KORPELA, Mathias
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KORPELA, Mathias Li9olo10

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KORPELA, Mathias

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KORPELA, Mathias Empty KORPELA, Mathias

Post by Mathias Korpela Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:28 am

KORPELA, Mathias Mathias

Mathias Korpela


    FULL NAME: Mathias Korpela


    AGE: 27

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbatons


    WAND: Aspen, Sprite Hair, 7 in, Bendy

    PLAY BY: Eicca Toppinen


    HAIR COLOR: Blonde

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6’2”, 192 cm

    BODY TYPE: Lean and Delicate

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mathias is a tall, delicate-looking man. His features are soft, and can make him look much younger and more innocent than he really is. Mathias has the face of a dreamer, his eyes reflecting all which he sees around him in a different light. His hair is long and thick, golden in color. He has very full, soft lips, which often have teeth marks on them from his habit of biting his lower lip. Mathias is usually seen with a coat of eyeliner to make his eyes more pronounced, as it is easier for him to ‘read’ people if they are looking into his eyes. The fingertips of Mathias are calloused from the constant playing of his cello, and he paints his fingernails black. His style is somewhat goth, as he likes dark colors and unconventional fashions. He wears a lot of fashionably ripped clothing and leather accessories. His ears are pierced, and he has a wide assortment of earrings, however due to his long hair they are rarely seen.




    Unconventional ideas
    Natural Beauty

    Geometric Shapes
    Sharp Edges or Angles
    Anything he deems as being ‘ugly’

    -Become a teacher, so he can impart his wisdom on young minds
    -Find a woman who fits him and his personality completely
    -Travel the world, having a concert in every area of the world, magical and muggle

    QUIRKS: Mathias has an aversion to completely straight and geometrically perfect shapes. He likes shapes that are round and curvy, especially if they have a chaotic sense to them. He detests predictability and perfection. To Mathias, imperfection is the definition of beauty.

    Despite the nature of his Seer ability, Mathias always carries a pack of Tarot cards with him. Rather than look up the meaning of cards and give conventional readings, he comes up with his own meanings, and often gives extravagant and outlandish readings to those unlucky enough to ask him to read their future.

    A possible reason for why is Mathias is so skinny could be due to his odd habit while eating. Mathias will play with his food, sometimes resulting in him creating what he deems as a ‘work of art’, and he will refuse to eat the remainder of the meal. He has an entire area in his home that is magically enforced with a spell that keeps food from spoiling. He keeps his plates of ‘art’ on display in this room.

    BOGGART: Mathias fears rules. He hates the feeling of being restricted and forced to conform in any way. In his mind, rules are boundaries, and boundaries are something he will not live by.

    PATRONUS: When Mathias is feeling down, he always recalls his first cello concert. It had been a great success, and when his love for music had really bloomed.

    DEMENTOR: Mathias had once made a promise to his brother that he would always stay by his side, no matter what, he would protect him. However, he had left home to travel with his band shortly after graduating Hogwarts, despite his brother pleading for him to stay. Mathias’ worst memory is the early morning owl he received informing him that his brother had been killed by their step-father.

    VERITASERUM: Mathias lets very few people know about his Seer ability. He finds that people become more closed to him once they find out, and he is worried about factions attempting to recruit him to their cause because of it.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Besides being a school teacher, Mathias desperately wants to meet someone who can understand him, and who he can share his deepest thoughts and feelings with; someone who can see the man behind his good looks, and put up with his unconventional ways. Many a girl has tried, however not one has been able to handle Mathias on a long-term basis, and he never felt completely comfortable with any of them. Mathias wonders if he has ever even felt true love.

    PERSONALITY: Mathias is an extremely imaginative man, who never lost the child-like quality in how he views the world. A poet, and composer of songs, Mathias has a sensitive soul; which consequently draws women to him without ever trying. Many have very good first impressions of Mathias, however once they get to know him on a deeper level, Mathias just seems odd. From over-reacting to perfectly square windows, to creating art with his food then refusing to eat the ‘masterpiece’; many people just do not understand him. He is seen as odd, and people get uncomfortable around him, never knowing how to respond to his quirky behavior.


    FATHER: Armas Korpela (estranged)

    MOTHER: Riika Anttila

    SIBLING(S): Voitto Korpela (deceased)

    OTHER: Step-father: Niklas Anttila (imprisoned)

    BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

    RACE: ¼ Veela

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    A raven named Poe


    Forest Brand 4/4 Stradivari mold cello


    Early Years: Mathias was the firstborn of a middle class man named Armas Korpela and his half-veela wife, Riika. Though they could not be called rich, the Korpelas lived a cozy life, situated in the upper range of middle class. Mathias never wanted for anything, being taken very well care of by his parents.

