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Persephone Marionette

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Persephone Marionette Empty Persephone Marionette

Post by Persephone Marionette Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:19 pm

Persephone Marionette  It won't allow me to post this for 7 days

Persephone Marionette


    FULL NAME: Persephone Marionette

    NICKNAMES: Seph, Sephy

    AGE: 11

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral/ Death Eater inclined.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

    CLASSES: Potions and DADA.

    WAND: Cyrpess wood with an olive handle. Abraxion hair for the core

    PLAY BY: Katie Eichlert


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, almost black

    EYE COLOUR: Blue


    BODY BUILD: slender.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Persephone is the picture of good breeding, always made up but natural,. Her dark hair is a little curly, but always styled to look neat. She dresses well, understated elegance - v-neck tops, and such. She doesn't tend to go for "scruffy" clothes.
    She's quite pale of skin


    Persephone looks innocent and naive, the best way to charm and influence those around her. She smiles and answers the questions in her sweet tone and clever ways.
    Persephone says she doesn’t have a weakness, except for being “too nice.” But her biggest weakness is her brother. Seph’s guardian, her Grandmother, has always taught her that power is everything. Her brother makes her feel guilty, and angry. She knows he’s bright but he’s too busy goofing around and doesn’t see the potential in his mind and the things he could do with it.
    She’s constantly torn between being a good granddaughter and making her family proud, and just being another student.

    Persephone’s favourite thing to do is find somewhere quiet and secluded and playing her violin. It’s not something she tends to do with an audience because she thinks it lets people see too much of her, makes her look weak.
    She doesn’t like her brother’s friends, people who encourage him to be a damn fool. She doesn’t like pranks or stupidity. As the saying goes, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
    GOALS: To make her grandmother proud of her, to be great and powerful, and may even to protect her family from the coming storm.

    HABITS & QUIRKS: She finds it difficult to walk away from a fight. She likes the last word, unless she can make the best exit. When she forgets herself, forgets to be poised, perfect and carry a mask, sometimes she puts pens into her hair






    PERSONALITY: Persephone is a girl who knows what she wants, or what she wants now anyway. She likes to be well thought of and liked, but can flip like a switch if she doesn't need to be. She wants allies, friends, but she isn't afraid to stand up for herself and being alone doesn't bother her. In a group, she is the sort to start off as the observer and then, with a few choice words and actions, make herself indispensable. She doesn't want to be feared, but she does crave respect. She doesn't like to lower her standards and in turn expects others to have high ones.
    "And if you don't like it," she said, her voice turning from sweet to sour, "get out of my way."


    FATHER: Magnus Tyrion Marionette

    MOTHER: Ilsa Bronwin

    SIBLING/S: Sebastian “Seb” Marionette

    OTHER: Her guardian - Grandmother Georgiana

    BLOOD STATUS: half blood

    RACE: human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET/S: none. Her grandmother thinks pets are not appropriate for a lady..
    OTHER POSSESSIONS: a rather old Violin


