Longbottom, Alice
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Longbottom, Alice

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Longbottom, Alice Empty Longbottom, Alice

Post by Alice Longbottom Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:31 pm

Longbottom, Alice Ellen-Page-1157008-small

Alice Longbottom


    FULL NAME: Alice Longbottom


    AGE: fourteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff

    CLASSES: Potions, DADA, Transfiguration

    WAND: Maple wood, Veela hair, 13", springy.

    PLAY BY: Ellen Page


    HAIR COLOR: dark brown hair

    EYE COLOR: hazelnut

    HEIGHT: average

    BODY TYPE: slender


    Alice is average height with a thin body construction. Her long, dark hair highlights her porcelain skin and large, oval eyes. Her nose is petite and her lips are full. Ignoring most rules of fashion and color matching patterns, she prefers to dress in her own simple and fun way. Comfortable jeans, colorful cardigans and knee length skirts are her favorite clothing items. Her hair is usually worn in a simple, straight style or in a high ponytail. She always wears her favorite gift from her mother around her neck - a silver necklace with a small symbol of the tree of life on it.




    rain and stormes
    to sleep a lot
    reading a good book
    the color purple

    getting up early in the morning
    overbearing parents
    untrue rumors
    cold-hearted people

    To have a family of her own one day and to be a good mother
    To make her parents proud

    Talks in her sleep - a restless sleeper
    The wind makes her sneeze
    Likes dabbling into astrology and tarot cards
    Twists her tongue when trying to concentrate

    BOGGART: (Characters greatest fear.)
    Losing her family

    PATRONUS: (Best Memory.)
    Her first day of Hogwarts

    DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory.)
    Getting lost in a market place as a child.

    VERITASERUM: (Greatest secret.)
    Always wished her family was more famous and established.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire.)
    Children of her own.


    Alice has a kind and soft personality. She was often very insecure and quiet as a child and tended to be in her own world rather than in reality. But as she grew up, she learned how to be more open and communicative towards the rest of the world. People find her to be very charming and trustworthy. Because of her clumsy feet, after a serious of injuries with her broomstick, she stopped playing Quidditch, for her own sake. Instead, she substituted flying for a wondrous book that could always bring a smile upon her face and some warm coffee. She never had problems in school or in her coursework as she is hardworking and intelligent. However, sometimes she can let other people's comments and opinions get to her and hurt her feelings. She tries not to show her insecurities, which are at times many, but her sensitivity is evident. Her positive approach to the world is always refreshing and loved by many, but it also tends to make her a bit naive and easy to fool. She can be very stubborn with some of her bad habits and it takes a lot for her to chance the way she does things. Family is very important to her and is the one thing she would fight fiercely to protect. She can find herself imagining her own family more often than she would admit out loud.


    FATHER: Neville Longbottom

    MOTHER: Hannah Longbottom

    SIBLING(S): Frank Percival Longbottom

    OTHER: None

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    PET(S): Russian Blue cat named Maya.

    BROOMSTICK(): Firebolt



    Early Years:

    Beloved and spoiled by her parents, Alice's childhood was almost perfect in her mind. Her mother insisted on educating her children at a very young age in areas of both magic and non magic culture. As she was a half blood, she loved showing Alice the simple joys of cooking a family dinner or playing the piano. Both Alice and her brother learned how to read and write at an early age. Her father loved to spoil her daughter with magical toys and gifts. Her favorite gift of all was her very first broomstick for children. And although she seemed to love the adventure of flying, luck was never on her side. Her clumsiness earned her a lot of serious injuries, scars and bruises, because of which she wasn't allowed to fly without supervision anymore. Both Neville and Hannah were protective towards their kids, which meant that Alice didn't get a lot of exposure to her family's past. Or if someone brought it up, the topic was quickly changed. She was well protected from anything her parents would consider harmful or dangerous. Alice was very joyful and bouncy around her close family, but she became shy around strangers. It took her a while to get used to new people and to really open up. She wasn't a very troublesome child growing up. Although her bubbly nature was overwhelming sometimes, and because of it she got lost in public places more than a few times. Her biggest fear growing up was being left all alone.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Getting to Hogwarts was for Alice, as for most kids, a magical experience. And even though she and her whole family had expected her letter of acceptance into the school, when it came it certainly surprised and overwhelmed her. Her biggest problem was leaving her family alone, as she was close to her parents and brother. But her mother made sure Alice understood that she will have her family's support at all times. The first few months at Hogwarts were a bit lonely for Alice. It took her a while to find good friends as she became shy at first. But after a while she adapted and finally enjoyed being there. She was proud of being sorted into Hufflepuff, despite what other people might say about it. Her time at Hogwarts was spent in a balance of studying and exploring the castle and the grounds with her friends. She worked very hard and wanted to do well in all of her classes. She was a huge fan at every Quidditch game, but because of her bad experience with flying, rarely actively participated in it in any other way. But no matter how much she loved Hogwarts and enjoyed all of her friends there, the thing she always looked forward the most was Christmas break. It was a time when she got a chance to visit her family, go home and just relax from school.


    YOUR NAME: Helena

    RP EXPERIENCE: I've been roleplaying on and off for about 5 years now.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: A friend suggested your site.


    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To become a member of this site, roleplay and have fun with my first character here Smile


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Alice Longbottom
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Longbottom, Alice Empty Re: Longbottom, Alice

Post by Jess Potter Sun Nov 11, 2012 12:28 am

And so we meet again.

I was just about to say "You'll need to apply in the canon claims section for this character.
But you beat me to it. Good for you. And me, makes my job easier too Wink

Anyway, great app. Certainly accepted. I'd suggest sending a PM to Neville and letting him know he has a daughter character now.
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