HART, Wilbur Clayton
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HART, Wilbur Clayton

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HART, Wilbur Clayton Empty HART, Wilbur Clayton

Post by Molly Minerva Weasley Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:28 pm

HART, Wilbur Clayton Tumblr_lxzhu4n8pj1qb9oa5o1_r1_500



    FULL NAME: Wilbur Clayton Hart

    NICKNAMES: Billy - some of his Hogwarts friends would call him Will or William, and then that was accidentally shortened to Billy.
    Zuckerman's Famous Pig - another taunting name from his friends. They call him Zuck or Zucky.

    AGE: 34, Birthday is March Fourth


    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Ravenclaw.

    WAND: rosewood, double core of Ashwinder ash and a unicorn hair, fourteen inches, springy

    PLAY BY: Fred Armisen


    HAIR COLOR: Dark hair, thinning.

    EYE COLOR: Deep brown eyes, large, a tad watery, and often framed by glasses.

    HEIGHT: Actually towards being short, about five foot nine.

    BODY TYPE: Stocky. He was never one for athletics, so any muscle came from remaining active. As he has aged his muscle mass has naturally deteriorated, and his body has weakened and become stiffer and sore.

    WAND STANCE: He holds his wand with his four main fingers wrapped all the way around it, his thumb pointing upwards. He likes to hold it aloft and sideways, and he prefers to perform his spells at thigh length.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Wilbur's body has aged well for a man of his age. He has become sorer and stiffer in the joints, but you couldn't tell from his spryness when he is excited about something. He has never been particularly athletic or muscular, so he does not have a notable amount of muscle, though he is in shape. He moves loosely, and often imitates rubber when he feels goofy.

    Wilbur has reassuringly broad shoulders and long arms. His legs are a bit short and his waist is narrow, but he looks well proportioned. He has large hands and lean arms, with little hair on them. He, fortunately, does not have back or chest hair. That would be icky. His body type is well complemented by his style of dress- which ranges from work clothes of suits, to jeans and hoodies for around the house.

    Wilbur has a small chin and large cheeks. His lips are pinkish and very full, and smile winkles frame them from his perpetual, if somewhat faded, smile. He has a rather large nose that holds up black-framed glasses, which frame his dark eyes. His eyebrows are bushy but not unkept, and work well with his glasses. His hair is beginning to thin in the front, but curls still sprout all over his head.


    01 Loyal
    02 Playful
    03 Awkward
    04 Protective
    05 Nervous
    06 Suspicious
    07 Grieving
    08 Distractable
    09 Affectionate
    10 Motivated
    11 Sensitive
    12 Self conscious
    13 Self depreciating
    14 Indecisive
    15 Devoted
    16 Perseveres
    17 Disorderly
    18 Seeks approval
    19 Dependent
    20 Indulgent
    21 Inquisitive
    22 Dramatic
    23 Emotional
    23 Energetic
    24 Jumpy
    25 Twitchy
    26 Occasionally apathetic
    27 Awkward
    28 Clumsy
    29 Cautious
    30 Fun loving

    01 His family
    02 Pie
    03 His friends
    04 Animals
    05 Outdoors activities
    06 Sports - noncompetitive
    07 Assurances
    08 Eggnog
    09 Peace
    10 Warmth
    11 New experiences
    12 Books - pop up books especially
    13 Playing
    14 Karaoke
    15 Game Nights

    01 The Death Eaters
    02 The cold
    03 Competitive sports
    04 Failure
    05 Ineffectual-ness
    06 Being unable to appear masculine
    07 Discipline
    08 Awkward silences
    09 Threats to his family
    10 Saying 'no' to Puck
    11 Quiet
    12 Hospitals
    13 Monkeys
    14 Nice shoes
    15 Reminders

    +Protect his family
    +For his family to return to normal
    +Get his wife back

    +Acts everything out, voices and all.
    +Always speaks turning charades.
    +Whenever he must say no to his friends or son, he screams it, then runs away.

    BOGGART: "What if, just what if... Charlotte blames me for Willa's death? I mean, I was the one who took my eyes of her. I took her to Diagon, I left her on her own. What if Charlie can't look at me because she considers me to be the reason that our daughter died? What if it's too much, living in the same house as me?"

    PATRONUS: a Saint Bernard - He's always wanted a St Bernard, for they are symbols of protection and hope.

    "So, the first Christmas with Puck was perfect. I brought home a baby deer I found injured in the street and Charlotte took care of that deer for the next six months. She loved that deer! Willa had snuck downstairs and opened all her presents and Puck kept rolling around in the wrapping paper. Chaos was so refreshing. I miss that."