    Early Years: Persephone was raised by her Grandmother Georgiana since around the age of 9, which would only be two years before she joined Hogwarts, but a lot can happen in two years.
    Until then she lived with her father and mother, but one day her mother died and her father ended up in St Mungo’s, with the healers dumb-founded as to what could have caused it. They believed it was a spell, but what kind they couldn't guess. He was alive, but no signs that there was anything in there, almost like he’d been kissed by a dementor. No one knew if she or her brother witnessed what happened, but neither ever spoke of it.
    Her father was taken to his parents and she with him, on the agreement of the court, to be placed in the care of her grandmother, her brother sent to live with their mother’s parents.
    She was pleased at the arrangement, far more so than her brother, but then he was always the soft one. She was the leader, able to get her brother to do anything.
    And her Grandmother prefered her, that much was clear. Her parents never said it outright, but there were stories of their younger days that had just the hint of favouritism. Her father always said it was because his mother had never had a daughter.
    He told her the tale of her violin, a present from her grandmother, when they'd gone to her house and she had brought it down and asked what it was.
    Seb had said a guitar with a grin on his face, but Seph had thought more clearly and said it was a violin.
    Her grandmother had given it to her there and then, with the instruction to her father that she should learn to play it.
    Seph knew why she prefered the strict old woman to her other Grandparents, and why she was pleased her brother went to them.
    When she was a pair, she had been special because they were mysterious and were often given a lot of attention. She, being the controlling twin, was the one who decided who they played with or if they wanted to play at all, and her brother stayed with her. At her Nanny and Gramp's, she was one of many, because every time they went there, there were always so many relatives, cousins and aunts and uncles. They would cram into the house like cockroaches, crawling over each other.
    When she went to her grandmother's, there was space, and stillness.
    Her father always encouraged her to be very well behaved for her grandmother, her brother too but he would fidget or be noisy. Seph could be good and still. She liked the quiet house and that her grandmother talked to her.
    So it was natural that when the choice came that her brother went to her mother's parents. Being the noisier of the two, he would fit in better. Grandmother Georgiana was far too strict for Seb, but Persephone was able to thrive under her grandmother’s strict rules, and she continued to insist Persephone practiced her violin, a gift from her father. Her grandmother was much more vigilant with her practice and Persephone had a strict schedule.
    As a welcome gift to her home, her grandmother gave her a cello, this new unlike the violin. Over the first moths, she was trained in basic music on several instruments, but only became passionate about the violin, cello and piano.
    Her early education had been at a muggle public school, but her Grandmother withdrew her as soon as Seph became her ward, to stop her learning "disgusting habits." She was placed into an all girl school for young witches, where they taught how a lady should behave, speak and act, as well as normal lessons. Magic was very basic and non wand, as no student would be able to have one until they were 11. They learnt about herbs for healing and making tea, nothing dangerous but interesting enough. In the evenings, Persephone would take lessons in music or assist her gandmother in light gardening.
    Though it was hard, Persephone found she relished the routine, the strict timetable and the little treats. Her grandmother spoiled her with expensive dresses trips and parties with other girls her own age.
    The only downside came when she had to go to her other grandparents, or when Seb joined her at Grandmother Georgiana’s. The other grandparents didn’t have routine and everything was hectic and higglety pigglety. She didn’t like her cousin Janus much, who was a sullen boy and would call her “Princess” in his mocking way, but she tried her best to be polite and helpful and not too much trouble.
    She wished Seb would try as hard when he came to see her. He would try, she supposed, when she encouraged him, but he couldn’t remember the little things about manners. He called her “Sephy” which her grandmother hated. It always made her feel worried sick when he came over, worst when he arrived with that piercing in his lip. She could have died of shame.
    It was a relief when he was gone, when it was just her, her grandmother, the servants and her vacant father.



    RP EXPERIENCE: some previous roleplaying, mostly fantasy

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Harry Potter - google.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To try and play a true Slytherin

