FINCH-FLETCHLEY, Nathan Nisan Meir
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FINCH-FLETCHLEY, Nathan Nisan Meir

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FINCH-FLETCHLEY, Nathan Nisan Meir Empty FINCH-FLETCHLEY, Nathan Nisan Meir

Post by Jonathan Finch-Fletchley Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:07 pm

FINCH-FLETCHLEY, Nathan Nisan Meir Tumblr_lof9clrJ2H1qd5525o1_500



    FULL NAME: Nathan Nisan Meir Finch-Fletchley


    BIRTHDAY: March 23rd 2010

    BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

    Species: Human suffering from Lycanthropy

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral
  • The Finch-Fletchley family
  • The Edgecombe family
  • The British Ministry of Magic
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
  • The Ballycastle Bats

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    Core Classes:
  • Transfiguration
  • Potions
  • Astronomy
  • History of Magic
  • Herbology

  • Arithmancy
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Divination

    Extra-Curricular Subjects:
  • Ancient Studies
  • Art
  • Hogwarts Orchestra
  • Ghoul Studies

    WAND: Cypress wood, dragon heartstring core, 11 3/4 inch, flexible


    HAIR: For a male, Nathan has rather long hair with it stopping just below his shoulders. He's never liked having short hair and is actually quite proud of its length. His father has tried to have it cut countless times, but in the end Nathan gets his way and he is allowed to keep it. While for some people it is unnatural for a boy to have hair that length, he doesn't particularly see anything wrong with it. Besides having long hair, one thing that stands out about the boy is the color of his hair. It is a fiery red color that is actually quite hard to miss. For this reason alone, Nathan adores the color of his hair. It draws attention to him and it gets the attention of girls. He gets the color of his hair from his mother who has reddish-blonde hair

    EYES: His red hair serves to draw out the color of his eyes rather well. Anyone who comes close to him can see the beautiful ocean blue color his eyes have. There are times when, depending on what he is wearing, his eyes may seem like they are green. Many people have told him that the eyes are the doors into someone's heart and soul. If you look into his eyes, what you'll see about Nathan is that he is a sweet, loyal person though he can be competitive sometimes.

    BODY: Nathan has a slender body build. He looks a little on the skinny side, but while he seems skinny and weak this is anything but that case. The boy is actually quite athletic and fit, playing Quidditch helps a lot, though he mostly does it for fun without ever having tried out for the Hufflepuff team. Nathan also has pale, milky skin with patches of freckles pretty much all around his body, though they're mostly around his face. He has long, slim, almost boney fingers that are double-jointed.

    DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: His hair. That just has to be in everything. Nathan has a long scar running down from his left shoulder to his collar bone. Another thing about the boy is that he has two scars just under his lower lip, one on each side of his lip, where he used to have snake bite piercings. After a fight, they were ripped out of his mouth by the other person and since then, he has not been allowed to get anymore piercings, not that it's stopped him really. Besides that the only other noteworthy thing is the dog tags he tends to wear around his neck, though they are usually hidden within his shirt.

    PLAY BY: Caleb Landry Jones


    001. Outgoing
    002. Talkative
    003. Cheerful
    004. Friendly
    005. Trusting
    006. Hard-working
    007. Loyal
    008. Honest
    009. Lovable
    010. Patient
    011. Kind
    012. Generous
    013. Tolerant
    014. Persistant
    015. Logical

    016. Cannot lie
    017. Naive
    018. Dreamer
    019. Coward
    020. Predictable
    021. Weak Stomach when someone's injured
    022. Not very romantic
    023. Trusts quickly
    024. Worrisome
    025. Clumbsy
    026. Stubborn
    027. Low self confidence
    028. Quiet(as in has a soft voice)
    029. Perfectionist
    030. Sarcastic

    001. Muggle devices
    002. Sweets
    003. Music
    004. Movies
    005. Art
    006. Girls
    007. Dogs
    008. Writing
    009. Cooking
    010. Darkness
    011. Puns
    012. Halloween
    013. Autumn
    014. Traveling
    015. Hot cocoa

    016. Small places
    017. Being alone
    018. Show-offs
    019. Purebloods with bad attitudes
    020. Cold weather/Winter
    021. Jumping to conclusion
    022. Big cats
    023. Being told what to do
    024. Cheaters
    025. Silence
    026. Liars
    027. Drinking/Drugs
    028. Being embarrassed
    029. Being used
    030. Being idle