    DEMENTOR: "It's been three years since Willa died... I'm sorry, I don't want to go more in depth with that."

    VERITASERUM: "What if... Charlotte doesn't love me anymore? I know she does... Well, I know she did, she used to..."

    MIRROR OF ERISED: "If Charlotte could come to terms with the death of Willa, I'm certain our life could get back to normal. We could go to our friend's houses, play games, sing karaoke, celebrate Christmas, go to parks with Puck. That'd be so wonderful."

    PERSONALITY: The rest of his personality that cannot be gleaned from his application may be viewed here.


    WIFE: Charlotte "Charlie" Hart, 30.

    FATHER: Alexander Hart, wizard.

    MOTHER: Lacey Hart, nee Harville, muggle.

    SIBLING(S): Benjamin, 37, ex-Slytherin.
    Lydia, 37, ex-Slytherin.
    Toby, 32, ex-Ravenclaw.
    Katie, 28, ex-Gryffindor.

    Willa Hart, would be 13, deceased.
    Puck Hart, 11, coming soon.

    James "Stain" Lewis, 34
    + his wife Maryann, 31, and children, Grace and Stewart, 13 and 11. Maryann is pregnant.
    David "Chips" Riley, 34
    + his wife Elinor, 35, and children, Stacey, Armando, Gustav, and Kelli, 12, 10, 9, and 2.
    Manny ""Skipper" Franklin
    + his wife Anna, 34, and children, Elsie, Maria, and Gregory, 7, 7, and 18 months.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood.

    RACE: Human.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    Family owl Tessa


    His daughter's wand
    His daughter's favorite stuffed animal, a whale.
    The rest of Willa's possessions.
    The Rogue mobile


    Early Years: Wilbur's parents met at a concert. Alexander, at that time, was a muggle relations officer, and was compelled by muggles, who he thought had a magic of their own. They exchanged numbers, Alexander had every muggle gadget thinkable, and began a relationship. After a year of dating, they married, and a year later, Wilbur's twin brother and sister were born. Two years after came Wilbur. Another two years brought about Toby, and then came the accident, Katie. Katie was a product of a passionate, angry night a few days after the couple announced their separation.

    Wilbur was seven years old when his parents split up. The deal was that when each child received their Hogwarts letter, they would live with Alexander. The twins, who were very withdrawn from the others, felt honored to be the first to live with Alexander. As a result, the two have been pretty much characterized by their snobbish qualities. Wilbur enjoyed home life without them. Toby was depressing, for he was apathetic and lethargic, and Katie was terrible, spoiled rotten by a mother that missed her eldest daughter. Wilbur was given the honored place of man of the house for two years, and he enjoyed it. When he received his Hogwarts letter, it was with a tinge of sadness.

    Wilbur was very awkward growing up. He never seemed to be properly proportioned, so his feet, and ears were overlarge. And the fact that he wore glasses, didn't help. But he was a sweet boy, and all of the neighborhood mother adored him, for he could always be seen walking his little brother and sister home from school. He often got treats from them like candies and cookies for being such a little darling.

    Hogwarts Years: Wilbur hated his first year of Hogwarts. He constantly wrote his family and fretted about his siblings and mother. His brother and sister were both in Slytherin and loved to tease him, regardless of their own low status amongst their friends. When he went home with his father after his first year, he lasted three weeks before he begged his father to let him return home to his mother. Alexander, hurt, allowed the boy to do so.

    Second year improved as he finally began to appreciate the whimsy and magic of the castle. His correspondence home was still excessive, but he worked hard in his classes to be able to help Toby once he arrived. Toby came along but found a group of little depressing children. Having his brother near was all Wilbur needed. He relaxed and soon found people liked him.

    He was goofy- when he tried to be cool, he often embarrassed himself, but he soon found that what he found to be embarrassment, was amusement to others, so he graciously accepted their laughter. He soon became a bit popular for simple being 'that guy.' The guy everyone likes, everyone knows. Not a threat, but not a tool. He and his buddies had relative popularity, though they were more successful with parties and girls. Wilbur was liked but not necessarily remembered.

    His OWL grades were a bit above average, but not where he would like them. He worked harder and received four O's and the rest E's in his NEWT years. He had survived Hogwarts. He had avoided his elder twin siblings, been indifferent to Toby, and Katie had publicly, shrilly, announced that he was such a loser. But he had survived. And he had surprised himself by really enjoying the experience.

