D'EATH, Adriana Daria
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D'EATH, Adriana Daria

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D'EATH, Adriana Daria Empty D'EATH, Adriana Daria

Post by Charlotte Dyllan Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:21 pm

D'EATH, Adriana Daria Tumblr_m9kyugAOPD1r0809vo1_500



    FULL NAME: Adriana Daria D'Eath

    NICKNAMES: Adri, Audrey, Ana

    AGE: Sixteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Dark Followers

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slythirin

    CLASSES: Potions & Internship at MoM

    WAND: Hickory, Werewolf Chest Hair, 12.25 inches, Rigid

    PLAY BY: Phoebe Tonkin


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown.

    EYE COLOR: Blue.

    HEIGHT: 5’6

    BODY TYPE: Slender, but not skinny.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: “I’m normal, okay? Not like all these other model girls who prance around the school like fluffy showdogs. I have brown hair that takes forever to keep it sitting down correctly. It has a mind of it’s own and hates humidity, heat, being around anyone even slightly shaggable, and sleeping. I find it’s best just to not touch it and hope that it’s in a good mood each day. People say it’s pretty. I don’t like it and it obviously doesn’t like me. My eyes? I’m actually not really sure. I think they’re brown. Maybe blue. Maybe green. F**k it, I don’t really give a shit now do I? In any case they’re completely unremarkable. I’m pretty enough, even if I am pretty short compared to some. My face isn’t going to launch a thousand ships but it’s sure better to look at than a blast-ended skrewt’s. I have darker skin than most of these snowflakes and I love it. That’s all from my Mum. Father’s skin is like, well, a vampires. Also, I never have acne. So yes, I would say I’ve been blessed that I don’t have that particular family trait.

    “Clothes? I don’t really give too much thought to what I wear. In the winter it’s normally just a pair of jeans and a top. None of this seven layers and twenty-five different accessories business. I’ve learned to accept that I’m just not that stylish. I like to be comfortable and I’ve been known to wear slippers all day under my robes. I have a cute pair that have bunnies on them. I like leather, structured jackets, fuzzy flannel, and most things that have that natural, equestrian feel. Ralph Lauren is a wonderful man. I have a weakness for fancy lingerie even when I know no one will see it.”


    Loves Challenge

    A challenge
    Bad boys
    Black lace
    Expensive lingerie (even with jeans and a tee)
    Fresh flowers
    Hot chocolate
    Moss green
    Muggle Studies
    Pumpkin pie

    School formals
    The tropics

    - To join the Death Eaters when graduated.
    “I don’t really know what I want to do with my life. I guess my plan is just to take it as it comes. I’d rather risk the chance of failure than to be stuck in a set life plan.”

    - Writes reminders and notes on her forearm.
    - Ruffles and flips her hair constantly when nervous.
    - Sleeps naked, even in the freezing winter.


    PATRONUS: Adriana has successfully produced a full patronus charm in her lifetime. Last year a seventh year claimed that she would never be able to do such advanced magic, sending her into a frenzy to prove him wrong. After nearly half a year of practice she finally managed to produce a fully formed patronus charm. She managed this by thinking of a childhood memory with Eileen (Adriana has never experienced true happiness, making this half-happiness her definition of the feeling). The silver smoke took the form of a orca whale, which seemed to swim through the air.

    DEMENTOR: Adriana’s greatest fear is, ironically, turning out like her mother was. She also fears being ignored and undesirable.

    VERITASERUM: Adriana fears that she is partially responsible for the death of her mother. She also has a series of increasingly major thefts that she has committed. She has not yet claimed responsibility for most of these disappearances but they are sure to catch up with her someday.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Adriana has no clue what she desires out of her life, making it impossible to say what she would see in the mirror if she were to ever actually look into it.

    PERSONALITY: See above and below. (WIP)


    FATHER: Lorcan d'Eath

    MOTHER: Camille Baranovsky [deceased]

    STEP-FATHER: Gram Beaumont

    STEP-SIBLINGS: Alessandria Beaumont and Leila Beaumont

    Alistair d'Eath
    Milo d'Eath
    [url=]Antoinette d’Eath [/url]
    Alexis d’Eath
    Damitrius d’Eath
    Damien d’Eath

    Lucifer d'Eath
    Amaris d'Eath
    Daedalus d’Eath

    BLOOD STATUS: Tainted.