    001. Graduate
    002. Join the Ministry
    003. Be part of a Quidditch team
    004. Get married
    005. Have a Lycanthropy-free family
    006. Get a dog
    007. Buy his own home
    008. Diminish Werewolf discrimination

    001. Loves to run
    002. Goes to bed late
    003. Writes and draws on his hands and arms
    004. Plays with his hair

    BOGGART: Finding out he killed his father and brother while he was transformed

    PATRONUS: Being taught how to ride a broom

    DEMENTOR: The death of his mother

    VERITASERUM: He be Werewolf

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Having his entire family together; not being a Werewolf

    PERSONALITY: There are many ways people describe Nathan. The best way to probably describe him though would be sweet, kind and generous. He always puts others before himself and always protects those who are close to him. At first, after his mother died he was a bit reserved and kept to himself. He can still be like that sometimes, but now for the most part he is very outgoing and talkative. As with anyone else, there are off days for Nathan, which are normally caused by nightmares of his mother dying and him being attacked by the Werewolf.

    He has his secrets, obviously, but that doesn't stop the boy from being happy and lovable. He almost always has this strange cheery attitude that can almost always make someone else happy when they have a bad day.


    FATHER: Justin Finch-Fletchley | Forty-six | b. 1980 | Human | Ex-Hufflepuff | Muggleborn | Works in the Muggle relations
    section of the Ministry

    MOTHER: Marietta Finch-Fletchley [nee Edgecombe] | Would be forty-seven | b. 1979 - d. 2016 | Human | Ex-Ravenclaw | Halfblood

    SIBLING/S: _____ _____ Finch-Fletchley | Male | Ravenclaw | Fourteen | Fourth Year

    OTHER: Andrea Finch-Fletchley [nee Quinn] | Forty-three | b. 1983 | Step-Mother | Ex-Hufflepuff

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Hogwarts - Barn owl named Maya
    Family Pet - Husky named Ares | Named after his younger brother



    Early Years: During the spring of 2010 after an arduous and exhausting labor, Nathan Nisan Meir Finch-Fletchley was brought into the world. The process was quickly forgotten as the newborn baby boy was gladly received by his first-time parents. Marietta and Justin were what seemed to be the most loving parents their families had seen. Well they were for a while anyways. Soon after the birth of their first child, Marietta and Justin were overwhelmed by their jobs and Nathan was left with a loving nanny that always gave Nathan what he wanted. All the love and care that his parents were unable to give him was given by the nanny and she quickly became like a second mother to the young boy.

    Though his parents didn't seem to have time to raise their son, they did have to time to strengthen their relationship and almost two years after his birth; Nathan was joined in the nursery by his younger brother Ares Daedalus. For the first years of his life Nathan did not question how that worked, he was quite content with having someone other than the nanny, though he loved her, to play with. After reaching five years old however, he started to ask for his parents. Nathan wanted to know how they can raise two children if they were never around.

    He never got an actual reason.

    Around the time he was six and Ares was four, they were taken on a family vacation. This was probably the first time they'd all spent time together since... well, their births. However, even on a family vacation, they did not spend it together. While Nathan and his mother spent a lot of time together, Ares and their father spent most of their  time together. They had clear favorites. On the second night of their vacation, everything changed for Nathan. Not to mention for the rest of his family. After his parents had an arguement, Nathan and his mother went on a walk near the wood that was close to where they were staying. Ares and their father had decided to stay inside.

    While on their walk, Nathan and Marietta were attacked by a rogue Werewolf. The first one to be attacked was his mother and Nathan could not do anything but stare in horror as his mother was eaten, killed right in front of him. Only after the wolf had finished with his mother did he react. A piercing scream ran through the air as Nathan ran away from the creature, trying to make it back to the house. Of course the Werewolf had been too fast for him to outrun, but he had made it close enough to the house to call for help as the creature attacked him.

    He was rescued just then, but the damage had been done. With blood oozing from a wound the Werewolf had inflicted on him, Nathan was sent to St. Mungo's and after being coaxed out of the coma he'd been plunged into by the terror he'd felt that day, Nathan was never the same. Lycanthropy certainly did not escape him and his wounds left  him unable to leave the hospital for several weeks. Just in time for the boy to experience his first full moon. The horror he lived that night was like something out of a horror movie and no amount of Wolfsbane was able to calm the creature he became and keep it at bay. Nothing settled it down, nothing besides another wolf - an Animagus.

