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Audriana Swan

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Audriana Swan Empty Audriana Swan

Post by Simon Marek Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:22 pm

Audriana Swan Ginnifer+goodwinAudriana Swan Cn_image.size.1025-snow-white-ginnifer-goodwin



    FULL NAME: Audriana Nicole Swan

    NICKNAMES:  Ana, Aud, Swan

    AGE: Twenty-Four Twenty-Five (Birthday is August 10th. She was always the youngest in her year at Hogwarts)

    ALLEGIANCE: The Order

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor


    WAND: Oak, Dragon Heartstring, 9 ½ inches, pliable

    PLAY BY: Ginnifer Goodwin (when she had long hair)


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown, nearly black

    EYE COLOUR: Hazel


    BODY BUILD: Slim, Athletic

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Audriana is rather pale, compared to her dark hair and eyes.   Her hair is long and curly, rather wild. She's lovely, even though her general appearance is rather wild like her hair. She has thin eyebrows and a bright smile she often reserves for people she likes or gets on with.

    She could care less if she is dressed perfectly. She was pretty even as a young girl, but never worried much about it. She would definitely prefer not to dress up, but if she must, she will. If given the choice, Aud would choose to wear Muggle clothes because she's used to them. Jeans are her favorite item to wear, though she used to be the kind of girl to dress up in dresses and outfits her mum picked out. Now that she's grown up, though, dresses aren't her thing. Aud would never flaunt her looks, or pursue a career based upon them.

    It's often hard to tell both what she's thinking and how she's feeling. It's obvious when she's lying, though. It's hardly something anyone would notice, but she often expresses her true feelings with her eyes and eyebrows.

    She's a bit short for her age, but she can be intimidating when she's determined. Aud hates wearing heels so she's pretty much always at her short height of 5 foot 4.

    From years of Quidditch and Muggle sports growing up, Audriana has a love of athletics, and therefore is slimly built. She didn't play with her house until her final year at Hogwarts, but she enjoyed small games with her friends.

    While she's working, she's a fan of getting to play a part while looking for someone or something. She had no qualms about dressing for the occasion, though she often hopes it doesn't involve anything too fancy. She'll admit to loving old types of clothing – cloaks and the like. Hence, wizard robes entertain her quite a lot, though she's more comfortable in Muggle clothing.


    + Independent
    + Intelligent
    + Particular
    + Athletic
    + Brave
    + Determined
    + Incredible desire to be good
    + Protective
    + Good sense of humor
    + Extremely caring
    + Leadership abilities
    + Able to ignore her emotions
    + Polite
    + Calm until afraid for someone's safety
    + Kind-hearted
    + Strong sense of right and wrong

    +/- Loner

    - Afraid to love
    - The idea of being part of a family
    - Quiet
    - Often looks into the past
    - Reckless when someone needs help
    - Has difficulty trusting anyone
    - Questions everything
    - Thinks too much into things
    - Afraid to be wrong
    - Avoids help from other people
    - Does anything to avoid hurting others
    - Cannot accept love easily (“We accept the love we think we deserve.”)


    + Muggle technology
    + Books
    + Adventure
    + Sports/Quidditch
    + Being outdoors
    + Traveling
    + Helping others
    + Gathering information
    + Solving mysteries
    + Playing the hero
    + Finding lost things
    + Cold Weather
    + Old Clothing Styles (especially cloaks)

    - Her birthday/receiving gifts
    - The idea of fate
    - Surprises
    - Owing people
    - Dealing with people she doesn't know
    - Feeling guilty
    - Showing fear or other dark emotions
    - Being bored/feeling restless
    - Failing
    - Reliving old memories
    - People disliking her
    - Needing people

    1. Allow herself to start a family.
    2. Protect said family.
    3. Help others find what they've lost.
    4. Find her parents. (once she can bring herself to do so)

    1. Dives into a book when she's upset or frustrated. (needs to get away)
    2. If she's particularly pleased, she tends to hum under her breath.
    3. Uses quotes to explain herself and her actions.

    BOGGART: Finally trusting someone and ending up betrayed or alone again.

    PATRONUS: When her Grandmother Natalia found her and took her in.

    DEMENTOR: When her parents found out she was a witch and they left.

    VERITASERUM: It may be rather cliché, but she has deeply hidden (though more subconsciously than an actual realization) dreams of being in love. She never has been, because she doesn't trust easily. She wants the ability to find someone and have a family like she never had.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Though it's probably impossible, she wants her parents to return and accept her. She's too afraid to look for them, though. She isn't sure what she would find. She's curious, though, as to if they had another child. If she has a sibling.

    Audriana is used to being alone after all her time without her parents and with no siblings. From the age of 8, she's been essentially on her own, though she stayed with her Grandmother. She's the only person that Audriana trusted. It takes work to get Aud to trust someone, so she's a bit of a loner. Many people deem her “mysterious” or “distant” but she really just prefers to observe.

    When she doesn't know someone, Ana is quiet but sweet. She won't jump into anyone's conversations or try and be part of the group. She has to have a reason to participate.
    It's very difficult to insult or upset her, because she's gotten used to just passing things over rather than thinking about things. If she feels guilty or she loses someone, it's possible that she could become truly upset. Only real pain or loss could cause any sort of strong emotion or tears.

    It's possible that if someone she trusts completely betrays or leaves her that she'll finally give up on things getting better and being “good”. It's one of the things she's afraid of.

