WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander
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WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander  Li9olo10

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WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander

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WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander  Empty WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander

Post by Baldric Pierson Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:12 am

WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander  Tumblr_mok178pE6K1rk10guo1_500

WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander  Tumblr_mok178pE6K1rk10guo2_500



    FULL NAME: Baldric Poseidon Cleander Wood  

    NICKNAMES: Kefir, Rick, Ricky.

    AGE AND BIRTH DATE: Fifteen, July 28th 2011
    Zodiac Star Sign: Leo
    Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit

    BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood.

    SPECIES: Human.

    HOUSE AND YEAR: Gryffindor - Sixth Year.

    Core Classes:
  • Astronomy,
  • Charms,
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts,
  • Herbology,
  • History of Magic,
  • Potions,
  • Transfiguration,

    Elective Classes:
  • Arithmancy,
  • Muggle Studies,
  • Care of Magical Creatures,
  • Divination,

    Extra-Curricular Activities:
  • Ancient Studies,
  • Earth Magic,
  • Ghoul Studies,
  • Magical Theory,

    O.W.L Results:
  • Astronomy, Outstanding.
  • Charms, Exceeds Expectations.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts, Exceeds Expectations.
  • Herbology, Acceptable.
  • History of Magic, Outstanding.
  • Potions, Acceptable.
  • Transfiguration, Exceeds Expectations.

  • Arithmancy, Acceptable.
  • Muggle Studies, Acceptable.
  • Care of Magical Creatures, Exceeds Expectations.
  • Divination, Acceptable.

    OCCUPATION: Sales Assistant at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

    ALLEGIENCES: [Neutral]
  • The Wood Family,
  • The Spinnet Family,

  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,
  • Gryffindor House,
  • Gryffindor Quidditch Team,

  • The Quidditch Federation,
  • The Department of Magical Games and Sports,
  • Puddlemere United,
  • Puddlemere United Youth Squad,

  • Golspie Youth Football Team,
  • Golspie Sailing Club,
  • Golspie Yachting Club,
  • Golspie Golf Club,

    WAND: Cedar and Yew wood inlaid with Vinewood - Dragon Heart-String and Ghoul Slime core, tainted with Fire Crab Ash and powdered Phoenix Feathers - 14½ inches - Sturdy

  • Docile,
  • ‘Particular Skill’ in Protective Spells
  • Wielders become potent Occlumens
  • Dark Leanings,
  • ‘Particularly Good’ at Transfiguration
  • Yew - a ‘powerful’ wandwood
  • Erratic,
  • Versatile,
  • May impede Dark Spells - Phoenix Tail Feather.
  • Strength in Defence Against the Dark Arts,
  • Ghoul Slime found in wands of divas,
  • Moderate jinx boost.


    Baldric’s face is incredibly angular and, at the expense of the cliché, chiselled. His cheek bones jut outwards, pulling the skin taught over the top. His jaw is squared off, coming together in a double-peaked chin that is rounded ever so slightly yet not detracting from the hash lines of his face. His eyes are oval shaped, framed by a dusting of eyelashes and headed over top by thick, expressive eyebrows. His forehead is a large plain, covered by scraggly, dirty blonde hair that does not often see a good cut. His ears, while not sticky-out-esq, are suitably covered by this hair. His nose is long and sweeping with a small bump where it was broken once during a rugby game. One nostril is larger than the other and his nose comes together in a tip that leads down to his lips which form a delicate cupid’s bow. They’re very ripe and red, often growing blotchy and even darker in their scarlet colour if he’s been kissed or has been kissing someone.

    Baldric’s body is athletic and well toned with subtle muscle definition. His arms are strong, his shoulders broad. His chest is flat and sculpted in adequate places. He has a thin dusting of blonde hair over the top half of his chest which he largely keeps simply because to shave it would be too emasculating. His hands are long and gentle, his touch deliberate. His fingers are almost too long but just within the realms of normality considering the rest of his body. His torso is long, his legs even longer. His collar bones just, as do his hip bones. A small trail of blonde hair leads down from his ‘inny’ bellybutton to the top of his pelvic bone. His legs are long and sportsmanlike, strong and much akin to the Olympic athletes of old in their sheer power. His ankles are weak, having been broken in the past, and he has what he considers to be odd toes - too squared off to be normal, as far as he is concerned.

  • Six foot three inches.
  • Insatiable grin.
  • Large Lion tattoo on his right side.
  • Always seen wearing a necklace and/or bracelets of some description.
  • Always wears an anklet which was made by a friend.
  • Prefers shorts to long trousers.
  • Loves t-shirts, always wearing them.

    PLAYBY: Max Irons.