    RACE: Half-Vampire

    SOCIAL STATUS: New Pureblood Elite

    PET(S): None

    BROOMSTICK: Firebolt



    D'EATH, Adriana Daria Lust10
    “I’ve never been told the story of how my mum and dad met but it’s not exactly hard to guess. My mother is.. What’s the delicate way of putting this? Let’s just say that she’s a very good dancer. For a long time she.. danced.. in some dump where she made almost nothing even though she was almost always working. Her mum – my grandmother – was a squib so even though she was complete muggle herself she still knew all about the magic world around her. Sometimes I think it drove her mad in some ways. Knowing it was there just beyond her grip. She was searching so hard for any sign that there was magic in her life that when she finally met Lorcan she just couldn’t help herself. He was handsome, no doubt about it, but it was his magic that was the truly arousing thing to her. Their affair was short lived and relatively boring. For a hooker and a vampire you’d think they would have a more exciting story then a few one night stands when Lorcan was feeling a bit down. But to make a short story even shorter, when my dearest father found out that Mum was with child he made it perfectly clear that he would never be seeing her again. But he did leave us a nice check on the counter and I find that to be particularly thoughtful of him.”

    D'EATH, Adriana Daria Glutta10
    “Mum’s pregnancy and birth were actually amazingly harmless to her. She didn’t have her own place by that point so she was staying with a couple friends. It just happened that one of those friends had a brother who had a brother-in-law that was a doctor so when Mum went into labor they were able to call him over to avoid hospital bills. That’s the kind of high class care that I came to expect and appreciate from most adults.

    “Like I think I’ve said, money had always been tight so we continued to live in the apartment that we shared with three other women until I was about seven. It honestly wasn’t so bad. One of our roommates had a daughter, Eileen Armstrong, who was always really nice. She was six when I was four and I thought she knew absolutely everything. On the days that Mum was working Eileen would be responsible for taking care of me and sometimes the two of us would go into town together. As I got older she taught me everything she knew about stealing and looking innocent enough that the police wouldn’t suspect a thing. By the time I was five I was way better at in then she was. I could trick just about anybody into giving me anything for free if I just looked then strait in the eye and flat out asked.

    “That was the first sign I was a witch I suppose. No one I knew but my Mum talked about magic (and we always figured she was just a loony) so I had no idea why I could do what I could do. Eileen had once jokingly called it mind control but we had no idea that it was actually what it was. But I started talking people into giving me food and their spare change and would bring it back to my Mum so she could deal with it all. Mum was thrilled. She knew what I was and sent me out all the time when money was running a low. She started throwing little parties for herself and her friends, buying champagne and expensive cakes for silly occasions. But while she was out in her little black dress I somehow managed to still be eating bread and cheese from the slim pickings that were left over. She never thanked me once.

    “I never had a name for what I felt towards her back then. I didn’t love her exactly. At least I don’t think I did. I resented her too much for that. But I don’t deny that every action of my youth was backed by a firm and unbending desire to prove to her that I was worthy and finally make her proud. I wanted her to need me and look at me the way that Eileen’s mom looked at her. I was young and silly then.

    “When I was seven our fortunes changed for the better. At one of her little gatherings, Mum had managed to meet a man friend who took a fancy to her. Of course, he was very wealthy and gave her anything she could ever ask for in exchange for her hand in marriage. His name was Gram Beaumont and he loved absolutely everything about his new trophy wife besides, well, me.

    “Vance has two other daughters, a couple years older than I am. He didn’t want a child like me to.. stain.. their delicate innocence. And for that very reason, I did.”

    D'EATH, Adriana Daria Greed10
    “This was the happiest I’d ever seen Mum. Somehow she had finally managed to win over the perfect guy, inherit the perfect daughters, and was now living the perfect life. Not surprisingly I didn’t exactly fit into this image that she was now creating for herself. And somehow I couldn’t bring myself to give a rat’s ass. They were right, I didn’t belong in that family. I was different. ‘Toxic.’ I’m sad to admit that at first I was ashamed that I wasn’t just like the cookie cutter girls. But the longer that I was neglected by my absentee mother as she traveled the world with her new lover the less I found that I wanted to be her daughter. Soon I took pride in breaking the strict house rules and did my best to be the anti-Beaumont.

