Potter, Albus Severus
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Potter, Albus Severus

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Potter, Albus Severus Empty Potter, Albus Severus

Post by Albus S Potter Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:41 am

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    FULL NAME: Albus Severus Potter

    NICKNAMES: Al, Alby (only his little sis is allowed to call him that)

    AGE: 21

    ALLEGIANCE: Conflicted (Inclined towards Dark)

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin Graduate

    CLASSES: None

    WAND: Rowan, dragon heartstring, bendy

    PLAY BY: Drew Fuller


    HAIR COLOUR: Dark brownish-black

    EYE COLOUR: Emerald green


    BODY BUILD: Lean, wiry

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Albus has a very lean body structure similar to his fathers, relatively tall. His hair is messy, again like his father's, and the most prominent feature of his face are his piercingly green eyes. Comfortable in both wizarding and muggle clothing, Albus's dressing style is semi-casual, mostly casual button-downs and jeans. He has an affinity for darker hues, and you wouldn't catch him dead in red. His general air is laid back, calm yet he is all too capable of attracting the attention of every room he walks into.


    Able to mask emotions effectively
    Always remain calm
    Potions/mental arts /Darker forms of magic
    Ability to think ahead, to plan
    A tendency to detachment
    Physical fights/DADA
    Takes people's comments to heart

    Playing the guitar
    Legilimency & Occlumency
    Darker forms of magic
    People comparing to him to his father
    Disappointing people
    Defence Against the Dark Arts

    GOALS: Albus's goal is simple, uncomplicated. To stand apart from his family. To stand apart from the ridiculously talented, high-flying, noble, glorious Potter-Weasley clan. To do something different, something that would make people remember him, Albus, the mediocre one, amongst a sea of freckles, glasses and red and black hair.

    HABITS & QUIRKS: Pinching the bridge of the nose when weary or irritated
    A queer sort of half-smile, with the left end of his lips quirking up whenever he finds something particularly ironic or amusing

    BOGGART: To forever be known as Harry Potter's son.

    PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory; Optional)

    DEMENTOR: The Potter-Weasley family dinner on the day of his graduation. Everybody mentioned his father of course, speaking of him in reverent whispers and sad sighs. His brother was acclaimed naturally, strong and resilient and charming as he was, fighting against evil. His sister was a new star, extraordinarily witty and most popular witch in school. Rosie had topped all expectations in the NEWT's. Hugo was Hogwarts's new chess champ. And Albus Severus Potter, quietly ate his dinner, among laughter and tears and chaos, and went upstairs. No one noticed.

    VERITASERUM: Reading the books of the Black library, practicing mind arts and Darker magic

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Albus had once seen a dream, once which recurred quite frequently. He was standing in front of a mirror, and staring at his reflection. A reflection without black hair, or green eyes, or thin face.

    Albus is quiet by nature, not exactly an introvert, but definitely not social. His childish fear of being Sorted into Slytherin showed his initial fear of doing anything that his family disapproves of, but now that has developed into an inwardly rebellious attitude that causes him to actively seek out such things. He's extremely diligent, hardworking and possesses a wry sense of humour that is rarely apreciated next to his his siblings' rowdy pranks. He possesses the characteristic Slytherin sarcasm of course, but that is mostly confined to a biting commentary inside his head, while he continues smiling and nodding politely outside. When caught in a dark, moody slump, he finds maintaing his Im-perfectly-happy mask a drag, and his real thoughts tend to slip out.


    FATHER: Harry James Potter

    MOTHER: Ginevra Potter

    SIBLING/S: James S Potter, Lily L Potter

    OTHER: Ted Remus Lupin (godbrother)

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Upper middle class, tending towards wealthy

    An owl, Hestia



    Early Years: In the beginning, Albus loved his father, like everyone else did. Strong, brave, undefeatable.....a superhero who couldn't possibly fall.

    Until he did.

    Albus cried, like everyone else did, and resolved to punish those responsible, like everyone else did. He continued loving, and admiring Harry Potter. But it is difficult to truly love one whom one has never known, and Albus was barely five when his father died. So he loved and admired Harry Potter, because everyone else told him he was a man worthy of love and admiration. Until and unless he stepped into Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: Very soon, Albus realized that he had always been the mediocre one in the family. The quiet one amongst joking, laughing pranksters, the reader instead of the dueler or Quidditch player, the one who preferred calm to chaos and mayhem. He was funny yes, but not as much as James. A great dueler, but not as fast as Lily. Incredibly smart, but not as much as Rose. In other words, everyone shone in their own-own rights, Albus was simply there. He was good at everything, but the best at nothing. The Potter-Weasley oddball.

    All that he had was his name. His father's name. His father's eyes, his father's hair. But he wasn't as brave, or as selfless, or as powerful as his father. People loved reminding him of that fact. So in place of that love and admiration, took place a slow, dull resentment. The man was dead, but he had left behind his legacy as a burden.

    Until Albus discovered the Dark Arts. At the beginning, it was simply a way to rebel against the memory of the father that he still revered, admired and equally hated. Until Albus discovered that he had a remarkable knack for cracking people's mental shields, for casting spells that could turn blood to water, for hatching plots that were worthy of any mastermind. So Albus continued smiling, being gentle, being helpful, being genial......and hiding a core of sweet bitterness under an amiable smile and unreadable eyes. Of course he wasn't evil or dark or anything so cliche.......he was just different. He still cared, still loved. Everyone, except one man. So Albus's mask remained undiscovered....but it was fast approaching breaking point.



    ALSO KNOWN AS: Kiera Very Happy

    RP EXPERIENCE: 2-3 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Ads on another site



    RP SAMPLE: "Mr. Potter!!! Mr. Potter!! A word please!!!"

    Albus smiled thinly. Oh, how he hated journalists. It really seemed they had nothing to do but splash the lives of him and his family across the pages of the Prophet and the Witch Weekly and God knows how many bloody newspapers and magazines. Sure they left him more or less alone when in presence of his siblings, he was the 'boring' Potter after all. But when there were no murders and scandals and no James Potter sleeping with yet another girl, they were after him like hounds after a hare.

    Albus turned around and smiled genially, mask firmly in place. The reporter sped up to him, panting, but still managing to bat her very-fake eyelashes, "Mr. Potter the Prophet has heard that you are unable to cast a Patronus...."

    Another faint, amiable, if slightly brittle-around-the-edges smile, "The Prophet has heard correctly."

    "But Mr. Harry Potter was able to cast a corporeal Patronus at the age of thirteen....."

    "And if you haven't noticed yet, I'm not Harry Potter. I'm his son. Good day to you ma'am." Albus wished her politely, if firmly, and turned away. Merlin, the world knew he wasn't Harry Potter, they made sure to remind him of that fact every day of his god-forsaken life. He knew it better than anyone. There wasn't anything that remained to be done, that Harry Potter hadn't done before.

    Apparently. Albus generally didn't like smirking, he thought it too cliche. But he thought the occasion deserved it. A strange half-smile, half-smirk twisted his lips. Yes, Albus Severus Potter could never compare to Harry Potter, Saviour of the Wizarding World. The Saviour had done everything. Apparently.

    But there was one thing which he hadn't done......and Albus intended to fulfil it soon enough

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Albus S Potter
Albus S Potter
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate

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Potter, Albus Severus Empty Re: Potter, Albus Severus

Post by Albus S Potter Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:09 pm

Albus S Potter
Albus S Potter
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate

Number of posts : 454
Special Abilities : Parseltongue
Occupation : Spell Crafter, Author

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