von Schweitzer, Cecilia
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von Schweitzer, Cecilia Li9olo10

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von Schweitzer, Cecilia

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von Schweitzer, Cecilia Empty von Schweitzer, Cecilia

Post by Cecilia von Schweitzer Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:05 am

von Schweitzer, Cecilia 2%C2%B0.-Avril-Lavigne-500x250



    FULL NAME: Cecilia von Schweitzer.

    NICKNAMES: Ceci, Cecil.

    AGE: Sixteen.

    ALLEGIANCE: Unsure.



    WAND: Rose Wood, Phoenix Feather, Twelve, Third Fourth, Slightly Flexible.

    PLAY BY: Avril Lavigne.


    HAIR COLOUR: Blond.

    EYE COLOUR: Heavily Blue Gray.

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Average height, five feet, three inches.

    BODY BUILD: Slim, filled in the correct places.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Her general appearance, her uncle likes to speak aloud that his only niece appears to be the mirror image of his youngest sister. Her hair is a mixture of a honey blond like light brown colour. However, unlike her mother whose hair is naturally straight, Cecilia's hair is anything but straight. Instead it curves and curls anyway that it would like to, regardless of what her mother, aunt or her girlish friends try to do with it. It appears to stay tamed is when Cecilia messes with it for hours and puts it up fancy like or a simple ponytail, though the tail part usually starts to curl way on its own. The one difference would have to be her eyes. Delilah has jade green eyes, and it is a possibility that her eyes come from her unknown father's side of the family. They are a heavy gray blue, like clouds covering the sky in a storm, something completely unique to herself and which she does not share with any family members that she is aware of. Her skin is completely untouched by any means of general thinking. However there are a few faint white scaring around her lower back from roughing around outside with some of her cousins one year.

    Her usual clothing outside of the usual every day uniforms, she likes to wear some comfortable clothes that include a simple tee shirt, over small zipper hoddie, jeans and anything that feels comfortable on her clothes. Though she likes to run around and do anything that involves being active, Cecilia continues to prefer clothes that will generally move with however her body will move as well. Cecilia wears a heirloom heart fragment from her mother, which was passed down by her great-grandmother before she had 'disappeared' into the night one year. Cecilia believes that the heart will keep her protected, and remember whom is most important to her if she were ever to forget them.


      [S] Dark Arts Knowledge.
      [S] Stubborn Will.
      [S] Witty Tongue.
      [S] Quick Reflexes.
      [S] Heart.
      [S] DADA.
      [W] Dark Arts Knowledge.
      [W] Emotions.
      [W] Family.
      [W] Memorizing Potions.
      [W] Trust.
      [W] Tunnel Vision Ideas.

      [L] Flying.
      [L] Studying.
      [L] Running.
      [L] Trouble.
      [L] DADA.
      [L] Adventure.
      [D] Potions.
      [D] Dark Arts.
      [D] Blood Purity.
      [D] Death.
      [D] Her Father.
      [D] Muggles.

      Cecilia doesn't think it may ever be possible with her short sighted tunnel vision ideas, but Cecilia wants to some day, make a difference for those that may not be the purest of blood, but have the most purest of hearts. Cecilia wants to make an important impact on the way that thousand of witches and wizards look on the very thought of blood purity.

      If it were to be possible, another thought would have to be taking a position within Hogwarts far after she graduates, and possibly each more different view point of the Dark Arts. Though she highly doubts it would be allowed, she would more focus herself towards a different type of job, but with more access of which understanding and learning about the Dark Arts.

      Seen as the last option of her future, Cecilia wouldn't mind getting a professional career within the Quidditch sport. The sport was something that she tried to follow since starting Hogwarts, and even being on the team for a majority of her terms while attending. It is considered quite unique for herself, loving the sport and rather use it as a last resort for a career.

      [H] Averting her Eyes.
      [H] Looking over her shoulder.
      [H] Smiling & Laughing.
      [Q] Remarks Sarcastically, only if someone talks to her Snotty.
      [Q] Glares at Egoistical People / People she does not like.
      [Q] Must. Touch. Everything.

