford’s seer abilities had been passed down to his eldest daughter, not giving her full clairvoyance, but the ability to use divination tools with true success (such as crystal balls, tea leaves, and tarot cards). This realization puzzled Irene slightly as she had always been told by the older Ravenclaws that Divination was a pointless class that required no real skill or knowledge. Due to it’s reputation in the house, Irene avoided advertising her talent, practicing only in private and not devoting much time or effort to the study.

    In fifth year Irene developed her first romance with a sixth year Slytherin named Rufus Norwood. They met through mutual friends and got on quite well, Rufus pushing the shyer girl into new and exciting experiences. It was during this time that she allowed her academies to slip slightly, losing her first-in-class status for some other high rank. The pair were officially dating by Christmas and lasted the rest of the year and the entire next, only to be broken off right before Rufus’s graduation. Though young, Irene had truly fallen for the boy in the time they were together and the absence of her love propelled her into the social world of Hogwarts like she never had been before.

    Irene’s seventh year was one of the best. She was only taking the classes that she had come to love, spending lots of time with Arren cheering on the Quidditch pitch, and had made new friends from all houses. The younger boy Keiran Hayes kept her distracted from the loss of Rufus and she recovered from heartbreak more quickly and elegantly than she had ever expected. Irene’s final year at Hogwarts flew by and she graduated with honors, among the top students of their grade.

    Adulthood: After Hogwarts, Irene went strait to muggle University in London to study law. She finished the program in the minimum possible years and took an internship at the Ministry of Magic. After this was completed the best paying open job was in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, helping defend against the Ministry against angry burned or trampled citizens. It was through the department that she was reconnected with Rufus, who was there to check in for his werewolf status/regulation.

    With the Hogwarts barrier out of the way the two got back to being friends and quickly picked up where they had left off a year ago. The young couple began renting an apartment together in London, insisting it was for financial reasons rather than just wanting an excuse to move in together. So for many years they lived happily together, insisting to friends and family that it was strictly platonic although this had quickly not become the case. When Irene was twenty-five they finally lived up to everyone’s expectations and got married. Soon after they moved to a coastal town in Scotland in an effort to go domestic.

    In August of 2025, the Ministry began to fear the increasing werewolf attacks and forcing going above and beyond to protect the citizens. Always having been a bit of an anarchist, Rufus joined James Blood’s rogue pack of werewolves and on one full moon he was taken down by the Ministry officials. When the body had transformed back to human form he was identified and Irene was notified by the doctors at St. Mungos. While she had been aware of the dangers the news still came as a shock, sending the wife into an emotional tailspin that she managed to hide from the world.

    Months later, Irene has been able to more or less piece herself together, though the loss still lays heavy on her heart. Though new layers of distrust for the current Ministry have appeared, she was unable to leave her work. Now the widowed woman continues through her life, trying to find her new path.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: I prefer not to answer this.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: This site is my home.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Mira Anderson

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I could lie and say it’s for the werewolf/Auror/Ministry plots but that would be a lie. This character is 100% because I needed a Lana Parrilla in my life. But her involvement in said plots is just a bonus.


Irene Norwood

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NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford  Empty Re: NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:34 am

Acceptance based - almost - entirely on the gif in the roleplay sample spoiler. Wink

Lovely! <3
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NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford  Empty Re: NORWOOD, Irene Helena Rutherford

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:15 pm

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