BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin
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BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin

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BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin Empty BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin

Post by James Potter Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:39 am

BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin Tumblr_m123cwjEk41qzcy4fo1_400

Carth Devin Brownlowe


    FULL NAME: Carth Devin Brownlowe

    NICKNAMES:  None yet.

    AGE: 22

    -The Order
    -The Ministry

    HOGWARTS HOUSE:  Ex-Gryffindor


    WAND: Hawthorn wood, dragon heartstring, 10 inches, reasonably springy

    PLAY BY: Chris Pine


    HAIR COLOUR: Brown

    EYE COLOUR: Blue


    BODY BUILD: Athletic

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Carth is tall for his age, has a square face with blue eyes and brown hair. His hair is usually cut rather short and styled. It's been said that his eyes can see right into someone. He has perhaps only a few freckles, and often has stubble on his chin. He won't grow a full beard, however, instead shaving it off and starting from scratch. He's known to dress nicely - not a suit and tie kind of guy, however, he's never overly dressed up. When he can be at home or somewhere he feels comfortable, he'll dress down. He prefers dressing down and more comfortably, but he prefers to look nice outside the house than to look like he's just rolled out of bed. Since he's played Quidditch since he can remember, he's used to being athletic and has that sort of build and look about him. He's fairly serious, so he's not often smiling. But he enjoys letting loose and having a good laugh - when he's in a good mood, you can tell because his emotions are usually obvious through his expression and body language.


    3.Quick thinking, as well as quick on his feet
    4.Handles emotion from other people well (except crying. *see dislikes*)
    5.Memorizing spells
    6.He's intelligent, so school wasn't difficult, and learning new things isn't either
    7.Massive sense of justice
    8.He's open with his emotions
    10.If he's given you his trust, even if you hurt him he'd stand up for you or help you. (He's very loyal once someone has earned it)
    11.He's respectful to those he thinks deserve it. And to women.
    14.While he is quite serious most of the time, if he knows someone he's very open and enjoys joking around
    15. Extremely Observant

    - -
    1.Dealing with people he dislikes/people he doesn't trust
    2.Certain things (like betrayal, immorality, etc) set him off extremely easy.
    3.He's reckless ( ^See above^) when upset
    4.(because of the above) He often doesn't listen to excuses or sides of the story if he's sure he's right about someone.
    5.Girls with a brain, who can keep him on his toes are definitely a weakness of his.
    6.Conforming to the norm
    7.He shows his emotions too easily, he thinks.
    8.He's sort of sentimental, which he considers a weakness
    10.If someone he trusted did something particularly horrible - like kill someone he loves - Carth would likely start expecting the worst in people. Betrayal that strong could emotionally disable someone for a while.
    11.It's hard for him to forgive someone
    12.Very wary of anyone who shows Death Eater tendencies (he's overly observant)
    14.If he feels threatened, he often turns conversations into arguments to get the focus away from being directly placed on him.
    15.Often blames himself for failures even of a group.

    3.Protecting/Helping people
    4.Pushing himself and his friends to do better.
    5.Dancing (one of his secrets Wink)
    8.Using his skills
    9.Home-cooked meals
    10.The thrill of a day in training/a mission/a workout. (aka, Adrenaline)

    4.Failure. It's unacceptable.
    5.Giving Up is worse than failure.
    6.Being under confident in his looks/personality (he's sure of his capabilities as a wizard. Otherwise, he's not so sure.)
    7.Being Helpless
    8.Crying. (He doesn't do it often, and girls who cry scare him into doing what they want. It's a problem.)
    9.Cold Weather
    10.Cold people (emotionally)

    1. Become one of the heads of the Aurors at the Ministry
    2. Have a relationship like his parents one day (cheesy as that sounds)
    3. (in relation to #2) Be a girl's hero (this includes any daughters he may have)
    4. Be able to protect his family (his parents, and the family he makes one day)

    1. Pinches the bridge of his nose when he's frustrated.
    2. Paces when lost in thought or trying to figure something out that's evading him.
    3. Only messes with his hair when he's particularly embarrassed (doesn't happen too often. But when it does, there you go.)

    BOGGART: He'll fail someone who depends on him. Also, see Veritaserum.

    PATRONUS: His adventures at Hogwarts like searching the Forbidden Forest with his mates.

    DEMENTOR: When one of his best mates was threatened, Carth wasn't able to help her and she blamed him because he was witnessed it and couldn't do anything about it.

