Crennent, Padril
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Crennent, Padril

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Crennent, Padril Empty Crennent, Padril

Post by Padril Crennent Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:24 pm

Crennent, Padril Marshall-gregson--large-msg-125878026172


    FULL NAME: Padril Crennent

    NICKNAMES: Pad to his family

    AGE: 16

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Transfiguration, Potions

    WAND: Vine wood, dragon heartstring, 11 inches

    PLAY BY: Keir Gilchrist


    HAIR COLOUR: Black

    EYE COLOUR: Brown

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Slightly shorter

    BODY BUILD: Very slim, almost skinny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Padril has his uncle's straight black hair, which he keeps neatly cut and occasionally styles the fringe so it curves towards his left eye. His eyes themselves have his mother's brown kindness, and he usually has a mild smile on his face best described as 'pleasantly concerned'. He has inherited his father's short height and slim figure, the former he finds frustrating and the latter a godsend.

    When he has the option, Padril likes to dress Muggle smart casual. He likes buttoned, collared shirts with ties, sweaters, cardigans, jeans, chinos, or slacks. When he dresses completely casually, he enjoys wearing loose-fitting band shirts and jeans. Formally, he'll often wear bow-ties and bracers, or skinny ties. Whenever he wears robes, or other wizarding clothing, he feels swamped, unnatural, and obviously out of place.


    [S]Muggle Studies
    [W]Socially Awkward
    [W]Lack of Confidence

    [L]Old music and movies
    [L]Spending time with friends
    [L]Holidays; the chance to be with circle of Muggle friends
    [D]Being the centre of attention
    [D]Purebloods, or any who turns their noses down on Muggles or Muggleborn
    [D]Alpha Males
    [D]Hurtful gossip

    GOALS: Padril is trying to get through school without causing any trouble. He'd like to go to Oxford after Hogwarts, but he isn't sure what he would study yet.

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Clicks tongue when frustrated or annoyed, plays with tie when flustered

    BOGGART: (Greatest Fear; Optional)

    PATRONUS: Kissing his first boy at night in the park last summer.

    DEMENTOR: The brawl that occurred between his drunk father and uncle over his mother's affair.

    VERITASERUM: Homosexual.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Him, smiling and confident, holding his NEWTS with a perfect score, his family beaming at him.

    PERSONALITY: Padril is a quiet, thoughtful person who is unusually mature for his age. He avoids actual social conflict, but has a dark humour and enjoys playful, dry banter. He is careful and self-conscious whenever dealing with someone he doesn't know, and doesn't do well in large groups of strangers. Despite this, he has a great degree of empathy, and is compassionate; he just has a lot of difficulty finding ways to convey this. He tries to be objective about his feelings whenever he can, but this often comes across as cynical and self-deprecating.

    He loves going on adventures with friends, and escaping from the rest of society, whose norms he often finds infuriating. The friendships he manages to develop he treasures highly, and is loyal to them to a fault. He can be a bit of a snob at times, and his preference for old Muggle culture, and his disdain for people he perceives to be bad can come across as condescending and rude. His snobiness is only matched by his enthusiasm to show people the culture he loves, though, and enjoys debates on their merits.


    FATHER: Mark Crennent

    MOTHER: Sarah Winters

    SIBLING/S: Timothy Crennent (younger brother by three years)

    OTHER: Christopher Winters (Grandfather), Oscar Winters (Uncle)

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: only members who have been regularly active for one month are able to create non-human characters

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    A brown tawny owl named Odysseus, or Odi.



    Early Years: Padril was born in Melbourne, Australia to Mark and Sarah Crennent, a married couple of academics who met while studying at Monash University. Mark studied English Literature, but supplemented the family income by working as an editor, while Sarah studied for her doctorate at the University of Melbourne. With neither parent able to take care of their unplanned child, Sarah's father, Christopher Winters, took care of Padril. Christopher had been a social activist, campaigning for Indigenous Australian and queer rights and tried to instill in Padril his values- much to the chagrin of his conservative parents. In a household of active debate and learning, however, Padril learned to be quiet until he learned all the facts, and to never judge a subject too quickly. Rather than have his confidence built up, it was softly quieted until he was unsure of all his opinions.