    When Mathias was four years old, his mother gave birth to his brother, Viotto. The happiness of the addition of a little brother into his life also came with bitterness. After giving birth to Viotto, it came to light that Mathias’ mother had been unfaithful to her husband, and fell in love with another man. Unable to come up with the courage to tell Armas of her infidelity, Riika took her children and left with the man she had come to love: Niklas Anttila. Though Armas had initially fought for his children, Riika convinced him that she and the children would be happier without him. Being convinced of this, and still loving his wife very much, Armas conceded to this wish and never contacted her again.

    Life living under Niklas Anttila was much different from the life Mathias had known living with his biological father. Niklas was a very rich man, however the reason for his wealth did not come to light until after Niklas and Mathias’ mother were married. It was then that Riika discovered that Niklas was involved in the selling of dark artifacts within the blackmarket. Niklas reassured her that there was no danger, however, and still being in love with the man, she ignored her new husband’s career-choice.

    The large house and rich life-style may have seemed comfortable to an outsider looking in, however life within the Anttila household was a living hell for the Korpelas boys. Seeing the boys as ‘extra baggage’, and being more of an obligation than surrogate sons, the boys suffered often at their father’s hands. While their mother turned a blind eye, the boys were often subjected to curses and even the Cruciatus curse under their step-father’s wand. He was a cruel man, and felt powerful when subjecting those weaker than himself to pain.

    It was during his painful childhood that Mathias turned to music and his cello for comfort and happiness. When his mother had first moved the boys in with Niklas, the man had been pleasant, even buying them gifts. Though it was an act in the end, it resulted in one good thing: the cello. Niklas had bought the cello for Mathias when he expressed an interest in the violin. Niklas had told the boy that the cello was more manly, thus a better instrument. Despite this being Niklas’ view, Mathias has since then embraced the choice; he could never find an instrument more suited for him.

    Beauxbatons Years: The fall in which Mathias turned 11 was bittersweet for him. On one side of things, he was going to be able to escape his step-father’s tyranny for most of the year; however on the other hand, his younger brother would now have to face the man alone. Mathias knew that he could not rely on his mother to stand up to the man, and their own father had abandoned his own children to Niklas’ ministrations. Mathias was torn.

    The day he left for his first year at Beauxbatons, Mathias made a promise to his younger brother. Mathias promised Viotto that he would write him every day, no matter how much homework he had. He would write to his brother before he would even finish homework. He also promised his brother that he would always be there for him, and he would never be alone. He promised that someday he would rescue him from the hands of their step-father.

    Mathias kept his promise, writing his younger brother every single day for four years; until Viotto turned eleven and began attending Beauxbatons himself. Once his brother joined Mathias at the palace of Beauxbatons, the two were inseperable. They were often seen together, in their own little world, coveted by many girls, and the envy of many guys.

    During his time at Beauxbatons, Mathias joined a music club within the palace. Beauxbatons put emphasis on the arts which bred refinement in a student, and orchestra happened to be one of those things. With his natural talent, Mathias quickly became the top cello player within the orchestra; even being asked to perform for the Minister when he attended the school for a short visit. It was during this time that he met three other boys who shared his love of music, and formed a band, which would last him to adulthood.

    Another skill in refinement fostered at Beauxbatons was dueling. Though he was not as talented in the martial arts of a wand as in music, Mathias did possess a certain grace, which made him an efficient dueler. Starting in his third year, up until graduation, Mathias performed in dueling competitions and did very well; even winning the International Jr Dueling Championship in his seventh year. Many said that he earned his right and reputation to wield his aspen wand.

    Despite his good looks and talents, Mathias never became very sociable at school. It was during this time that he began to discover his Seer ability, and that others viewed his habits as odd. Though it was by accident, Mathias discovered early on in his second year at Beauxbatons that when looking straight into someone’s eyes, he could catch glimpses of how they were feeling, and on the rare occasion, see a small portion of their future. Mathias found the ability useful, and not one to begrudge a nature-made gift, he used it; never telling anyone but his brother about the ability, lest people began to form a mental resistance when around him.