    VERITASERUM: While he's terrified of failing, he also has a long-term fear. He's worried that while he's off doing all of these great things for other people, he'll forget to worry about himself and his potential of being married and having a family. He's afraid he'll be known for saving people, but end up alone, without anyone to protect.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: As much as he'd like to be well known, he'd rather be well liked and deserving of people's good opinion. He wants to be the hero often, not just some guy who did something great once and everyone remembers it. It sounds sort of self-indulgent, but he just wants to deserve whatever people think of him.

    PERSONALITY: Carth is your average Gryffindor with a Hero complex. He feels the need to look out for everyone he cares about, though it takes a bit of work to gain his trust. Once you have it, though, it doesn't really matter if you betray him. He'd probably help you anyways due to memories or whatever cheesy crap gets into his head. Carth isn't particularly quick to judge, though he doesn't always give people the benefit of the doubt. He really has to get to know someone before he makes any decisions.

    When he gets an idea in his head about someone, it's not often that he's willing to change his mind. If he thinks someone is worth his trust, he's loyal to them. Ridiculously so. If not, it would take a lot to get him to assist them in anything. Once he passes judgement on a crime or betrayal or person, he doesn't often listen to sides of the story, but can actually jump to conclusions sometimes. People he trusts very well could probably sway him if they tried, though.

    Surprisingly, he's not very vocal about his opinions. However, his expression or body language can often give him away. He's fine with arguing with someone about right and wrong, or if he thinks something is dangerous. He's also fine with telling a girl how he feels/flirting. It's just when he doesn't like someone that he tends to actually shut down almost entirely to that person and just avoid talking to them in general, nonetheless saying what he thinks of them. "What do you think of me?" "I don't." <-- This, Carth believes, is worse than someone disliking someone. They don't even warrant a thought, never mind any sort of feeling.

    Carth is okay with taking charge, but sometimes likes to let other people - especially girls - put him in his place. Mostly because it hasn't happened often. He prefers using his skill set in the ways necessary than calling the shots and being that person who sits around and watching things happen.

    Carth doesn't often feel awkward, embarrassed, or threatened - he does his best to take things lightly, though it's not always easy. When he does, though, he tends to avoid topics entirely, turn the focus away from himself, or even start unnecessary arguments just to feel like he's not being observed through a microscope.


    FATHER: Ross Brownlowe (half-blood)

    MOTHER: Miranda Brownlowe (half-blood)


    OTHER: perhaps a few cousins? They're not close.

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood

    RACE: human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle

    PET/S: N/A

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Other than his wand and his flat/the things in it, nothing spectacularly important.


    Early Years: Carth's father was an Auror until he retired early due to an injury. His sense of righteousness passed itself onto Carth over his childhood because he would often hear his parents discussing Ross's next mission and why it was happening. Even then, Carth began taking care of other people. Without a sibling to protect, he would play the hero for his friends. At a young age, he started taking risks for other people, or for the sake of doing something new.

    Hogwarts Years: As your average Gryffindor, he was known to break rules. While he feels very strongly about doing the right thing, sometimes he's reckless or thinks without acting. It will sound very finicky, but he feels that some rules aren't as bad as others. Just like some rules are made to be broken, some should never be, no matter the reason. Things like being late or being curious, in his mind, aren't as bad as hurting someone - or killing, like the Death Eaters do.

    Carth would only break rules like curfew or adventuring too far around the grounds. He has never hurt someone for the sake of it, or because it was something his friends felt was okay. At Hogwarts, he tried to focus on classes, but found that much of his time was spent in Quidditch, random adventures with his mates, or clubs similar to Dumbledore's Army (time spent learning how to protect himself and others). That said, the worst thing he did at Hogwarts was skip class or go into the Forbidden Forest for the fun of it.

    Carth graduated with excellent grades, as over the years he became better at forcing himself to focus and learned how to study properly.

    Adulthood: Carth attended University for a few years, before starting his training with the Aurors. He's nearly finished with it, and will soon be able to be a full Auror. Currently, he lives in a flat in London, frequents Diagon Alley, and works hard to become an excellent Auror.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: Years and years!

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Was already here Very Happy

    MAIN CHARACTER: Adrienne Reynolds

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: A second charrie Very Happy


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BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin Empty Re: BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin

Post by Elijah Krum Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:41 pm

BROWNLOWE, Carth Devin Accept10

Whoa! What an excellent application!
Amazing! I'm really impressed. He's a
great, well-rounded character with a
lot to expand to. Excellent! I will be
wanting a few threads with him, eh?
Chris Pine. *pines after him* Gahhh.
Only thing I would say is as he is an
adult he'd be in the Order. No matter
though, I'll add him to that. Don't
forget your claims! Very Happy
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