    A week and a half after, Nathan was finally released from St. Mungo's to his family. A family that had grown weary and somewhat cold toward him. His father and brother treated him with great hesitance, fearing that the same creature would somehow take control of him and attack them, just as the other one had attacked him and his mother. All the damage that the Werewolf had caused, physically, was gone. But the mental damage could never be removed, Nathan had seen his mother die. She's died right in front of him. Nothing would change that and nothing would ever make him feel better for not being able to help her.

    With the way his family had begun to treat him, Nathan had excitedly awaited the Hogwarts acceptance letter. Being able to get away from the family that treated him so coldly, Hogwarts promised something better for Nathan. It promised him the shelter he needed, no matter what he was.

    Hogwarts Years: With his mother's death still in his mind, Nathan was sent off to Hogwarts with his father and his new girlfriend seeing him off. Ares had fallen ill just days before his departure and was unable to be there when Nathan left. The full moon before he was to leave for Hogwarts left Nathan feeling anything but confident. With his body aching and him feeling ill, Nathan still left for the school. No one would like it if he didn't show up for the first day of school and his sorting.

    On the train ride to the school, he didn't make any friends though there were a few people in his compartment. He sat with his face in one of his books and only listened to what others said. The conversations varied from first years talking about their sorting to older students talking about what classes they'd be taking. Maybe it would have been easier to talk to someone while on the train to get his mind off of the ever haunting memory of seeing his mother be eaten. But that meant possibly exposing that he was also one of the creautres that had taken his mother away from him. Nathan decided he wouldn't take the risk.

    His Sorting was anything short of terrifying. The Sorting hat took a while to decide where he was going to be placed. It took so long in fact that Nathan wondered if he would ever be sorted. Slytherin and Gryffindor were quickly thrown out of the selection for him, he was neither brave or ambitious enough to be one of those houses. However, he had various qualities of both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, as was expected of the son of parents who were from both houses. Soon the hat decided on Hufflepuff - the perfect choice for him as he was later told.

    As the year progressed, it became increasingly obvious that his strengths resided in Herbology, Transfiguration and Potions. The Ravenclaw traits of his mother showed themselves almost constantly during the lessons, and while the professors were more than pleased with his progress, some people questioned if the Sorting Hat had finally made a mistake in sorting a student. Of course the choice of which house he was sorted into was the perfect one, as Nathan was loyal, kind and friendly to pretty much everyone he met as he finally began to get accustomed to the school and his peers.

    In the middle of his second year, he received a letter from his father. Expecting some kind of negative subject, Nathan was hesitant with reading it. To his surprise, it was to tell him that he would be remarrying soon and that he had another sibling on the way. The thought angered him. His mother might have been gone for a few years now, but even before it didn't seem to phase his father that much. Nathan knew he needed to get used to it, but he never really accepted the woman his father was marrying and he certainly didn't take kindly to the new addition to his family.

    As soon as he was able to, Nathan threw himself into the electives, choosing any he thought he'd be good for. Curiously, he chose Divination along with Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy. The three were classes Nathan didn't really express much interest in while he was choosing, yet those were his choices. He had the least hope in being good at Divination, but it turned out to be something he excelled at. Next, Care of Magical Creatures was another he was good at, most of the creatures seemed to like him. Arithmancy however, turned out to be his worst subject. That didn't stop him though, with patience and hard work he was able to pass the class - just barely, but it is something he is certainly working on getting better at.

    His O.W.L grades were better than he had expected, and far above what his father had expected of him. The hard work he had put into Arithmancy had paid off and though it was among the lowest grades he recieved, he still passed. His grades were:

    Core Classes:
  • Transfiguration - Outstanding
  • Potions - Exceeds Expectations
  • Astronomy - Acceptable
  • History of Magic - Acceptable
  • Herbology - Outstanding

  • Arithmancy - Acceptable
  • Care of Magical Creatures - Outstanding
  • Divination - Exceeds Expectation

    Though he isn't sure what to expect of his sixth year, Nathan is optimistic as ever about the upcoming September where he will return to Hogwarts for another year which he hopes goes by the other five have.



    RP EXPERIENCE: Two years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Pshhhhh. I live here.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Another redhead, this time a guy. A Werewolf and come on Caleb is adorable.


Jonathan Finch-Fletchley
Jonathan Finch-Fletchley
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FINCH-FLETCHLEY, Nathan Nisan Meir Empty Re: FINCH-FLETCHLEY, Nathan Nisan Meir

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:43 pm

Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff because gingers are cute.

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