GARCIA, Carson
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GARCIA, Carson

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GARCIA, Carson Empty GARCIA, Carson

Post by Carson A. Garcia Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:21 am

GARCIA, Carson Tumblr_lxvx17GC7B1qlrzy2



    FULL NAME: Carson Aiden Garcia

    NICKNAMES: Cars (but only by his friends)  

    AGE: just turned 17
    ALLEGIANCE: ]Neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: would like Hufflepuff but anything works! Wink
    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

    WAND: 11 inches, maple unicorn hair, nice and supple good with Charms

    PLAY BY: Carlos Pena


    HAIR COLOUR: Carson has short black hair that's always in a messy spiky like style for that's the way he likes it.

    EYE COLOUR: Carlos has round brown eyes.

    BODY BUILD: Carson isn't that fit, but he's starting to become that way, he's starting to get a six pack on him due to working out.
    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Carson stands 5'7 in height with a round head with small ears and big round brown eyes.  He isn't really fit, but he does have some muscles on him and is starting to get a six pack. Carson's style is very down to earth, with a mixture of casual and sporty at the same time.  Carson isn't picky about what color he wears, for he believes he looks good in any color. When he's at school he wears his Hogwarts robe neat and crisp for he's very neat and tidy.  


    W- very clumsy
    S-loyal to his friends and loved ones
    W- horrible at flying
    S- good at Charms
    W- horrible at Potions
    S- good at keeping secrets

    L- going on adventures and doing new things
    D- evil people/ evil Slytherins
    L- playing hockey/ soccer
    D- hot days
    L- rainy days
    D-  being bored
    L- Charms

  • to become less clumsy (getting better)
  • to find someone who loves him for him and not his looks
  • work in the Spirit divison at the Ministry

  • licks his lips alot
  • paces when he's nervous or scared
  • taps his foot or shakes his leg when bored or thinking

    BOGGART: his greatest fear is being forever alone in the world and not having any family or friends due to them hating him because how he acts or them dying.
    PATRONUS:  Carlos best memory is when he meet his three best friends Jaybee, Kenneth and Shane in muggle pre-k
    DEMENTOR: when he moved at the age of nine and left his best friends behind.
    VERITASERUM: Carson is still a virgin, of course he had a girlfriend but it never lasted long.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: Carson sees himself working in the beast division at the ministry and his best friends by his side with someone in his arms (face not seen)
    PERSONALITY: Carson is Excitable and fun loving, Carlos loves anything having to do with fun and enjoys very childish activities (such as going down a swirly slide). He is the youngest, shortest, and most immature out the his best friends. He is shown to be optimistic, childish, energetic, impulsive, unpredictable, and reckless. Because of his childish nature, he almost always tends to rebound quickly from setbacks.

    He is was very superstitious, believing in ghosts and the paranormal, even before he gotten his letter to Hogwarts. He is easy going and very persuadable, which often gets him into trouble. He can get really sensitive, he is extremely prone to accidents he acts impulsively and therefore casually says whatever he has on mind no matter what. Moreover, he is always the last to figure out what is going on or what his best friends plan .

    Carson usually almost gets his best friends caught or in trouble, and he says the wrong things at the wrong time and is the least sophisticated non down to earth guy you'll ever meet.


    FATHER: Aiden Garcia

    MOTHER: Paige Garcia

    SIBLING/S: N/A only child

    OTHER: N/A
    BLOOD STATUS:  half-blood
    RACE: human
    SOCIAL STATUS:  Middle Class
    a snowy white owl named Cookie


    Early Years: Carson was born Dec. 31st 2009 by Aiden and and Paige Garcia on a cold winter New Years Eve. Carson is the only child to Aiden and Paige Garica so he was always spoiled by his mother and still is to this day! When Carson was five years old he met his three best friends at muggle pre-k and they just clicked after discovering they shared the same love for hockey and soccer. At the age of nine Carson moved away leaving his best friends behind and his whole life behind when he moved to America. Upset,sad and lonely Carson parents realized that Carson was much happier in London so the family moved back and now Carson lives a block away from his friends.

    Hogwarts Years: At the age of eleven, Carson got accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Like any first year, Carson was scared and nervous but lucky he had three best friends by his side with him to make it easier. In his third year, Carson was in the hospital for a week due to being covered in boils after a potion accident that not only affected him but Kenneth, Jaybee and Shane. As he entered his fifth year O.W.L. year Carson studied like crazy with Jaybee and the others resulting him having having 8 O.W.L. in total. Now a seventh year, he ready for another awesome year with his friends and learning new things!

    Adulthood: still in hogwarts!


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Jeremy
    RP EXPERIENCE: about 4 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Maura and Soph told me about it, plus I have another huffie charrie Jeremy Podmore!
    MAIN CHARACTER: Jeremy Podmore
    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted another charrie!

Carson A. Garcia
Carson A. Garcia
Hufflepuff Graduate
Hufflepuff Graduate

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GARCIA, Carson Empty Re: GARCIA, Carson

Post by Elijah Krum Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:53 pm

Lovely! Accepted and sorted into Hufflepuff! Don't forget your claims!
Elijah Krum
Elijah Krum
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Sixth Year Slytherin

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