    On her last day at home, before the start of her third year, her Grandmother allowed her to do as she pleased. It was a surprise, and Seph paused, spoon hoving in midair from her bowl of porridge when her grandmother said it.
    “I’m sorry, Grandmother?” she said, lowering her spoon slowly without eating the contents, the barest tinkle as it was replaced, returning her hands to her knee and looking to the figure at the head of the table.
    They were seated in the parlor, which was where they always took breakfast, being only the two of them.
    “I said that you may have today to do with as you would like,” her grandmother repeated, her tone a little harder than before. Her grandmother disliked repeating herself. “I am going to see a friend of mine and the servants are well aware of what you will need tomorrow.”
    Seph sat thoughtfully, trying hard not to let her absolute shock grip her face. Her grandmother said that a lady must always act like nothing comes as a surprise and when the situation came when surprise was needed, it was always pleasant and contained delight.
    “Thank you Grandmother,” she said quickly, picking up her spoon again to give her something to do, but all thought of food had gone.
    When her grandmother excused herself, going to freshen herself before departing, Seph went to the mirror and checked herself over. She was by the door by the time her grandmother returned and politely watches her depart, planting a small breath of a kiss on the boney cheek and watching as her grandmother departed.
    When the door was closed, and the servant, who had been handling her grandmother her hat, her cloak and holding open the door, had vanished, Seph stood quite still in the hallway.
    There were rare occasions when she was allowed this pleasure, but she knew not to take it as licence to do as she pleased. The reason she got these, even though few and far between, was because her grandmother knew she could behave.
    “Sophie,” she said to the air, not raising her voice above normal speaking level, but not doubting she would be heard, “my father is to be brought to the conservatory.”
    No more instruction was needed than that. The servants were there to follow orders and to anticipate what else would be needed with no additional orders. A servant should know their mistress’s thoughts, her grandmother said.
    When she entered the conservatory, after changing to a soft yellow dress and reapplying her make-up, her father was seated in the conservatory, his seat facing out into the garden, where honey suckle and bleeding hearts grew. The French doors were open, allowing a sweet scent to fill the air. Her violin and cello were waiting, their cases still closed.
    She liked to play for her father when they were alone. For her grandmother, she played out of duty and pieces her grandmother selected to show off to her friends, who would graciously listen and tell her what a perfect lady she had as a granddaughter, so accomplished and pretty.
    For her father, she played what she liked, allowing her soul to pour into the music she played.
    She turned on a record player, which with play the rest of the instruments for her, and chose the cello. She wouldn’t be able to take it with her to school, but she wanted the feel of it’s power and longing to fill her.
    No one disturbed them, though the music was heard through the house, wrapping itself around the corners and reaching through the cracks. She could never play like this with her grandmother around, but with her gone, she could let it pour from her, each note an extension of herself.
    Her father moved not at all during her performance, and when she was done, breathing heavy and tears in her eyes, she looked at him, wishing she could know that he was proud of her, that she was becoming the kind of lady he had wanted. Her grandmother said he would be happy, but she wished he could tell her.
    Finished, and exhausted, she put away the instrument and kissed his forehead, before leaving him to enjoy the peace of stillness.
    When she left the conservatory, she walked straight into Rosmund, who had been carrying a jug of water.
    The suddenness of Seph’s appearance startled the maid and momentum carried her into her, knocking Seph to the floor and covering her with water.
    There was a moment of pure stillness, Seph on the floor with hair dripping and make-up undone, and servant looking horrified, unable to speak.
    Seph rose slowly, picking herself up and moving with grace that could only be achieved by complete control.
    The servant quavered as the girl pushed a strand of hair from her face and stood straight.
    “I will expect you to be gone by the time I come back downstairs,” she said, her words as polite as if she was speaking to the queen, but her tone so cold that it chilled the servant to the bone.
    With no further words, Seph turned and went upstairs.
    By the time she came back down, Rosmund had gone and when her grandmother came home, not a word was mentioned about her.
    No one dumped water on Persephone Salamaz Marionette without serious consequences.

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Persephone Marionette
Persephone Marionette

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Persephone Marionette Empty Re: Persephone Marionette

Post by Elijah Krum Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:46 pm


You've got a good basis for an application so far but there are a few things that need to be tweaked first.

+ You need to add some more for the general appearance.
+ I'd like for you to do the bits you left out in personality because, for me, she's not quite there yet in terms of character. Those bits would help make her a bit more convincing as a person, I think.
+ Also, you need to write about the first two years of Hogwarts.
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Persephone Marionette Empty Re: Persephone Marionette

Post by Persephone Marionette Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:37 pm

I've had a bit of an "upheaval" of her, based on her sibling's profile and your input. I think she was too wishy washy, but I think it might help this way.

I've also decreased her age, mostly because I think it would be a better fit to go form the start and find her way into her niche, as it were
Persephone Marionette
Persephone Marionette

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Persephone Marionette Empty Re: Persephone Marionette

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:45 pm

I think she's fine now. Accepted and sorted to Slytherin
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