    BOGGART: Her father, unaware and unknown to her very existence, is like a taint in her life. Uncle Neil had explained to Cecilia that her mother and himself came from a small 'pure-blooded' family, of which he himself declared non-existing due to the low count of purebloods. But he did mention even if it were true, there would be no way for their family to trace blood purity with Cecilia without knowing the father's name, of which they did not know. Cecilia feels as if she were to come face to face with her blood father, it may shatter the protective wall she built around the mention of her blood purity. If anything, Cecilia feels as if she'd burst with all of the emotions she feels right at him, without care.

    PATRONUS: The summer after her second term of Hogwarts in Berlin, with her cousin Lukas. They were curious of the outward lands beyond the family home that was resting there, of which her aunt Julietta's family declared as the new 'family reunion' cottage. They had adventured out into the wooden area and ended up finding a small clearing that was still surrounded by the high growing trees, but with a vast lake that spread out before them on the small beach. Lukas and Cecilia promised each other, if anything were to happen to them, or their family, this would be the place they would have to meet. To Cecilia she felt as if this was a real time that someone, even family, accepted her without declaring something outrageous.

    DEMENTOR: It had to be perhaps after the winter break for the first term at Hogwarts. Not many student's families were close to the von Schweitzer family but that didn't mean someone didn't over hear their parents chatting away about the rumors how Cecilia's mother had gotten pregnant with an unknown, possible muggle, and now that child was to be attending Hogwarts. Was it any surprise that the insult came from a pureblood? Not to Cecilia's surprise when she looks back on it. But this memory created a burning hatred for her unknown father, and also her own blood purity because it seemed not everyone accepted Half-Bloods for who they are.

    VERITASERUM: Though not interested in practicing it, but when it comes to the study and understanding, Cecilia cannot but be tempted by the alluring thought of the Dark Arts. She would never turn to them in usage against someone, but instead she'd rather study them and perhaps unlock the reasons why so many wizards and witches had used them in the past. Her main studies was trying to find out why the great Dark Wizard in the Wizarding War had turned to it. Though it still is hard to find more information about him, the ever thought of studying the Dark Arts still haunts her dreams in knowledge, and perhaps even a test.. or two.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Personally, she, Cecilia, even admits that it must be the most selfish and stupidest wish that she could ever feel. But because she now has felt the stings of ever hatred word that may have been uttered for either in her name, or even the slightest mention of her mothers and the overall von Schweitzer family. But yet, Cecilia's ultimate wish and desire is to actually be a pureblood witch, and bring something great back to the von Schweitzer family, something that supposedly hadn't been done since her great-great-grandfather's era.

    PERSONALITY: There is something that her mother had taught her daughter at a very young age; fate means nothing, not until you allow it to control you. Cecilia built her entire being around this very sentence that she had been told. Cecilia is the most outrageous, out spoke, and overall; trouble finder. Her heart is set on trying to fix everyone's problem beyond her own capabilities. There are times of which older generations, students, and even those with more power than she could ever handle, meaning Cecilia opens up her mouth and says things that perhaps she should never have said. Landing her in trouble with not only the professors of Hogwarts, but of multiple of other people. Don't get her wrong, Cecilia understands when to keep her mouth shut, but understand that all of her emotions and very crude and snippy words build up as well until she cannot take it anymore and 'explodes'.

    Her heart also lies with the kindest of hearts, as she was never shown the same kindness multiple other purebloods, or even some half-bloods had been given. Due to no one truly knowing her father, people treat as if her mother had tainted the line with a possible muggle man, calling her family crude names. But her heart is also pure and breathes kindness into others by showing them some true and trusting words. If someone were to be in trouble, Cecilia would try to do anything and everything to make them feel better, or to even help them out. Most of the time, Cecilia throws herself into battles that she can't simply win when it comes to helping people, though she never admits it.

    Despite being a loud, trouble making good girl, there is some hidden messages behind her words and ultimately; her smile. Her father's questionable blood purity and unawareness of her very existance and anything that deals with her mother's condition and awareness, has stirred anger and distrust for many people within her personal life. The dislike for her blood father has caused her a stirring feeling with the mentioning of muggles and even a possible dislike for the entire mundane race. These thoughts have even begun to lure Cecilia to the possible usage of the Dark Arts, of the very subject that she finds the most completely interesting topic that may have been mentioned in any of her classes. Least not forget the very own dislike that she holds for herself, being the blot on her family's wall within the 'cottage' in Berlin and even the built up estate in Ayr.