    At school, Padril felt awkward and out of place. His intelligence didn't earn him many friends, but he discovered kindness and generosity, but above all patience, did. He still felt out of place and it was at this point, when he was nine years old, that strange things began happening. A boy Padril had always caught himself staring at watched as his pencil flew from his hand to Padril's across the room. Sarah's examples of basic physics would fail ("I guess physics is taking the day off", Dad would joke as Mum explained that, no, gravity didn't turn off, otherwise they would all have jettisoned into space- it just wasn't working in that one particular place). Church windows shattered during a particularly vitriolic sermon. It is understandable then that Padril could not sort his feelings from these events, and further isolated himself from his peers.

    When he turned 10, his mother received a teaching position at Oxford, which was also her hometown, which she naturally took. The five of them- including Padril's younger brother Tim- all moved together to England. Padril and Tim both found the University to a blast, and enjoyed exploring the campus together, plotting their eventual educations at the institution. On his eleventh birthday, Professor McGonagall arrived with the letter from Hogwarts. The family treated the revelation with incredulity, then excitement. The sheer potential of magic was overwhelming; Mark wanted to discover the secret influences on old literature, and Sarah wanted to figure out just how the heck physics worked. Padril, never one for the spotlight, found himself thrust into it.

    Hogwarts Years: At school, Padril tried to keep his head down and study, but he found the magical world too distracting. He formed fast friendships with other Muggleborn first years in his House, and together they tried to wrap their heads around the Wizarding culture. It was also during this time that Padril's father started giving him a yearly reading list of classic novels- starting with Catcher in the Rye. Through all this, Padril kept himself busy for the next two years of school. During the Christmas holidays of that year, Chris got the drunkest Padril had ever seen him and started accusing Sarah of infidelities during the time period around Tim's conception. Sarah's brother Oscar was at the festivities and the fight between them was horrific to Padril; though he noticed the accusations were never denied. Sarah went to live with Oscar for a time, while Padril went back to Hogwarts early.

    At school, Padril focused entirely on his friends, trying to be more sensitive and concerned. After a year of practice doing this, he asked his parents about their relationship and helped them vent their anger. In the last six months they have moved back in together, though tensions still simmer. His brother Tim feels isolated from the family because of these incidents, and is envious of Padril for his magical ability. He has begun to act out, which troubles Padril greatly.

    In his 4th year, Padril realised he had a crush on a straight boy in his year. He quietly pursued literature on the subject, and gorged himself on Victorian poems, and modern YA novels- he quickly became comfortable with his sexuality. On the last summer, he engaged in a brief, and his first romance with a Muggle friend he had stayed in contact with- who was, and remains, the only one who knows about his queerness. Padril is not ashamed, nor embarrassed of his sexuality; he just likes to avoid notice and has so far successfully skirted the subject.



    RP EXPERIENCE: I started online roleplaying in Primary School, in 2004, and kept going regularly until I graduated in 2010. In the last couple of years I had helped administer a Harry Potter roleplaying site. In 2011 I started tabletop roleplay and now I'm back =D

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Google: Harry Potter roleplaying forum

    MAIN CHARACTER: Padril, so this guy

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To explore the site from an outsider perspective, get back on the rp horse, make some interesting character dynamics with a good hearted but arguably cowardly guy


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Crennent, Padril Empty Re: Crennent, Padril

Post by Khaat Lupin Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:23 pm


I really like Padril, and I love the app. He's a great Hufflepuff, and I like all the conflict you've set up for him with the cultural stuff that's liable to make him feel a bit more awkward, and the sexual preference issues that we've never explored here to any great extent.

He's really formed well, and you write well.

So...yeah! accepted and sorted to Hufflepuff!

Khaat Lupin
Khaat Lupin
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