de LANCRET, Marguerite
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de LANCRET, Marguerite

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de LANCRET, Marguerite Empty de LANCRET, Marguerite

Post by Marguerite de Lancret Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:33 am

de LANCRET, Marguerite Margueriteavi

Marguerite de Lancret


    FULL NAME: Marguerite de Lancret

    NICKNAMES: Maggie (thought up by our dear Selwyn)

    AGE: 540, appears to be in late teens (3rd year at Hogwarts)

    ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

    CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions

    WAND: Cherry, Phoenix Feather, 12 in, inflexible

    PLAY BY: Summer Glau


    HAIR COLOR: dark brown

    EYE COLOR: brown

    HEIGHT: 5' 6" (1.66 m)

    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Marguerite is a very slender and trim girl, as well as short; however, many can sense the power hidden behind the slight frame. Her skin, pale when she was living, is now whitened from death. Two eyes, sparkling from the experience of age, seem to peek out from the sockets of an otherwise dead face. Marguerite's main vanity is her hair. She has always thought of it to be lank and dull, so she works hard to try and make it sleek and shiny. Due to her ignorance of today's world, Marguerite often wears clothing which is severely old-fashioned for the time. She is most comfortable in a Hennin fashioned from silk.


    Perfectionist (dunno if that's a good or bad trait)
    Fights to be Open-minded

    Somewhat close-minded, however she fights to be more open-minded

    Fine Wine
    Jousting Tournaments
    Horseback Riding
    Independent Women

    Her 'curse'

    Find a suitable substitute for human blood.
    Learn magic.

    Marguerite's behavior could be thought of as more traditional; however, like a parent often will, she will randomly make attempts to relate to fellow students using terminology which is out of date for the students, but she thinks is still 'in' and 'cool'.

    Marguerite also can have a strange fashion sense. She prefers the fashion from the Renaissance age, however makes an attempt to fit in to today's culture, so her outfits can be pretty bizarre sometimes.

    BOGGART: It is hard to find something to fear in the material world when you have been 'alive' for 560 years, so Marguerite's fears all dwell within herself. Her main concern is that she will revert to her savage vampiric nature, and begin to kill her human victims again.

    PATRONUS: Out of the extensive myriad of memories Marguerite contains, one above all always stands out as her happiest. It would be the day that Marguerite finally earned her freedom from the restraints of her life as a Contessa. Coincidentally, that day also marks the day of her worst memory.

    DEMENTOR: Marguerite's worst and saddest memory is the night she had risen as a vampire for the first time. That night, she discovered the true horror of a vampire's bloodlust, and murdered a small child by feeding on her. This event sparked the beginning of Marguerite's brutal battle for control against her vampiric nature.

    VERITASERUM: Marguerite's greatest secret had always been that she was a vampire. Now that she has found that vampirism is more tolerated in this age, she really has no greatest secret. Anything she has done occurred so far in the past, that it has no significance in this day and age. She does; however, harbor a desire to create another like herself due to the extreme loneliness she feels at times. This is a desire she strictly controls because she would never wish this affliction upon another being.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Marguerite's greatest desire would be to walk under the sun again. As a young woman, Marguerite feels that she took the daylight for granted, and now her only glimpses of the sun are in the early dawn and late twilight; when the sun's rays are too weak to harm her. Many of her favorite activities from when she was alive are things which cannot be done at night, like falconry.

    PERSONALITY: Marguerite's personality is one which was bred from nobility and her training in the Court. She can often have a superior attitude towards others, a trait ingrained upon starting as a small child when her mother would placed importance on her birthright, which instantly made her more important than the peasants. Later as she began to experience the world in a broader manner, Marguerite started taking steps to try and correct this attitude, but old habits do die hard. She has a way of being condescending towards someone one moment, then demeaning herself before them the next; which is the way she tries to redeem herself for being discourteous.

    A nicer side-effect of her upbringing, would be the diplomatic presence and patience she learned from being a Contessa. Marguerite rarely takes a side in an argument, preferring to be the neutral party who helps both sides come to an agreement. Her training also taught her how to disagree or deal with callous people in a way which will not anger them.


    FATHER: Augustus de Lancret

    MOTHER: Angelique de Barbarac

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: Remisto of Sussex - Marguerite's creator

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn

    RACE: Vampire

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Papuan Hawk-Owl named Reginold, or Reg for short.


