HUNT, Medusa
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HUNT, Medusa

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HUNT, Medusa Empty HUNT, Medusa

Post by Medusa Hunt Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:48 pm

HUNT, Medusa 91c2f51731483ade_SaraPaxton-01-big

   Medusa Athena Hunt


       FULL NAME: Medusa Athena Hunt

       NICKNAMES: Dessa (what most her friends calls her)

       AGE: 14

       ALLEGIANCE: Neutral for now
       HOGWARTS HOUSE: whatever house she fits best in! Wink

       CLASSES:  Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

       WAND: Unicorn hair, 10 inches, holly, nice and supple good with Transfigurations

       PLAY BY: Sara Paxton



       HAIR COLOUR: Medusa has long blond hair that cascades down the middle of her back, it's either curly or straight depending on her mood.

       EYE COLOUR: blue eyes but sometimes changes to a darker blue like a sapphire


       BODY BUILD: Medusa looks to be small and fragile, but she does have some muscles on her due to Gymnastic. She has a slender like figure to her.

       GENERAL APPEARANCE: Medusa stands 5'4 in height with long blond hair that's either curly or straight depending on her mood.  Medusa has a egg like face that matches her small but piercing blue eyes. Medusa looks quite small and fragile for her age, but don't let that fool you, she's has quite a bit of muscles on her.  Seeing how Medusa comes from a middle to poor family, some of her clothing isn't as fancy as most people out there but Medusa does make sure that she looks good.  Medusa doesn't really have a favorite color, due to her wearing whatever her parents could afford at the time, but they always made sure she had something to nice to wear although she spent most her time in a muggle private school uniform.

    Medusa's clothing is rather simple, she's a mixture of a girlie girl and a tomboy due to her father teaching her to ride horses on their ranch. Medusa's clothes contain blue jeans and a shirt, sometimes a dress or a skirt every now and then when her mother feels she's getting to tom boyish.




    +Smart and clever. Medusa is very and clever for her age, she's knows quite a bit of things about magical and non magical beings but is quite smart in muggle things like math and etc. probably due to her father being a muggle teacher
    + DADA. Medusa is VERY good in DADA, it's her favorite subject in Hogwarts due to learning new ways to defend yourself.  She has a talent for DADA in her blood, she's always gotten high scores on her tests in DADA
    +Logical thinker. Medusa is a logical thinker, although at times she does act without thinking but her logical thinking has lead her to figure out many things.
    +Transfigurations. Another subject Medusa is rather good at, it's her second favorite subject besides DADA she just loves the ability to change animals into things, she hopes to become a animagus.
    -Flying. Medusa is scared of heights of any kind,  if she even a foot off the ground she freaks out.  She refused to do flying class due to being afraid of heights which caused her a detention.
    -Potions. Not one of Medusa's favorite subjects due to a potion accident that occured in her first year! (See Hogwarts History for details!)
    - her emotions.  Medusa does tend to let her emotions get the best of her at times, but she doesn't like to talk about them.
    -Trusting people. Medusa has a hard time trusting people, she a bit reserved and doesn't let people getting close to her due to people hurting her or making fun of her.

    3.helping others
    4.Going on adventures
    5.Solving problems
    6. Reading
    7.Chocolate frogs/ Licorice wands
    8.riding horses with her father on the ranch
    9. Warm days

    1. Potions
    2. Evil people/ Evil Slytherins
    4. liars
    7.her name Medusa
    8. the cold (any kind)

    Medusa wants to make a better life for herself, she wants to become a better person then her parents ever were. She doesn't want to be a middle class to poor girl, although she doesn't mind it, she just wishes what it'll be like to have some money for once.

    Medusa does twirl her hair around alot, weather she's bored or just thinking about something she twirls the ends of her hair.

       BOGGART: Medusa Boggart is being alone in the world, she's afraid of being forever alone in the world. She sees herself surrounded by blackness and she's alone.
    Reason: Medusa always been used to company by her friends or loved ones, it's the only thing she ever known and it would ruin her to see it gone.

       PATRONUS: form: wisps of white/silver light (Haven't mastered the patronus charm yet)
    memory: The first time her father taught her how to ride a horse on their ranch.

       DEMENTOR: Her parents  fighting over the time her father  went to see Cupid and Becca. She didn't hear everything but afterwards her father was very sad and upset. She literally thought that was the end to their parents.

       VERITASERUM: Medusa looked to see if she ever had any brothers and sisters,  she looked through articles of various papers to see if she could find anything, but sadly she didn't see anything.  She sometimes wishes she wasn't the only child in her family.