    001. Ambitious,
    002. Charming,
    003. Courageous,
    004. Creative,
    005. Decisive,
    006. Determined,
    007. Dignified,
    008. Dramatic,
    009. Enthusiastic,
    010. Fearless,
    011. Forward-thinking,
    012. Generous,
    013. Honourable,
    014. Idealistic,
    015. Impulsive,
    016. Inspiring,
    017. Loyal,
    018. Natural Leader,
    019. Organised,
    020. Opinionated
    021. Outgoing,
    022. Over-protective,
    023. Romantic,
    024. Self-Assured,
    025. Show-off,
    026. Spendthrift,
    027. Sporty,
    028. Strong,
    029. Stubborn,
    030. Warm.

    001. Attention,
    002. Bird-watching
    003. Cars,
    004. Comic books,
    005. Cricket,
    006. Football,
    007. Girls,
    008. Golf,
    009. Hiking,
    010. Quidditch,
    011. Rugby,
    012. Running,
    013. Rounders,
    014. Sailing,
    015. Winning,

    016. Arguments,
    017. Blood Purists,
    018. Bores,
    019. Cheats,
    020. Chess,
    021. Dancing Classes,
    022. Family reunions,
    023. Haggis,
    024. Ignorance,
    025. Laziness,
    026. Liars,
    027. Losing,
    028. Tutshill Tornadoes,
    029. Unhappiness,
    030. Winter.

    001. Win the Quidditch Cup,
    002. Win the House Cup,  
    003. Turn Professional in Quidditch,
    004. Get a promotion at work,
    005. Graduate,
    006. Pass all of his N.E.W.T.s,
    007. Live abroad for a time,
    008. Earn lots and lots of money,
    009. Live healthily,
    010. Marry well.

    001. Goes for a run every morning,
    002. Checks his hair constantly,
    003. Bites his finger nails,
    004. Bites the fleshy part of his fingers,
    005. Wears coloured shoelaces,
    006. Trims his broom twigs to help him think,
    007. Throws his toys out of the pram when he doesn’t get his own way,
    008. Has a lopsided smile,
    009. Likes to keep his fingers busy,
    010. A social smoker and drinker.

    AMORTENTIA: His mother’s perfume, peppermint, freshly mown grass, leather.

    BOGGART: Someone, or something, hurting his family - in particular, his sister.

    DEMENTOR: Duelling Club - he lost to someone he considered, arrogantly, to be beneath him and it left him smarting for a long, long time.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Ultimately, to achieve great things and have a good family.

    PATRONUS: Going to Diagon Alley for the first time with his parents.

    VERITASERUM: He didn’t know about the Wizarding World until he got his Hogwarts letter.


    Baldric is a Gryffindor - need I digress any further?

    He is a leader, a passionate lover and a vengeful fighter. He’s hot-headed, assertive and forcefully stubborn. He loves fiercely and is loyal until the end. He is arrogant and pigheaded, believing himself to always be right, but is charming, kind, generous and warm-hearted. He fears a great deal but faces up to them with the bravado of strength and bravery. He is highly competitive, highly athletic and loves sport above all other vices - though he is not immune to such things. He can often be led astray but does not like to be played for a fool. He likes to think he lives a healthy, well-meaning existence and tries his hardest to live by a code, a creed, that he knows he can follow.

    Baldric’s Rules
    #1 - Either do it or don’t bother trying.
    #2 - You have to mean it, want it, to succeed - so mean it, want it.
    #3 - Don’t start something you can’t finish.
    #3 - Don’t forgive someone who sucker-punches you.
    #4 - Always ask questions.
    #5 - Liars always lie but their lies are short truths.
    #6 - Protect those you love before yourself.
    Some rules have been lost or not learnt by the general public thus far.
    #12 - Never make the woman in your life cry.
    #15 - Be prepared for the best, the worst and the ugly.
    #18 - If they love you, treat them right - if they hate you, treat them even better.
    #21 - Smile - they might just dislike you even more than they already do.


    FATHER: Oliver Wood | b. 1976 | Puddlemere United Keeper | Order of the Phoenix

    MOTHER: Alicia Wood née Spinnet | b. 1978 | Ministry of Magic Games and Sports Liaison | Order of the Phoenix

    SIBLING: ___ ____ Wood, First Year Gryffindor.


    Richard Oliver Wood | b. 1945 | Magical-Muggle Liaison with the Ministry of Magic

    Emmaline Wood née Rickard | b. 1948 | Post Office cashier in Hogsmeade

    Samson Spinnet | b. 1950 | Healer at St. Mungo’s

    Jessica Spinnet née Johnston  | b. 1952 | Herbologist

    NATIONALITY: Scottish.

    HOME TOWN: Glospie - Sutherland, Highland, Scotland.

