MCINTOSH, Viola Henrietta
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MCINTOSH, Viola Henrietta

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MCINTOSH, Viola Henrietta Empty MCINTOSH, Viola Henrietta

Post by Gavin Blackmoor Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:51 pm

MCINTOSH, Viola Henrietta Tumblr_mcflshNz2l1rxzwedo1_500



    FULL NAME: Viola Henrietta McIntosh


    AGE: Sixteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Potters Army. Because Lily told her to.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor or Hufflepuff

    CLASSES: Charms and an Internship.

    WAND: Birch, 12 inches, seaweed and Kelpie tentacle core.

    PLAY BY: Carey Mulligan


    HAIR COLOR: Naturally brunette, charmed to be blonde.

    EYE COLOR: Brown.

    HEIGHT: Five feet, seven inches.

    BODY TYPE: Healthy. She isn't a size 00, bodybuilder, or Glamazon. But she is a pleasing slender shape with curves of a woman just starting to blossom into her full figure.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: In one word Vi could be described as 'cute'. For many of her Hogwarts years she sported longer brown hair that didn't help make her baby face look any more
    mature. Last year, in an act of bravery (fueled by jello shots), she chopped it all off and died it blonde. Instantly falling in love with this new look she felt more confident in both her appearance and personality. She has pixie like features and a charming smile. Vi has never been considered a beauty queen or an ugly duckling and she is very comfortable in her own skin.


    001. Affable
    002. Passionate
    003. Level-Headed
    004. Troubled
    005. Protective
    006. Loyal
    007. Charismatic
    008. Observant
    009. Polite
    010. Compassionate
    011. Loving
    012. Closed Book
    013. Well-meaning
    014. Dainty
    015. Tolerant
    016. Patient
    017. Intelligent
    018. Curious
    019. Social
    020. Unprejudice
    021. Vulnerable
    022. Charming


    001. Amethyst
    002. Her house
    003. England/Europe
    004. Dancing
    005. Bedtime stories
    006. Musicals
    007. Ice cream in winter
    008. Crowds
    009. Trampolines
    010. Playing therapist
    011. Tattoos
    012. Reading
    013. Romance
    014. Elliot <3

    001. Being alone
    002. Losing control
    003. Hypocrites
    004. Ultimatums
    005. Thunder
    006. Baseball
    007. Bond, James Bond.
    008. Mysteries
    009. The desert
    010. Neon clothes

    001. To stop being dependant on potions to keep her sane.
    002. Quit smoking.
    003. Introduce two people who fall in love.
    004. To graduate Hogwarts.

    001. Loves lightning and rain but hates thunder.
    002. I'm uncreative right now and more will develop as I write her.

    BOGGART: Viola fears herself more than anything. She is afraid that she will not be strong enough to control her own emotions and she will end up being the worst version of herself forever.

    PATRONUS: Meeting Lily Potter.

    DEMENTOR: When she was seven and her brother tried to climb the womping willow on a dare. The family was alerted and they sat in St. Mungo's for days, unsure if he was going to live or not.

    VERITASERUM: That she is far from perfect.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Herself, happy and free from her dark days.

    PERSONALITY: Viola is one of those people who walks into a room of strangers and within minutes they are all her new best friends. She has a talent for making people comfortable enough to talk about anything and luckily she also has the gift of listening. Because of this she is
    (sometimes unwillingly) told many many secrets that she feels compelled to keep. Vi is equally sweet to everyone - muggles, vampires, Slitherins, and purebloods all have a place in her heart. She is extremely aware to everyones feelings and makes it her personal mission to change each and every one of them for the better.

    Vi is extremely selfless and would rather take the fall for her friends wrongdoings than watch them suffer the consequences. Not that she hasn't had her fair share of rules broken herself, but her record looks far worse than it actually is. Despite the real possibility of being expelled from Hogwarts on her next offense, Vi can't help but enjoy childish pranks and parties, especially when surrounded by her friends. Her normally rational mind gets turned off when she's had a drink or two and is running around with the tricky Gryffindors.

    Viola is most comfortable when surrounded by a crowd. When left alone for too long she begins to overthink and goes to a darker place. Vi has always had problems with depression but 95% of the time she manages to keep it pushed away and forgotten about. Special potions assist with this but if she forgets for a day she may begin to purposely stop taking anything until forced to again. Vi smokes, but only when she let's herself go. This happens mainly when stressed or upset and she beats herself up about it soon after. Viola is ashamed of any problems she might have and keeps them hidden even from her closest friends. She knows that admitting to it would make her deal with it and that's just not something she believes she can handle.