       MIRROR OF ERISED: Medusa sees herself with many brother and sisters living in a big house and running around having fun. (faces of her brother and sister not seen)
    reason:  See Veritaserum above!

       PERSONALITY: Medusa is VERY shy person when you first met her, but once you get to know her she's very bubbly and down to earth. Medusa is very bright and clever for her age, especially when it comes to knowing about DADA or muggle things.  Medusa loves doing new things and going on adventures, she always wanting to learn more or discover more.  Medusa is very energetic, she's always on the move or doing something outside or in the castle.  Although Medusa can be very reserved at times, which is probably due to her being picked on and made fun alot in her muggle school.  Although she's as stubborn as a mule at times, she tends to have it her way or the highway at times.

    Although Medusa is very sweet and down to earth, she's always solving problems or helping people with their problems.  She's very protective of her friends and loved ones and will do anything to protect them no matter what.  She's VERY logical thinker, although she sometimes act without thinking at times, but she's very much a logical thinker when it comes to figuring things out.  



       FATHER: Peter Hunt

       MOTHER: Athena (Richarson) Hunt

       SIBLING/S: Rebecca 'Becca' Litherland -  Half Sister, aged 16 - Sixth Year
             Cupid Litherland - Half Brother, aged 15 - Fifth Year
    (She doesn't know this her half brother and sister)

       OTHER: N/A

       BLOOD STATUS:Halfblood

       RACE: human

       SOCIAL STATUS: middle class to lower class

      A black cat named Shadow (neighbor gave it to her as a birthday present when she was eleven due to her not having enough to get a pet at Diagon Alley)

    her books, and Hogwarts Possessions




       Early Years: Unknown about her father's affair with her mother, Medusa was born on November 18th on a cool fall day. Medusa was raised like any muggle child was, she went to a muggle private that her father taught at, it was a rich muggle school but let Medusa in for her father worked there so they returned the favor.  Medusa was raised on a ranch that was owned by her father's parents that they passed down to him, everyday he taught Medusa how to ride and care for the horses. At the age of seven Medusa's father went someplace for a long time during the day and didn't return until late with her mother furious at him, which almost lead to a divorce.  Although Medusa asked what was wrong, her father told her it was nothing and simply not to worry about it.  

    Little did she know she had a half brother and sister that she never  seen due to her mother not allowing her or her father to see them.  Medusa never asked about that day ever again due to her mother telling her not to, but to this day she always wonders.  At the age of eleven Medusa gotten two letters from two different schools, one Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the other one Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly, Beauxbatons where her mother went and Hogwarts her father went. Unknown about her magical abilities, Medusa asked her parents about it and the truth was spoken Medusa was a witch.
    After her parents fought over where she was going to go,  but in the end Medusa ended up going to Hogwarts where it was the safest for her to go.

       Hogwarts Years:  After being sorted into one of the four famous houses of Hogwarts, Medusa attended her first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly.  Medusa fell in love with the castle and wondered the castle daily trying to find the many mysteries that were within the castle. Getting lost in the process, Medusa found her classes and started learning many spells and potions.  Medusa loved all her classes until she did a potion wrong which ended her having boils all over her.  Since that day she hated potions.  When flying class came to be, Medusa refuse to fly due to being scared of heights, it simply ended with her having a detention for not following the rules.  Upon entering her second year, Medusa learned to transform animals into buttons and learned how to do a simple cheering charm. When she entered her third year, her love for DADA increased once she started learning more advance spells like the Patronus Charm. Although she haven't mastered it yet, she hopes to soon.  Now a fourth year she hopes to learn some more things to advance her magical abilities!

       Adulthood: she's still in Hogwarts





       ALSO KNOWN AS: Maura (Mars)

       RP EXPERIENCE: about 4 years

       HOW YOU FOUND US: Sophia told me about this site, and I been addicted to it since then! Plus I have a few other charries on here! Razz

       MAIN CHARACTER: Maura Goldstein

       PURPOSE OF CHARACTER:  Help R.J. with his family plotting on his charrie Cupid, plus I wanted another charrie to get my roleplaying juice a flowing!

       RP SAMPLE:


Medusa Hunt
Medusa Hunt
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Fifth Year Ravenclaw

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HUNT, Medusa Empty Re: HUNT, Medusa

Post by Elijah Krum Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:59 pm

Accepted and sorted into Ravenclaw! Very Happy
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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HUNT, Medusa Empty Re: HUNT, Medusa

Post by Medusa Hunt Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:05 pm

Oh yay! thanks Eli!
Medusa Hunt
Medusa Hunt
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Fifth Year Ravenclaw

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