    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Wood Cottage, Glospie, Sutherland, Highland, Scotland.


    FINANCIAL STATUS: Reasonably Wealthy.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class.

    PETS: An Snowy Owl named Apollo.

    BROOM: Firebolt 2025
  • Streamlined, superfine handle of ash - treated with a diamond-hard polish
  • Hand-numbered with its own registration number
  • Tail twigs of birch, individually selected and honed to aerodynamic perfection
  • Unsurpassable balance
  • Pinpoint precision
  • Acceleration - 0 to 250 mph in 10 seconds
  • Unbreakable Braking Charm
  • Hovers once released from grip at the perfect height to mount
  • Superbly smooth action

  • Silver-plated cigarette case
  • A Broomstick Servicing kit
  • A bottle of vintage wine from his grandfather’s wine cellar
  • An old, film camera
  • Various school books and random titbits
  • A seemingly never ending supply of candy
  • Football gear
  • Cricket gear
  • Rugby gear
  • Running shoes
  • State of the art bicycle


    Early Years:
    It was a time of great unrest; one which saw the lives of great witches and wizards end with the abruptness that could only stem from a well aimed Killing Curse. Lord Voldemort was looking for more followers and was beginning to create a great force behind him. His strive took him to the door of the Wood household in Godric’s Hollow. He tortured the then-pregnant Alicia to within an inch of both her life and that of her unborn child’s. In an effort to placate the monster, Oliver swore to join the Death Eaters and aid ‘The Dark Lord’ as much as he could. Before he was initiated, however, the couple stole away under cover of darkness, deserting both sides of the war.

    Oliver took his wife and unborn child north as far as his broom could take them in one night. They landed in the small village of Glospie in the Scottish Highlands in the early hours of that morning and Oliver took his weak and ailing wife into the local physician’s surgery. The man was up and alert yet still remarkably bleary eyed with sleep. At the sight of the heavily pregnant, battered and torn looking woman he jumped to attention and began to attend her with a frenzied delicacy as he tried to simultaneously ascertain what was wrong with her and try to administer something to help with the pain.

    It quickly became clear that Alicia was in labour, albeit earlier than she had been predicted to have been, and a midwife was called on a machine that Oliver didn’t understand the inner workings of - or would have been able to name if asked. They were surrounded by Muggles - both worryingly and reassuringly.

    Just after ten o’clock that morning, Alicia gave birth to a healthy baby boy, something which surprised everyone. From the state of the mother, you would have assumed the child was in a lot of trouble but he emerged screaming, bloody and at a good weight without any signs of trauma. There was an untapped strength there, Oliver believed and named the child in the hope that he would find it in him.

    Baldric Poseidon Cleander Wood was born at ten past ten, July 28th 2011 at seven pounds and three ounces, a beautifully healthy child, protected by his mother’s love from the wrath of Lord Voldemort.

    He did not go untouched by the Cruciatus, though. It would not become apparent until many years later but Baldric has the tendency to shake and lacks a steady hand. The shakes are particularly bad in the winter, also; evidence that he had not gone untouched by the curse.

    Oliver, Alicia and Baldric settled in the village of Glospie and quickly became steadfast members of the community, revelling internally at their ability to survive the war raging in their home world. They learnt the Muggle ways quickly and Oliver took a job at the local Marina working with the teenagers that wanted to learn how to sail while Alicia worried about raising Baldric.

    They created a very happy childhood for the boy. Oliver instilled in his son his love for sport and from the time he could walk, Oliver had Baldric playing sport in some capacity. He joined the youth football team, was taught how to play a mean game of cricket and once he was old enough he was taken out onto the water and shown how to sail. The trio also went hiking and would watch rugby games whenever they could. Alicia also had a vegetable patch which she showed Baldric how to tend and look after.

    It was a simple, outdoorsy existence, one which was altered ever so slightly by the arrival of his sister. Baldric did not envy her as other children might have done but instead took his brotherly role rather seriously and boasted about the fact to all of his friends and teachers.

    He attended a Muggle Pre-School and progressed up to his Infant school with his friends. He was a very quick thinking, excellent in P.E. and while he did find English-based subjects tricky, it did not disillusion him and he kept at it, determined to be the best he could possibly be. It was there that he learnt Gaelic during a time when the local government thought it apt for the children to master their ‘mother tongue.’

    Junior School was an even better time for Baldric as he grew more and more self-aware and more and more aware of girls. He’d never been on the chubby side and was called a stick insect by his friends but he hadn’t grown much towards the latter end of his junior school years and so he’d filled out a little more around the middle. This didn’t hinder him in his path to wooing girls, though, and got his first kiss from his best friend. Her name was Sadie Turnpike and he thought her to be the most beautiful girl in the world. For his troubles, she pushed him to the ground and never spoke to him again but it was this event that gave Baldric his dogged desire to impress girls regardless of whether they liked him or not.