    Marguerite has learned the unimportance of material possesions


    Early Years: Though Marguerite cannot quite remember the exact day, she knows that she was born the year 1485 to the Conte Augustus de Lancret of Gaeta. The sweating sickness was just becoming apparent in England, and there were worries that it would spread to Italy (though the sickness never did make it that far). The trouble Marguerite's mother, Angelique, had went through during the pregnancy and then the subsequent childbirth caused Marguerite's parents to realize that this would likely be their only child, therefore she would need to be protected. This is how Marguerite's highly sheltered life began.

    Marguerite lived her first 11 years in quite the same manner as any other young noble girl, taking classes in etiquette and rules of the Court. Though her mother frowned upon it, Marguerite was also trained in the art of hunting, politics, and warfare. Angelique grudgingly allowed this deviation from traditional studies of a young noble woman because she would never be able to bear Augustus a son, and he needed someone to impart his legacy on. This slightly unusual upbringing for a young woman at the time did have some undesirable drawbacks to their daughter. Marguerite became headstrong, and voiced her own ideas without hesitation, something which could be dangerous in that time. Her mother always warned her daughter that one day she would be accused of witchcraft, but Marguerite always laughed it off. If only her mother had known how right she was.

    In 1496, two years after the start of the Italian Wars, Marguerite's parents were approached by representatives from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Marguerite being a muggle born, the wizards of the time understood the unfounded fear the populace had against 'witchcraft' and therefore approached the parents of any muggle born very carefully. With Marguerite listening at the doorway, Angelique and Augustus met with the two strangers who had a unique opportunity for their daughter. The pair of muggles took the news with some grace, though it was apparent they thought the two old men a pair of fools; that is, until they did some magic for proof. Though Marguerite's parents were clearly unsettled, they accepted the fact that real magic existed in the world with only minor displays of intolerance.

    If Marguerite had any fleeting hopes of being whisked off to the secret school to learn magic, she was sadly mistaken. Before much excitement could build up within Marguerite, it was deflated when her parents refused to allow her attendance. They explained that wars had broken out between the Duchy of Milan and the Kingdom of Naples, and Marguerite had been promised to the child of a wealthy Count within the Kingdom of Naples, and to refuse could put them strategically at the wrong end of the war. With parents having every right to refuse schooling in the magical world for their children, the representatives from the school desisted, and never contacted the family again. This left Marguerite to be used as a political pawn by means of her marriage to a man from a prominent family.

    In 1501, shortly before Marguerite was to turn 15, her parents announced her upcoming marriage to Ferrantino de Dubley of Naples. He was the son of a prestigious Count from the Kingdom of Naples. Marguerite had been promised to the boy since the time she was three, so the announcement came as no surprise. She would be wed one month after her 16th birthday, and begin her new life as Marguerite de Dubley; Contessa of Naples. There was one regret Marguerite felt at these announcement, and it was a strong regret. Marguerite had already fallen in love with another man.

    They had met by chance one night when Marguerite had escaped her homestead for a rare excursion without the company of her parents or a body guard. The boy was an Anglo-Saxon who had been hired as a mercenary by the Byzantine Empire to fight in the Italian wars. His name was Remisto of Sussex. She was smitten immediately, and they began to meet in secret; always at night. Marguerite had never questioned why it must always be at night...until much later.

    The day Marguerite learned of her now soon-to-be marriage, she sent out her falcon, which was trained to seek Remisto out. Later that night, Remisto appeared at Marguerite's bedroom window, which happened to be over 20 feet from the ground. Quickly stifling her scream with one hand, Remisto whispered to Marguerite his secret, and an offer of freedom from this marriage and from the sheltered life of a Contessa she had come to know. He spoke to her of the ability to remain forever young, to live her own life, and best of all, to be avoid her marriage to Ferrantino and run away with him. Remisto warned Marguerite that her eyes would never lie upon the sun again, nor would she ever eat real food. Marguerite had heard stories of vampires; however, and she was not dissuaded. After a quick kiss of consent, Remisto took her and drained her of nearly all her blood....then replaced it with his own.

    Dying was painful. Marguerite screamed in agony as her body died, preparing itself to be risen again by the power of Remisto's blood. Upon her re-awakening, Marguerite found herself in a damp cellar, the basement of some forgotten ruin which lay miles from her land. She only remembers the thirst she felt. It was a thirst so powerful, that no water would be able to quench it. Ignoring Remisto's placating words and the live rabbit he was offereing, Marguerite fled the cellar; driven only by her bloodlust. The world turns red in her memory, and Marguerite can only remember snippits of the following hours until her hunt had been successful, and her thirst abated.