    To make up for not taking care of herself, she focuses on taking care of everyone around her. Most of the time Vi is independent, reliable, and a genuinely good person.


    FATHER: Samuel McIntosh

    MOTHER: Francis McIntosh (nee Müller)

    Samuel McIntosh Junior, age 29.
    Ira McIntosh, age 25.

    OTHER: No one notable.

    BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn. Both Samuel and Francis are muggles but all of their children were bestowed with magical blood. No one in the family can figure out where this comes from. Their best clue is a very distant cousin who has always been a little.. different.

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower class.

    PET(S): None.

    BROOMSTICK(): Not applicable.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: She has them.


    Early Years: Viola was the mistake of the family. By the time she was born her brothers were already in/about to enter Hogwarts and her parents believed that they were finished with dealing with young ones. Handling the news with surprising calmness, Viola Henrietta McIntosh was welcomed to the world on July 27th, 2010. With the boys off at school for most of the year, it was almost like Viola was being raised as an only child. Despite this she was never to be called spoiled. Her presence was constantly overshadowed by the brilliance and excitement of her sibling's lives in the magical world. And for a long time Viola showed no signs that she too would someday be apart of this world.

    At five, Viola was sent to a muggle school to begin her education. She connected to both her peers and teachers almost immediately and made herself a second home. Viola school (like most children do when your days consist of naptime, drawing, and shapes) and her lifelong love of learning and discovery was born. At home her parents were eternally supportive in ways that she would only begin to appreciate much later on in her life. On the her report cards Viola was reported to be "an eager student" who "was a joy to have in the classroom." Like her brothers, received her Hogwarts letter at age ten. The future eagerly awaited.

    Hogwarts Years: When Viola first entered Hogwarts she was very much a doe-eyed impressionable little girl. She entered her house and quickly bonded with the other students in her year. She was cautioned by those more experienced in the wizarding world to avoid all sorts of people. Some told her to never talk to Slythirins, some warned her of half-werewolves, and one even told her that mudbloods were evil, unaware of her blood status. It was at this point that Vi took the first real step that would gradually morph her into the girl she is today. She choose to tell them all to stuff it.

    Enthusiastic about learning as much as she could about the wizarding world in as short of a time as possible she took it upon herself to talk to, well, everyone. In the process of getting to know all of Hogwarts she unintentional gained herself a lot of friends and admirers, especially with those who didn't belong to the popular crowd. Viola enjoyed most of their company and even when she didn't she was always too polite to say anything, and would listen anyway. Over time Vi gathered her group of friends, primarily within the Gryffindor house, and she realized that Hogwarts had become the most incredible home she could have ever asked for.

    Around thirteen puberty was in full force for her and Viola began to lose some of the childish innocence that she had previously possessed in abundance. With the assistance of some of her older, more daring friends she began to dapple in drinking, smoking, and occasionally drugs. Two out of the three proved distasteful to her and they became few and far between occasions. Smoking on the other hand, became more of a habit than an actual pleasure, believed to be required for her mental stability in times of stress. It was also around this time that Viola withdrew herself more and more from her friends, her mind straying to the original philosophies of the Dark Forces and other methods of cleansing her world.

    A teacher noticed the difference in her manor and brewed her a potion under the table that had the purpose of helping her beat whatever temporary sickness she had contracted. Her moods persisted, leaving her constantly brooding and unhealthily distant. With the insistence of her teacher she visited St. Mungos and was sold potions that would act as mood stabilizers. When keeping a regular dosage she was back to her old self within days and has managed to maintain this for many years now. Elliot Finnigan is the only one of her friends that she confided with the information about her problems. For years he has acted as her guardian angel, unaware of his importance to her.

    Academically, Viola's grades had slipped slightly since she first arrived at Hogwarts but she maintains an E average. She's happy. Worried, but happy.

    Adulthood: No. Neutral


    YOUR NAME: Emily


    HOW YOU FOUND US: Long forgotten.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Mira Krum, Gisele Delacour, Katarina Rookwood, Adriana D'Eath, Georgia Wheelbarrow, Jamie Prophet. Deleting Octavia Podmore.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Carey Mulligan. And Elliot. Because they are both sexy.


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MCINTOSH, Viola Henrietta Empty Re: MCINTOSH, Viola Henrietta

Post by Elijah Krum Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:03 pm

Woohoo! Accepted and sorted into Gryffindor!
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