    Hogwarts was an inevitability; one that couldn’t be avoided.

    As Baldric grew closer and closer to his magical school age his magic became unruly and as his emotions twisted and turned it proved to be dangerous and his lashing out unreliable and unpredictable, making for a rather dangerous young wizard indeed.

    When the letter arrived it was met with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. Explaining to Baldric that he was a wizard was the first hurdle, explaining everything else about the world was the second and regardless of the deception, Baldric lapped up everything his parents had to tell him.

    It was to be the first time in ten years that they’d go into the Wizarding World. Since Baldric’s birth they hadn’t dared to stray back but what they found was a world recovering from war. That didn’t disrupt from the wonder of it all but for those that understood and remembered, the Wizarding World was a shadow of its former glory. Disruption and tension was still thick in the air.

    Baldric was measured and bought his robes in Gladrag’s in Knockturn Alley - the shop having always produced a much more stylish cut than Madam Malkin’s. His books were bought in Flourish and Blotts, and owl purchased in the menagerie and his wand found and bought in Ollivander’s.

    It was a glorious wand. Cedar and Yew inlaid with Vinewood with a Dragon Heart-String and Ghoul Slime based core tainted with Fire Crab Ash and powdered Phoenix Feathers. It was seventeen and a half inches and a sturdy, unwilling wand that would prove difficult to work with but powerful once mastered. His father also bought him a matching handle and his mother a holster for his wrist so he could keep it concealed on his person at all times.

    The adventure, was certainly due to begin.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Saying goodbye to his parents at King’s Cross was the hardest thing that Baldric ever had to do as a youth. His little sister didn’t quite understand what was going on and cried despite herself. Baldric was not honestly ready to leave his family for any extended period of time but he plastered on a brave front and climbed aboard the train regardless of his feelings. His heart sought the adventure ahead, even if it ached with the loss of his family for a short period of time. Baldric was determined that he was going to get everything out of Hogwarts and was going to make sure he would.

    Fast and firm friends were made on the train and when he arrived at Hogwarts, Baldric felt a lot less alone. This of course did not reign in his fear of the Sorting Ceremony that was looming ever closer as the minutes ticked away. Eventually they were shuffled into the Great Hall and after watching all of his friends dwindle away, Baldric was called up to the stool and sat, the hat falling down over his eyes, and he waited, wondering, before a voice rattled around inside his head, congratulating him, before exclaiming: “GRYFFINDOR!”

    The excitement that being in the magical world was insatiable in Baldric’s stomach which turned over a million times a second, seemingly, as he roved around the school, his friends in tow.

    He wrote to his mother immediately the following morning, telling her of his entrance into their House and enjoyed his First Year while he could, doing much of the same in his second year.

    Baldric’s third year saw the beginning of his later years at the school. He chose his electives  and began to take extracurricular activities:

    Elective Classes:
  • Arithmancy,
  • Muggle Studies,
  • Care of Magical Creatures,
  • Divination,

    Extra-Curricular Activities:
  • Ancient Studies,
  • Earth Magic,
  • Ghoul Studies,
  • Magical Theory,

    Through that and the following year, also, he joined the Quidditch team, playing in his father’s position of Keeper as much as possible. It was during that time that he was also scouted for Puddlemere United’s Youth Squad and began playing for them as much as possible - as often as Hogwarts would allow him off campus.

    O.W.L year, suffice to say, was a trial - one he’d rather not repeat for a while yet and shudders to think about.

    Sixth year? Well, it had better be good, let’s put it that way.




    HOW YOU FOUND US: I live here.

    MAIN CHARACTER: Elijah Krum

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Need a bloke, too many girls. Also need a new kid on the block. Meow. Wink

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Baldric Pierson
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Gryffindor Graduate

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WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander  Empty Re: WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander

Post by Khaat Lupin Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:26 am

rofl....17 1/2 inch wand? he's not going to tuck that into his pocket...or anywhere else for that matter.

and rules? he's not related to L.J.G., is he?

he looks good to me, but if you make a dad for him, you really do need to use a younger rod stewart.

accepted and sorted to gryffindor
Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander  Empty Re: WOOD, Baldric Poseidon Cleander

Post by Baldric Pierson Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:31 am

Whoops. I'll make it smaller. Hehe.

He might well be, yeeeesss. c:

Rod all the way, man! <3
Baldric Pierson
Baldric Pierson
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate

Number of posts : 656
Occupation : Autumn Lecturer at Hogwarts | Broomstick Specialist at Quality Quidditch Supplies

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