    Marguerite came to her senses to find a small child, no older than five, clutched in her bloodstained hands. The warm drip of the child's blood ran down her chin and Marguerite dropped the child, raising her hands to cover her eyes from the horrific act she had just committed. A comforting voice said her name from the corner, and Marguerite turned to see Remisto standing there, looking sorrowful.

    "What have you done to me?" Marguerite demanded in a small voice.

    Remisto had no answer for her, and Marguerite fled from him, sobbing. Though she thought to stay out until sunrise, some instinctual driving force led her back to the cellar where her 'lover' was waiting for her. Try as she might, Marguerite could not find it within herself to love him anymore. She was not sure the dead were even capable of love.

    Marguerite spent the next 200 years with her creator, Remisto. Though she could never quite forgive him for turning her into the monster she viewed herself as, the two became quite close and even formed a bond which could have possibly been called 'love.' Though he was an Anglo-Saxon, a race known for their brutal ways, Remisto felt disgust at the thought of drinking innocent blood, and pushed Marguerite to live off the plentiful wildlife. This sustained her for awhile; however, she would always eventually succumb to a bloodlust, and end up killing a human being. Remisto tried to reassure her. Attempted to convince her that it merely took some time, but after two centuries, Marguerite felt that she had played by his rules long enough. Ignoring Remisto's dire warnings, Marguerite began to attack and feed on humans. She made her selections carefully, targeting only criminals and people who took part in evil acts, but it still led to her separation with Remisto.

    Though she fed as sparingly as possible, Marguerite began to attract the attention of the Wizarding World. Exactly the thing which Remisto had been worried about. The duo were being hunted, and being hunted relentlessly. It took all of Remisto's experience to keep them one step ahead of the aurors. Tired of being on the run, Remisto finally gave Marguerite an ultimatum: give up on human beings, or I shall leave. Disliking the attempt by Remisto at manipulating her, Marguerite refused to stop feeding on humans and Remisto stayed true to his word. At the next nightfall he left, and wouldn't be seen by Marguerite again.

    Attempting to shake off the aurors attempting to slay her, Marguerite fled to America. Just in time for the Salem Witch trials sweeping through Massachusetts. Though never having been a witch herself, it didn't keep Marguerite from being accused. Being a stranger, an independent-thinking woman, and one only seen at night...Marguerite was a prime choice for being accused of witchcraft. Because of this, Marguerite began to take extra precautions for when she slept during the day. Marguerite was careful to constantly keep moving from town to town, never staying too long. Though she was more than a match for a human at night, during the daytime she was completely helpless. One good thing came from the witch hunt; however, the aurors which had been tailing her were reluctant to follow her into America. Though the humans posed little danger, the wizards did not want to risk muggles learning of the true magic which was in this world.

    Marguerite finally found her escape from the need to travel constantly when she met the Iroquois nation. Rather than greeting the supernatural with fear and violence, the native people embraced Marguerite as a spirit, even calling upon her for guidance during the French and Indian Wars in the 1750s. Having grown very fond of the tribes she lived among, Marguerite took an active roll in the battles against the British they were involved in. She was very disappointed when the British won, and eagerly took up arms against them during the Revolutionary War, disguised as a native who was sympathetic towards the Patriots. This time, she was able to celebrate a victory, though not for long. It wasn't too much longer after America seceded from Britian that the Colonials began to push the natives Westward.

    After the Revolutionary War, Marguerite detached herself from the Iroquois nation, reluctant to follow their migration too far from the East Coast. She anticipated the want to return to Italy someday, and wanted to maintain a close access to the ships. It was now the 19th century, and the time when humans began to show a growing interest in vampire hunting. The pressure of being hunted by humans and wizards, plus the rapid advancement of technology began to wear of Marguerite, as she found herself unable to keep up with the expanding world.

    In the 1890s, Marguerite finally had enough. She wanted to die, and leave this world forever; however, she could not bring herself to actively dispatch herself. Seeking an alternative, Marguerite decided to test how long it would take her to starve to death without human blood. With the strength of an animal, Marguerite dug herself into a deep hole one night, collapsing the tunnel behind her. There she stayed, entombed by the dirt, and actually feeling comforted by the closed-in feeling of the earth on top of her. She likened it to a warm embrace, or being swaddled as an infant.