    “I spent as little time in that house as I could. I would travel into Paris on the weekend ‘just because’ and spend my time figuring out how to break into the locks on the family silver. If Gram told me to be careful not to track mud onto the floor I would quote-unquote fall in a puddle then lay on his new Moroccan carpet. If he told me he wasn’t a fan of my type of music I would blast it until the whole Northern Wing would be shaking from the sound. If he told me I looked nice in my yellow dress I would go change to my blue dress (I wasn’t very creative in my dressing then). Where I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed any of these things if I had a happier relationship with my mother, I’m glad that I hated my stepfather as much as I did. It made me awesome.

    “Because I had no known relatives at the time I was sent off to boarding school at the ripe age of nine. Two years. Two years I lived in luxury. And, ironically, they were the two worst years of my life. But no more! I was off to my first real experience in the world of education. Looking back, Ms. Perkin’s Academy for Difficult Girls is a lot like prison. They liked schedules there. Shower schedules, sleep schedules, class schedules, exercise schedules, eating schedules. The classes were designed for children with very low IQ’s and I got bored easily. This left my mind with seemingly endless time to scheme my little heart away. But with the little freedom that the Academy offered me there wasn’t exactly much to scheme about. So I grabbed on to the one thing that I was able to do. Stealing wasn’t exciting or really beneficial but it was something to do. So I did it.

    “At first it was little things like before. Lunch money and chips off my neighbors plate. But then things got bigger. Books out of the library, trinkets that belonged to the teachers, money from the school, jewelry.. Even a whole portrait off the wall one time. Just because.

    “It was the statue of cupid that ended up biting me in the arse. The four foot marble figure was hard enough to get back to my dorm but was downright impossible to hide. They ended up finding it tucked into my bed, wearing my pink slippers and hooker-shade red lipstick. But it aside from a bad makeover nothing much was wrong with it except it was missing the arrow from its bow. But even though it was in good condition the little episode was enough to get me expelled and sent home sweet home.

    “I can show you the arrow if you want. It’s upstairs.”

    D'EATH, Adriana Daria Sloth10
    “By good fortune it was only a few weeks later that Mum and Gram received a letter. This letter asked for my presence at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’m surprised Mum didn’t faint of absolute joy. For a couple months we were closer than we had ever been before. She told me all the stories of magic that I had dismissed before (and I actually listened). But over these same months Gram became more and more irritable. He was a true muggle and the idea of a community of wizards was beyond unsettling to him. My mother’s enthusiasm displeased him and over time he grew sour to the idea of having a witch in the family. This was all the proof he needed that I was a freak and should be separated from the rest of his family.By the time August rolled around he made a formal declaration that I was not welcome under his roof if I was to be attending Hogwarts the coming year. He told Mother that if she stood by me that she would no longer be welcome either.

    “But she never had a change to answer. A few days later she fell down the stairs at the house and damaged her neck pretty bad. She didn’t die but she was pretty much a vegetable. And even like that she only survived for about two weeks. Too much internal bleeding I think the doctor said. I don’t really remember. I know I should feel worse about it because it was probably my fault that it happened. I don’t want to blame anyone.. Okay, I do.. But I think someone in that house didn’t want her leaving and telling any tales. She knew a lot of his secrets by then. I was an excuse. So you can’t really blame me can you? He would have found a way even if I wasn’t around. Right? Yeah, it wasn’t my fault. But I didn’t do anything about it either.

    “He didn’t waste any time kicking me out. Since I didn’t have any relatives to take me in I went to the orphanage. I still had my letter, my directions, and my mother’s stories about how to escape to place of magic if I was able. But luck, my new place of residence was located right in the heart of London, so I only needed to acquire some bus tokens in order to deliver myself to get school supplies. Before I could, however, a young man showed up one day and said he was here to visit me. Now, I’d never seen this man before in my life so I was a bit shocked at the idea of actually having a visitor. Much less one so obviously wealthy and handsome.

    “He told me I was a witch (no shit, dumbass. Why else would I have gotten the letter?) and that he was going to take me to Diagon Ally to pick up school things if I was willing. Of course I agreed. I mean, even if he was a little uptight I didn’t exactly have a ride of my own, now did I? But he turned out to actually be pretty helpful. I asked if my magic came from my Mum (seeing as how it was down in there somewhere) but he said no.”