    In his sixth year, Mathias sat for his OWLS. Though he was not good at studying, Mathias had a knack for remembering things he read. He also had a thirst for knowledge, and was always trying to learn something new. Mathias was a ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ when it came to knowledge. He remembered tidbits about everything, however never learned enough to be truly knowledgeable about a certain subject. Mathias’ true passion was still music, and time to play the cello came before time to study. During his career advisement, Mathias informed his head that he was going to be a traveling musician and would take no advisement for an alternate career choice.

    In his seventh year, after passing his NEWTS, Mathias was ready to make his dream come true. Stopping only to pack his things, Mathias left his unhappy home behind to tour as a band with three other students from the orchestra of Beauxbatons. Viotto had begged Mathias to stay and wait for him, and when Mathias refused, he begged to come along; however Mathias would not allow him to drop out of school. He would come to regret that decision.

    Adulthood: For two years after graduation, Mathias toured with his friends, performing for audiences around the world. They had come up with a unique sound, playing with three cellists and a drummer. Mathias worked to forget about everything from his painful childhood, and he forgot about his brother.

    Though Viotto sent Mathias an owl at least once a week, Mathias rarely wrote back, too involved in his own life and building his future. Mathias enjoyed the celebrity life, and living by his own means, and his own rules. He was free. Free from the tyranny of his step-father and the apathy of his mother. He was free from the responsibility of a younger brother, and he was ready to take on the world…until that world came crashing down on top of him.

    Early one morning, after a successful concert the night before, Mathias was woken from a dead sleep by an owl pecking on the patio window of his hotel room. The message the owl was carrying shattered Mathias’ whole world, and would put a stop to his tour that year before it had barely started. These are the words Mathias read:

    Dear Son,

    I know it has been awhile, and that I am the last person you want to hear from, however I have some grave news for you. I regret to tell you this, but late last night your brother was murdered by Niklas. I do not know all the details, but there had been some sort of argument between the two, and it sounds as if Niklas went too far in disciplining him. Your mother refuses to speak on the matter. We believe that she is trying to protect Niklas, even after killing her own son. I’m sorry you had to find out like this, but we had no other way of getting a hold of you. Please come home to see your brother off as we commit him to the ground.


    Guilt-ridden, words of Mathias’ promise to his brother, years ago when he was leaving for his first day at Beauxbatons, echoed through his head. Mathias canceled all shows scheduled for the rest of that year and went home to bury his brother. Mathias had a chance to re-connect with his father, however he still blamed him for not fighting more for he and his brother. Mathias felt a near hatred for his mother, and considered Niklas lucky that he was in Azkaban, lest Mathias pursue his own style of justice.

    After the funeral, Mathias was not seen for three years as he slowly, and privately, recovered from the loss of his brother. It was during this time that Mathias developed a few of his strange quirks. Most believe that it was from the shock, and the sheer loneliness of being by oneself for such a long period of time.

    When Mathias re-surfaced, he went straight back to the music scene, reuniting with his former band. The music took a more dramatic turn, reflecting the loss and misery Mathias had felt during his isolation….the longing. Now that he did not have his brother, Mathias felt truly alone. His brother had been the only person who truly understood him, and Mathias craved another who could understand him on that intimate and personal level. He wanted a life partner, someone who could fill in that gaping emptiness he felt within himself. The music could fill it well, but he could only play for a certain amount of time, and he needed something…someone for when the music couldn’t be there.

    Mathias has been touring with his band for nearly ten years now, excluding the three years he had stopped to grieve his brother’s death. Mathias is now seeking to rest a bit from the traveling life, and settling down for awhile. He plans to approach Hogwarts about a position as a substitute teacher. Mathias has worked to keep his mind sharp during these past years by reading, and continuing to train in the art of dueling. While not efficiently trained to take an entire class on a permanent basis, Mathias feels that he is more than qualified for a job as a substitute teacher. If would give him something to do between band practices.


    YOUR NAME: Desirae

    RP EXPERIENCE: 10 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: google, harry potter rp forum

    OTHER CHARACTERS: James Sirius Potter, Saoirse O’Connell, Morrigan Devlin

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To try and liven up the school a bit. Mathias can take on a class if the regular teacher doesn’t have time for, or isn’t feeling up to it.

    RP SAMPLE: See Saoirse

Mathias Korpela
Mathias Korpela

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KORPELA, Mathias Empty Re: KORPELA, Mathias

Post by Mathias Korpela Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:32 pm

This app is done....
Mathias Korpela
Mathias Korpela

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KORPELA, Mathias Empty Re: KORPELA, Mathias

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:45 am

accepted and sorted into grads
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