    Without a supply of blood, Marguerite slowly began to weaken, and didn't even have the will left to dig herself out when the bloodlust finally hit. There she wilted, her skin turning dry and sinking in on itself without the nourishment of blood. She had fallen into a deep sleep, and hoped that she might rest like this for the rest of eternity.

    For over a century, Marguerite slept. At times, she would wake for short periods when the magic within her picked up on tumultuous times in the wizarding world. She had nearly fully awaken during the years of Voldemort, when the battle between Harry and Voldemort took place, but she sunk yet again into the security of sleep. She would not fully awaken until 25 years later, when the half-formed nightmares of the powerful dark wizard disappeared from her dreams.

    Feeling a great change within the world, Marguerite mustered all her strength, and began to feast on the worms and rodents which milled in the earth around her. As she gained strength, she began to dig, fighting her way out of the earth. She was able to acquire more blood, which empowered her to dig further until she finally broke the surface. It took only one good meal from an unsuspecting doe to start Marguerite on her path to total recovery.

    The world had changed, and it was exhilarating. Buildings tall as trees towered over Marguerite, and people of all colors were mixing and interacting with each other on equal terms. She witnessed women holding dominion over men, and she relished it. It seemed that the world had finally reached an age in which she could relate. Marguerite couldn't wait to return to Italy and see how it had changed.

    It was while she was revisiting Italy, that Marguerite discovered wizards' new attitude towards vampires. Though there was still certainly some personal intolerance, as a whole, the wizarding world was now accepting of the creatures. She heard that they were even allowed to attend the school. Remembering how she had been prevented from attending when she was a young girl, Marguerite hoped to rectify that in this day and age. Borrowing an owl from a fellow vampire who had connections to the wizarding world, Marguerite wrote a letter, requesting to fulfill those years of education she had missed as a child.

    Hogwarts Years: After going through the process of creature registration, and plenty of written promises that she would not drink blood from unwilling humans, Marguerite was accepted into Hogwarts.

    At first, Marguerite had a very hard time fitting into the school. She was older than most of the professors, and definitely older than the students. The only ones who knew anything of the years she had lived through were the Hogwarts ghosts, and she developed a close relationship with many of them during her first year.

    Marguerite went through much of her second year as she did her first. She ignored her fellow students, and they in turn, ignored her. It was not until her third year that she struck up a shaky friendship with a fellow student, Lily Potter. Through Lily, she was persuaded into taking up arms with Potter's Army, and was introduced to many other students.

    (This whole relationship with Lily will be fleshed out later when Jack returns from dealing with her personal life. I don't want to write too much about their past without Jackles being involved. I just don't want this app to go into the character graveyard if she needs to take an extended LOA, so I'll just leave it at that.)

    Adulthood after Hogwarts: *has yet to graduate Hogwarts


    YOUR NAME: Desirae

    RP EXPERIENCE: 10 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: google, harry potter roleplaying site

    OTHER CHARACTERS: James S. Potter, Saoirse O'Connell, Mathias Korpela, Morrigan Devlin

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To take part in Lily's plan for Potter's Army, and hopefully help get things livened up at Hogwarts.


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Marguerite de Lancret
Marguerite de Lancret
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de LANCRET, Marguerite Empty Re: de LANCRET, Marguerite

Post by Marguerite de Lancret Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:40 am

For all intents and purposes, this application is done.

There is some story yet to be fleshed out about Marguerite's friendship with Lily, which is Jackles character; however, since Jack has taken an LOA and I don't know when she will be able to return....I thought it prudent to get done what I could, so that this don't get sent to the character graveyard. The details are fairly insignificant to the whole story, as it is merely going to be about how Marguerite and Lily met, and what their relationship is and everything. It should hold no bearing on whether the app is accepted or not.
Marguerite de Lancret
Marguerite de Lancret
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Third Year Gryffindor

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de LANCRET, Marguerite Empty Re: de LANCRET, Marguerite

Post by Elijah Krum Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:07 am

Gah. I love it. I love her. She's fabulous. I'm generally against really-really-really old vampires because they unsettle me a little power-wise. But that was brilliant! The best history I have ever read. Historically accurate, displayed her personality well... just... awesome. [/endgush]

I think Slytherin, yes? Accepted and sorted! Very Happy
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de LANCRET, Marguerite Empty Re: de LANCRET, Marguerite

Post by James S. Potter Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:16 pm

lol, I always do my research when creating a new character. Wink Thought a nice, detailed history would help her chances at being accepted. Thanks, Elijah!
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