    FATHER: Nikolai Belikov [Unaware]

    MOTHER: Delilah von Schweitzer.

    SIBLING/S: Unknown.

      Neil von Schweitzer [Uncle].
      Julietta von Schweitzer [Aunt].
      Lukas von Schweitzer [Cousin].
      Nathan von Schweitzer [Cousin].

    BLOOD STATUS: Presumed Half-Blood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy.

    PET/S: An extremely long haired dark cat named Krowns.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Heart Fragment Necklace; Reminds her of whom is most important to her in dark times.


    Early Years: Born to Delilah von Schweitzer, Cecilia has been considered the mystery child of the entire family. Her mother would not admit it to her parents, even now after four years since their natural death, Delilah had a one night stand with a mysterious stranger within Berlin while originally living there. Yet, from that one night, she became pregnant with a child and did not know whom that man had been and unable to contact him about the status of his own soon to be born child. But yet, Cecilia had been in wedlock, with no father. But yet, simply with her surrounding family.

    Cecilia's mother moved to Ayr, England several months before giving birth to her daughter that way she was closer to her brother's already growing family, of which his son had just turned a year old by that time. Cecilia had grown up surrounded by her two male cousins whom would always be rough housing with her, and making her stand up on her own two feet. Lukas was a year older than her, and always would remark that he could never always protect his baby cousin. Mind you, this caused Cecilia to become even more rough with the thought of her being the weakest of the von Schweitzer family.

    However growing up with her family, and protected by harsh words that lurked beyond the safe barriers of her home, she would never expect what they could do to her heart upon entering her first term at Hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years: In the beginning, she did not know what to expect of Hogwarts. Her cousin Lukas would come rushing into her room when he would return from the breaks given in the term. However, when she had arrived, Cecilia admitted in the beginning she felt completely out of place, and not entirely sure what to do. Though thankfully she did manage to find her cousin Lukas, whom was pleased to see that his baby cousin was faring better than he had expected. In the beginning of her first term, she had quickly gotten involved with the Qudditch game, of which Lukas remarked she'd be catching the Qudditch-Fever from the looks on how it excited her completely. However, through Cecilia's term halfway, someone had remarked something about her blood purity, and how she was tainted.

    However, during the summer break of the terms, her mother told her something that completely changed her personality, for the better. Her personality was more loud, and wouldn't really listen to whatever someone else would say. Though it may have hurt, Cecilia appeared to be fully un phased by something that may have shown out spoken hurt. Following her second term, Cecilia had once again joined the Qudditch team, telling her third year cousin at the time that she'd sure to beat him when the next break would arrive.

    Cecilia's third year though, had a few rough patches. She'd hear people whisper more and more about blood purity, and caused her to think more about her own blood. Thus, her mind began to wander to a few memories that her mother spoke lightly about whom her father could be. From a Muggle, to a Half-Blood such as herself. But yet, Cecilia's mind would weigh heavily if he was a muggle, and soon, she came to dislike the very thought of her father being a muggle, giving him a tie some how to the magical world of which many mundane humans were unaware of.

    Her fourth and fifth year term though, she felt as if nothing truly impacted her. Though she did get in trouble a couple of times when someone would snap at a under class man, or simply someone saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It was in her fourth year, in the very beginning of which she was starting to feel somewhat of a whisper, a luring sensation towards the Dark Arts. Though Cecilia outwardly admitted it to her close knit friends about this, she only wanted to study what exactly made Dark Wizards so attuned to the 'melody' of which Cecilia claimed to hear.

    Sixth year now, the temptation of Dark Arts looms over her clouded horizon, though her memento of her family reminds whom is most important. More so her mother's wise words.

    Adulthood: Unknown.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Lexi.

    RP EXPERIENCE: Five Years.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Ol' Emails.

    MAIN CHARACTER: This one now.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Conflicted character not only on her side, but yet also on her unknown blood purity.


Cecilia von Schweitzer
Cecilia von Schweitzer
Sixth Year Gryffindor
Sixth Year Gryffindor

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