    “So Mum was right? She really was a witch too?!”
    ”Nah, from what we gathered it’s your father who’s given you the gift.”
    “My father?”
    “You know who my father is?”
    “Well.. Are you going to tell me? Or just stand there like an idiot?”
    *sigh* “We’re 90% sure your father is Lorcan D’Eath. The singer.. I’m sure you’ve heard of him.”
    “So I would be Adriana D’Eath, then?”
    ”I suppose you would.”

    “Things went pretty normally from there. I got on the train, met new people.. From what I’ve heard that’s just about how it goes for all the firsties. I was so hyped up that day I don’t remember almost anything about it. But I do remember seeing Hogwarts for the first time. I remember just starting out the window of the train, face smashed up against the glass, trying to get another glimpse through the trees. It was the most awe inspiring thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve loved that school ever since. Walking into the Great Hall I didn’t even have time to be nervous. I was just too busy taking everything in. So many people and candle and the food. It looked amazing. Then the ceremony started and they would call up the first years one by one. The A’s went really fast and I was all ready to go get up there. But then the B’s went by too and I remember being really confused. Then the C’s. Then the D’s. And I was called. I had become a D’eath without ever questioning it.”

    ”Hmm… Hmm…Well now. Aren’t you an interesting little girl.”
    I’m not little!”
    ”Don’t be silly. You’re eleven. Of course you’re little. Like a midget.”
    I’m not a midget!”
    ”Look around you. You’re the most midget of the group.”
    ”Am not.”
    ”You are. But that’s not the point here. You’re foolishly stubborn, have a blatant disregard for the rules, and have arrogance that would put Godric himself to shame.”
    ”What are you saying?”
    ”I’m saying welcome to SLYTHIRIN!.”

    “Ah, well. Urm. Let’s just say the hat was smart not to peg me for a Ravenclaw. Like I said, I’ve never been good at the whole school thing. And even though Hogwarts was like no school I could have ever dreamed of.. I still didn’t do so well in the academics department. In my eyes the homework was more of the.. optional sort. Needless to say my grades weren’t up to par with what the teachers were expecting of me. Don’t you just love detention?”

    D'EATH, Adriana Daria Wrath10
    “Most of my Hogwarts years were pretty average after that. I picked up my grades a little bit to avoid the threat of expulsion but I couldn’t really find it in me to try my hardest. The worst part about school is some of the other students. They’re just.. annoyingly good natured. I’ve run into kids who do things for people just to be nice. I mean, who does that? It’s weird and, frankly, it creeps me out.”


    D'EATH, Adriana Daria Envy10

    D'EATH, Adriana Daria Pride10


    YOUR NAME: Emily

    RP EXPERIENCE: Too much.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: Unknown.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: (In order of preference), Mira Anderson, Gisele Delacour, Georgia Wheelbarrow, Katarina Rookwood, Jamie Prophet, Octavia Podmore.

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To further expand the D'Eath family (not that they need it) and to better round out the personalities of my many ladies. Plus, I just really wanted to.


Charlotte Dyllan
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D'EATH, Adriana Daria Empty Re: D'EATH, Adriana Daria

Post by Jess Potter Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:53 am

Hello hello hello.
Looks good so far, and I'm pretty much happy to accept it, even with the little bits still left to do, so long as you finish it off at some point - I can get all I need from what you've written so far really.

However I can wait for you if you prefer to finish it off first. Your choice.

And activity for your other characters checks out quite well, so all good. Lemme know what you want me to do in terms of accepting now or later
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D'EATH, Adriana Daria Empty Re: D'EATH, Adriana Daria

Post by Clementine Lovegood Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:51 pm

I suppose I would rather have her accepted now. I don't know when I'll have the time to really sit down and write the remaining sections with all of my schoolwork. But I'd really like to get started playing her. (Also, I might want to develop some plots during her Hogwarts years before I write that history.) So yes, I would love for you to accept her. (:
Clementine Lovegood

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D'EATH, Adriana Daria Empty Re: D'EATH, Adriana Daria

Post by Khaat Lupin Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:35 am

accepted and sorted into slytherin
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D'EATH, Adriana Daria Empty Re: D'EATH, Adriana Daria

Post by Anabelle Mulciber Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:40 am


Awe snap. We be plotting soon!
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