    Aud actually has a good sense of humor when she's around someone she particularly likes or trusts. She's got a strong will, loves using wit and sarcasm, and is protective. She's got a particular appreciation for one-liners and people who can level with her. She is also extremely loyal to whomever helps her or takes care of her. She takes pride in being able to take care of others.

    Her adventurous side comes through when she's around friends. This adventurous side has been known to get her into some trouble, but thus far she's always managed to get out of it. Any time she's been in trouble was when she was protecting her friends or when someone needed her help. If she sees anyone in trouble and knows they don't deserve it, she'd help them.

    That said, in her line of work, she holds the right to deny anyone her service on the grounds that she must think it's a moral venture. If she is going to end up helping with a crime, she'll have none of it.

    Aud is extremely determined. She won't stop until she finds what she's looking for. Because she's also very particular, she's good at picking out details and figuring out how to get what she wants. She's good at finding people or things based upon clues or information. She notices things that other people may not – like patterns or random information. It's a hobby of hers to collect random information. This is part of the reason why she refuses to judge people just based upon looks or a first meeting. She'll almost always give someone a second chance, except in extreme or strange circumstances.

    Audriana has never been interested in love, after being unable to see it when she was young. She had no parents or adults to show her what love is supposed to be like. Though she lived with her Grandmother, her Granddad died before Ana was born. She's never watched two people in love – never understood what it was like except the years when she was very young watching her parents. She's long since forgotten most of those years, though.

    She's secretly afraid of letting herself fall in love someone because it involves being worried about them and having to trust them with everything. It would mean everything to her if she could let herself, though. Having someone look out for her and having someone to lean on involves both weakness and insecurity. She also isn't sure if anyone can love her, because of what her parents did. (See the last one on the list of weaknesses)

    She's not suspicious so much as cautious. Her Grandmother told her before she died that she needed to be good and kind. That she should take care of other people since she never had anyone to do that for her besides her Grandmother. That idea has stuck with her and now it's part of her career choice. She's a procurer of hard to find things, including people. The only people she's never looked for are her parents. She's afraid of what she'll find.


    FATHER: Brenden Swan (Muggle, gone)

    MOTHER: Amy Swan (Muggle, gone)

    SIBLING/S: None

    OTHER: Grandmother – Natalia Swan (Muggle, deceased)

    BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET/S: None

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Natalia's necklace, as well as what was left to Ana in Natalia's will.


    Early Years: Audriana grew up as the only child of Amy and Brenden Swan, two British Muggles. Amy was a doctor, and Brenden worked with bioengineering. Science, they believed, should be able to answer everything. When it couldn't explain why Audriana was doing strange things and making things happen, they started investigating it. They thought she was a Muggle as well at first, but when they found out she was a witch, they left her at age 8.

    Her Grandmother Natalia found her and took her in, not caring what Aud was or wasn't. Though Natalia is a Muggle as well, she felt that no person should be denied family and a good “bringing-up” as she called it. Over the years, Natalia taught Ana her sense of morality, how one should always be good, and that one should never judge others straight away. She spent her last few years before Hogwarts at her Grandmother's house.

    Hogwarts Years: Aud didn't know enough about magic to wish for a certain house. As a Gryffindor, Audriana was rather odd because of her love of gathering random bits of information and using them for her benefit. Over the years, though, she learned to use the information to protect and take care of people. She's far too strong-willed to let anyone suffer when she could help. She played Quidditch for the Gryffindor team as Seeker. Over time she began to understand why she was put in Gryffindor.

    She spent summers and holidays with Natalia. Before Audriana left for her seventh year, Natalia died on Audriana's birthday, and Aud found herself essentially alone. She graduated in the top ten students in her class, though she didn't care enough to remember and has long since forgotten which number she was.

    Adulthood: After Hogwarts, Audriana avoided attending university and instead went straight to work, creating her own job as a procurer of hard to find things and people. She does jobs by commission, works for herself. She actually really enjoys her job, even though it means that she's alone a lot of the time. Thanks to the money and other things left to her in Natalia's will, Aud has been well enough off to support herself with her jobs. She's often found either in Knockturn Alley where she sometimes takes jobs, or Diagon Alley where she both takes jobs and lives. In her job, she reserves the right to turn down a job based on her morals (which are quite strong).


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: A very long time. Years!

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Been around! Very Happy

    MAIN CHARACTER: Adrienne Reynolds

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Just had way too many ideas for a character like this not to make her! I also have intentions of either her becoming dark, or her leaning towards it and someone “saving her from herself”. Yet to be decided, but I could see both possibilities depending on who I plot with Very Happy


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Audriana Swan Empty Re: Audriana Swan

Post by Khaat Lupin Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:17 am

Hey, Addie,

I like her a lot. She's a good, strong Gryffindor. (I have a very soft spot for Gryffys. LOL) I think she'll be fun for you to play, but I also think she might have a bit of trouble being accepted by some of Knockturn's regulars. I'm interested in how she's going to get them to accept her when her own interests won't be so supportive of dark arts.

Anyway, accepted and sorted to Grads.
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Audriana Swan Empty Re: Audriana Swan

Post by Everly Bardugo Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:19 am

Haha I thought that when I wrote it, but it's more that she meets clients wherever, and isn't afraid to walk on in and get stuff done. xD

Thanks! Very Happy
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