    Adulthood: For the next few years, Wilbur and his friends began trying out their luck in the work force. They all accumulated and abandoned various titles- from waiters, to bartenders, to cooks. At one point they ever formed a band called Spilled Potions, where Wilbur sang and played drums, but they didn't ever practice beyond Skipper's living room. After four years, the boys decided they needed to try their luck in the world beyond their Ministry's reach.

    The group traveled to America and bought a crappy car, which they named the Rogue Mobile. Wilbur, the only one able to drive (as he had learned during his summers with his mother) and the main purchaser of the car, drove. Chips got wind that the Salem's Witch Institute's graduation was coming up, so they crashed the party. It was then that Wilbur met Charlotte, his future wife.

    Why and how she took a liking to him, Wilbur would never explain. His friends were shocked too. They had all found a girl or two to snog, but Wilbur was soon begging them to stay in Salem longer. It only took a month to convince Charlie to leave with him, travel America. They were going from east coast to west. Eager to rebel, she agreed. When they reached Las Vegas by the end of the summer, Wilbur and Charlie married.

    Soon after, it was discovered that Charlie was pregnant. They moved back to Wilbur's home and, on a generous and unwilling loan from his parents, they purchased a small apartment. He applied at the Ministry and hopped between departments for a few years, making enough money to pay their debts, buy a home, and support his family. After Willa was born, Charlie began her own career, which was put on hold two years later when Puck was born. The family had struggled, but the Ministry paid well and the home was loving and fun. Wilbur's friends married and, though the children's grandparents were rarely seen around the couple they had never approved of, the new families generously made up up for missing family.

    Years passed normally, as they do. Wilbur settled into a job as an Auror, an Charlie found one in muggle relations. They were preparing for Willa's entrance into Hogwarts, and father and daughter departed into Diagon Alley to begin window shopping. Sometime during the trip, Wilbur excused himself and asked his daughter to sit at a bench while he checked out a suspicious looking figure selling what looked to be dangerous artifacts. The girl, always antsy to investigate, wondered off and found herself in Knockturn Alley. After stumbling upon a conversation in a shop no one was supposed to hear, the Death Eaters inside murdered the little girl.

    Wilbur followed the crowd of people forming and was pushed into Knockturn. Apparently, an elder witch had noticed the young girl disappear into Knockturn and had called for authorities. They found her and the distraught shop owner, who assured them that it was Death Eaters, but he had not seen faces nor heard voices. He would not cooperate.

    Wilbur broke down at his daughter's body. Charlie found out when he was brought back to the Ministry to file the report. She was working that day, and Puck had been allowed to accompany her. Puck, at eight years old, saw Daddy cry.

    The next three years have been hard. For the first year, the new dynamic became clear. It seemed that Wilbur felt all, and Charlie felt nothing. Charlie gave up on being a housekeeper, mother, and wife especially. Wilbur nursed his depression and Puck began to develop habits of cleaning up after his parents and ordering dinner. The boy became quiet and careful, though, on occasion, his parents found him acting out in strange ways- stealing his sister's sheets, trying to communicate with aliens, digging huge trenches in the backyard, etcetera. Wilbur found comfort in his friends, all who grieved with him.

    Now, he is close to moving on. He has joined a support group called 'Life After My Child' and has been becoming more and more like his old self. He spends a lot of time with his friends, siblings, even with his parents, who remarried soon after the death of their grandchild. The only person Wilbur cannot go to anymore is his wife.


    YOUR NAME: Jackles

    RP EXPERIENCE: RP means rabbit power, right?

    HOW YOU FOUND US: You found me.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack, Naomi, Sofie, Milo, Cliff, Teddy, Ellie, Francesca, Milo, Wilbur.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I have never had a character this old and want to play with this personality. Also, I have never RPed an entire family. Puck, the son, will be coming very soon, and Miss Emily will present Charlie soon enough.


Molly Minerva Weasley
Molly Minerva Weasley
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Fifth Year Ravenclaw

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HART, Wilbur Clayton Empty Re: HART, Wilbur Clayton

Post by Molly Minerva Weasley Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:44 am


This will be edited later as Emily works on Charlie's app. Tweaks to make sure our stories line up.
Molly Minerva Weasley
Molly Minerva Weasley
Fifth Year Ravenclaw
Fifth Year Ravenclaw

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HART, Wilbur Clayton Empty Re: HART, Wilbur Clayton

Post by Khaat Lupin Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:40 am

i like him b/c he likes eggnog. huzzah! lol. but you know, he's going to 'what if' himself to death. jeesh. can you say "Anxiety"?

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